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Polishes -Rock & Republic -Miracle Gel - Smartease

Can we talk about how underrated this nail polish is?

Here's the thing about pink nail polish: even though I own EVERYTHING pink (most of my makeup or every household item etc) many pink nail polishes are hard for me to wear. Most of them either a) bring out weird red undertones b) are too baby pink/boring and disappear into my hands. This color is one of the only pink nail polishes I've worn that does neither.
Smartease is the perfect dollhouse pink hue. It's an ultra pale white-based pink but despite being pale it has TONS of pigment. An adorable light bubblegum pink. Many have called this a dupe for Essie Fiji but I find it more pigmented and prettier, and of course a lot cheaper. I've been wearing this for 3 months nonstop and plan on finishing the bottle. I usually get ADD but I've stuck with this without getting sick of it. Great formula too! MY FAVORITE PINK NAIL POLISH of all time!

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Makeup Brushes -Rock & Republic -102 Blush Brush

on 9/10/2014 10:52:00 AM


I have some blush brushes and this one is hands down the best one of all, just get the right amount of product cream or powder blush I prefer this brush for powder blush, the metal part is always shiny and ive got it since 4 years ago and its still like new, not sheding , easy to wash and it is really soft on my face, the bad thing is that is a little hard to find online or if you find it its too expensive,maybe its discontinued

Eye Shadow -Rock & Republic -Exile

on 11/21/2013 7:58:00 AM

I have had Exile in my wishlist for a looong time, FINALLY I was able to swap for it. So often those insatiable lemmings end in disappointment but not this time! Exile is a unique bronzy gold - I have so many similar colors but nothing quite like it. When I first put it on my lid it seemed a little too orange. But when I added a light brown in the crease and some eyeliner it morphed into perfection! It works on fair skin because it's not too warm, but this would be amazing on darker skin tones as well.

Eye Shadow -Rock & Republic -Eye Shadow ALL

Sucked in by the packaging and rave reviews I purchased two colours: Fiend and White heat.

White heat: a shimmery white. It's very frosty and has teeny tiny glitter in it. it has a medium pigmentation.
Fiend: a duochrome black blue colour. it has a satin finish and a few tiny sparkles here and there. It has a poor pigmentation.

Overpriced. Even if these were the best thing since sliced bread they definitely don't need to be that expensive. When I got them they were 50% off, so that makes it little less painful.

They are now discontinued, you can still find these on allcosmeticwholesale, ebay and blogsales.

The packaging is a plastic with a metallic coating and is slightly on the heavy side. It's beautiful to look at but not very convenient. It always looks dirty because dust collect on the black receded parts, and fingerprints are always visible on the shiny metallic parts. A magnet is supposed to keep the compact shut, but it's a very weak magnet making it feel cheap and it means you can't travel with it without wrapping a rubber band around it.

The packaging contains a generous 3 grams of product. This is twice the amount of a urban decay eyeshadow (1.5 grams), but less than a single eyeshadow from the balm, who contain 3.4 grams.

when you look at the ingredient list, the first ingredient is talc. Quite suprising for such an expensive product. Urban decay's eyeshadows also contain talc, but depending on the eyeshadow not always as a first ingredient. The balm eyeshadows are talc free.
Talc is very cheap and using that a base ingredient is kind of a let down for such a pricey product. The ingredient list isn't product specific, but the shadows may also contain carmine so aren't suitable for vegetarians.

the product
I guess due to the large amount of talc, both eyeshadows feel quite dry, fiend more than white heat.

When you apply white heat, you get an okay color payoff. But my main issue with this color is that it blends away quite easily, leaving you with just some glitter on your lids and no frosty white color. Because it doesn't stick to the skin very well, it also isn't very buildable. This color does work nicely as a inner corner highlight however.

Fiend is the most disappointing shade of the two for me. On pictures online it looked like this gorgeous deep black color with a iridescent blue shine. unfortunately it is a greyish base color with some blue on it, but you can't see that once you apply it to your lids. Only in direct sunlight you can see it a little. This colour is buildable but only to a certain extent, and it requires a lot of digging in the eyeshadow pan.

Overall I am glad I only bought two shades. My cheap catrice and essence eyeshadows are of a better quality than these two and I find the weak magnetic closure very annoying. I wouldn't recommend these shadows unless you can get them at a very very low price.

If I had bought these eyeshadows in a regular plastic packaging from a brand like essence of elf, I probably would've tossed them. But I keep them because they weren't cheap and the packaging is pretty to look at.

Makeup Brushes -Rock & Republic -203 blending brush

this is not as soft as the mac and sigma version of 224 blending brush. it is slightly longer than sigma 224. i just don't like the brush hair, it's kind of prickly. i like the construction of the brush and it blends alright...

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