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Fragrances -Robert Piguet Parfums -Rose Perfection

on 6/9/2018 2:31:00 PM


I love rose perfumes and this is like the mother of all roses in my collection. It truly is perfection as the name states at least to me it is. It is not a linear rose in my opinion not at all as this also has notes of musk and ambroxan. Also you smell many different roses as I wear this it goes from rose to rose. I can definitely pick up Bulgarian rose, citrus rose, then a spicy rose, even a slightly violet rose I notice till it settles into a creamy rose. No sickly sweet scent at all in this just creamy rose goodness. I also like the musk in this as it keeps this from being too linear.The ambroxan gives this composition something more so this not just a rose soliflore. To me this is so much more.

This was a blind buy kinda crazy considering the price but I knew I'd like it but turns out I love it! It's a joy to wear! I think this could be worn in all seasons except in super hot weather for me, it could amplify this too much. Super hot weather makes anything I wear stronger and more intense.So that's the only time I could think where I wouldn't wear this or just go lightly. This lasts about 6 hours before I would reapply and the sillage is moderate to above moderate but not heavy unless I go overboard which I would not do.

This to me is a beautiful creation that I adore! So happy I found this if you love rose I would say it's a safe blind buy but I think it best to get a sample because this is expensive so best to know before committing to a FB. Totally Recommended!

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Fragrances -Robert Piguet Parfums -Fracas

on 7/25/2017 4:48:00 PM

While I understand this is an extremely respected perfume, sorry to say it smells – extremely DATED. This is very dry and smells like those decorative white bathroom soaps. I feel guilty for saying since I realize its reputation but this is so musty smelling. Nothing fresh, alive or floral just a dusty smell like that old school Vita E hair spray. Maybe it’s me and I lack the finesse to appreciate this classic but this is not something I could ever wear.

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Fragrances -Robert Piguet Parfums -Visa

on 6/12/2017 9:36:00 PM

This is my new signature fragrance. It dries down to a beautiful fruity, woody, spicy, slighty leathery, slightly unisex oriental fragrance on me everywhere EXCEPT my forearms. For some reason on my forearms it becomes heavily, cloyingly vanilic for a couple hours, then settles back down into the beautiful drydown. For some reason when I use my thumb I don't get a good I won't use my thumb. I wish the bottle was clear so I could see how much I have, so I know when to order more. Other than that, this edp has worked out beautifully for me. It lasts over 11 hours, and was a blind buy. Projection and sillage are beautiful!

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Fragrances -Robert Piguet Parfums -Baghari

on 5/9/2017 5:13:00 PM

I became very interested in the house of Piguet over the last year or so, and I have acquired several EdP's from the house's contemporary collection including Fracas, Alameda, and Calypso. I must say I have not been disappointed in any of them. The next two I would like to try that are readily available are Visa and Baghari. However, I have been interested to know how these contemporary formulations compare to the vintages, too, so whence I had the chance to purchase a decant of Baghari EdC circa very early 1960s, I took a leap of faith and ordered it. This review is for that vintage EdC.

Firstly, I wished to mention that I think M. Guichard, the perfumer behind the 2006 Baghari EdP formulation, is spot on in his recreation of Baghari according to the notes listed for it on Fragrantica because the vintage EdC is very much like the listed notes for the 2006 EdP, so bravo M. Guichard!

My vintage EdC decant opened with delightfully bright and sparkling, albeit very fleeting, aldehydes that truly took me by surprise given the age of the EdC. Sadly, they settled down much too quickly. Then musk, rose, and jasmine entered arms entwined like the Three Graces. At this point the EdC quickly began to transition into a skin scent. I could not detect neither vanilla nor amber, though, and if there were any other notes present, I was unable to discern them. An hour into the wearing, my EdC could still be detected albeit very faintly. Initial projection and sillage were quite good. Longevity was very poor, but I have no doubt this is due at least in part to the age of this EdC.

Overall, this EdC smells "like an EdC" in that it has that characteristic smell of many EdC's I recall from the 1960s. This is likely due to the low concentration of perfume oils. Compared to an EdP or extrait, those EdC's of yesteryear smelt, and I hope my bluntness here will be forgiven, cheap. However, in my imagination, if the perfume oils's concentration could be amped up, this would be a lovely, feminine fragrance very typical "of its time." It would have accompanied women's fashions of the day the way white gloves accompanied a pretty hat.

If you run across the vintage EdC or any other concentration, it would be worth trying it if for no other reason than the development of your knowledge of perfume history. My guess is that the contemporary Baghari EdP is very nice indeed.

*** The award of two lippies is for the vintage EdC only. The age of the EdC should be taken into consideration.

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Fragrances -Robert Piguet Parfums -Calypso

on 6/13/2016 11:17:00 AM

When I saw the notes I was immediately cautious. Im always wary of fragrance with suede or leather notes. What a wonderful surprise. It opens with the citrus and rose. The suede note works really well here and is not oppressive. The orris root and amber are perfectly measured. The orris not making it too cold or the amber to sweet and unctuous. It stays bright and totally feminine. Its my go to fragrance when wearing a pretty dress. It definitely has a summer feeling to it. The feel good factor. Moderate sillage and longevity.

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