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Fragrances -Rochas -Muse de Rochas

on 11/12/2018 7:25:00 AM


I blind bought this for two reasons:

1 - It was cheap
2 - Other Rochas perfumes work really well with my body chemistry

I lucked out. Just like the other Rochas perfumes, this one really works with my body chemistry. I love sandalwood, but my skin tends to amplify woody notes. Not so the sandalwood in this one. It smells milky, creamy like the lather of good quality soap made with real sandalwood oil. I'm not mad keen on fruity perfumes, but this one doesn't actually smell fruity on me. What I get instead is:

Milky sandalwood
Slightly sour green notes, like an unripe mango
A touch of spice

I can't really smell the vanilla, and the orange blossom dissolves into the sandalwood to create that soft, creamy lather like smell.

It is currently available in Chemist Warehouse stores in Australia for $10. I purchased one 30ml bottle, and two days later, went back and purchased four more (I store extra perfumes in a chest freezer).

This is not quite a love for me, but a very very strong like. It would be a love it if was slightly stronger, as I am not heavily into skin scents, and if it had greater longevity. I know at this price I can reapply throughout the day, but I just never carry perfume with me, or keep it in the office. I like to spray once in the morning and smell it all day. Lasts longer if worn over body lotion, and it would smell great if it came in a lotion.

I personally find it an office friendly perfume because it has low sillage. So far no one has commented on it either positively or negatively. I think it will bloom in hot weather, and summer is just around the corner.

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Fragrances -Rochas -Aquawoman

Absolutely brilliant, unique. Here you find me, being entirely devastated, because this has been discontinued and so difficult to come across. Even if you do, the prices are sky-rocket... I will never forgive Rochas for discontinuing this perfume...Nevertheless, it is fresh, aquatic, different, with a bit of bitterness and a lot of sea water. Not so citrus-y, it long lasting, unusual. Opens up your lungs and gives a perfect serenity to the one who wears it...Lasts 6+ hours, does not change its character, i just feels like you are diving in beautiful turquoise waters... Heavy, sea-shell-shape bottle is gem itself in addition to this absolutely unique perfume. These days you can find absolutely NOTHING similar (and believe me - I have tried). Rochas, why did you do this to us...

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Fragrance -Rochas -Rochas for Men

on 11/8/2017 4:35:00 PM


This one is in another class!
To me, it is by far my favourite men's fragrance of all time. I love the scent by itself, but it gets even more divine when it reacts with my skin and it can last easily for more than a day, even after showering. Some scents have the power to transport you into another state of mind... for me, this one does it the best. Rich, warm, luxurious, and inspiring.
The packaging looks quite feminine, but whatever. I buy it for the scent, not the box.

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Fragrances -Rochas -Tocade

on 10/25/2016 12:43:00 AM


It's hard to find the right adjectives to describe Rochas Tocade... it is so beautifully crafted. It's a Luca Turin favourite for a very good reason. There's an old-fashioned quality to Rochas Tocade that nods to legendary perfume juggernauts of yesteryear such as Guerlain Shalimar, yet it still manages to smell 'modern' at the same time. I can see any women in every age group pulling this off effortlessly. It does not smell like any of the new perfumes (read: fizzy fruitchoulis) being marketed and churned out as of late, but somehow it doesn't smell dated. Although Tocade smells very upscale, sexy and feminine, it's very also bright and cheerful; Tocade is a happy fragrance that puts a smile on my face. It smells "fluffy" in a way as it's quite endearing and cuddly. The soft and sweet pillowiness of this fragrance makes it a great comfort fragrance.
Now, I have never tried the original formulation but I'm very pleased by the 2013 reformulated juice. To me, Tocade is very much a vanilla-rose affair from the top down so in that respect it's pretty linear, but it reveals so many different facets of that wonderful accord. Still, Tocade manages to be masterfully blended; the notes in this perfume all meld together so seamlessly, that they smell like an entire "single" note. It is niche quality stuff. At first, Tocade opens with salted pepper note (?!) which is then followed by a heady, boozy rose liqueur. The vanilla at the beginning is very innocent-seeming, but that doesn't last long. She starts to uncover her true nature in a come-hither way, firstly captivating you with a happy, girl-next-door vanilla and then she is reveals herself as dark, ambery and sexy. I agree with another reviewer that there's a certain spice added to the vanilla that is not listed in the notes--cinnamon, to be exact (I guess Maurice Roucel is very masterful at creating spicy vanilla aromas). The rose is very lush and full in the heart, with the whole composition encapsulated with powdery iris and a touch of freshness from the magnolia. Eventually, the rose becomes more demure, and becomes more buttery. The vanilla fully blooms on the skin, thick but soft at the same time. The composition is grounded by sensual woods to balance that quality and gives the fragrance depth. People are saying that this reminds them of the Turkish delight (loukhoum) dessert and while I wouldn't necessarily disagree with this assessment, Tocade never really smells foody at all to me. The rose is too luscious and fresh, and actually has a wet quality in the top and heart stages. The deep vanilla in this IS reminiscent of vanilla extract, but it's grounded by inedible sandalwood and iris.
The sillage and longevity of Tocade is excellent. Two sprays is all I need to last the whole day, and I have fragrance-eating skin. I was surprised to find out that this was only an eau de toilette and not eau de parfum! It definitely feels more like one. The quality of this fragrance would suggest a higher sticker price, so this is a complete steal in my opinion. This is a love for me.

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Fragrances -Rochas -Eau de Rochas

on 8/3/2016 2:37:00 AM


I got a sample of this when I bought nail Polish at sephora and I have to say it's fantastic! A herbal citrus chypre that smells fresh and clean but is not boring at all. There's something quite "natural" smelling about it. In the dry down I start getting this mineral scent kinda like hot stones in a stream and I think this note just afds to the overall great feel of this perfume. It's unisex so anyone can wear this.

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