Originally founded by Eugene Rimmel in 1834 as a perfumery in London, Rimmel Cosmetics has gone on to become popular worldwide. Eugene was a pioneer in developing personal hygiene products like mouth rinse and pomade. After inheriting Rimmel's beauty empire in 1887, his two sons expanded on their fatherû€™s success internationally as they developed new color lines focusing on eye-enhancing products, most notably, Rimmelû€™s famous mascaras. In 1996, the company was aquired by Coty Inc. and is currently Britain's best-selling makeup brand. It can be found in 40 countries worldwide, and the brand prides itself on creating affordable, contemporray, cutting-edge makeup.

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Recent RIMMEL Reviews

Eye Shadow -RIMMEL -Magnif'eyes Spice Edition Eye Contouring Palette

on 10/23/2018 5:11:00 AM


They say this a dupe for UD Naked Heat. Its a 99% dead ringer! When I first saw this at the drugstore I instantly fell in love with it. As the name says "Spice" , you find the shades are like what you find at the spice market . The warm colors are beautiful. I was still wary as this was a budget cosmetic and was wondering if the shades may come on as chalky. But the colors are buttery, creamy soft and feels like a high end product. There are very little fall out when i apply. Always tap the excess off the brush before applying. I`m impressed with the product and cant wait for the 'crimson' palette which has yet to launch in my city. I`m truly happy I didn't splurge on Naked Heat. This will make good stocking stuffers, pressie soon. The colors last with primer for hours. I like the 2 duo chromes shades that work well even as toppers. The rose gold and copper shimmer shade is super nice. These are some of the best browns and rose gold colors that are nicely set in to this palette. The other matte colors are equally gorge! I just wished they added black to the mix. The darkest brown shade is also missing. I could live without the 'whiter than white cool ivory'(the first color) that seems too bright for this palette and feels like an odd member of this warm palette. The plastic packaging is so light, I cant wait to travel with it. It comes with a dual -end brush which I didn't bother since I i used my fingers for the duo-chromes shades. I used my own brushes for the mattes which works fine for the palette. Recommend? Yes, this is a good shade for fall.

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Lipstick -RIMMEL -Stay Matte Liquid Lipstick

on 10/22/2018 10:16:00 PM


I have the shades Moca, Be my Baby, Blush, Pink Blink, Pink Bliss,Rose and Shine. I love them all! There was a sale at the drugstore and I felt it was a good bargain. These all seem like pastel bridal wedding colors. I do love the shades. My only gripe is that it feathers real bad. Upon application you feel the grainy matte lip bits on your lips. It looks ok but you feel the gritty bits on your lips~ Yuck! The smell is nice tho'. Its like some chalky floral scent from some kiddy makeup, which is not that bad The doe foot applicator is ok and big for wider application. The packaging tube is small and nice for travels. The applicator handle has a nice curvy shape with rimmel signature crown embossed on the top. Cute! I wanted to get Fire Starter(blue based red), Heart beat(a gorg rosewood going fuchsia) and even tried Coral Sass (I looked like a Bozo -the -Clown... hehehe..) but considering the feathering issue, I decided to give this a miss. I wished it was not too drying. No lasting power either, transfers everywhere. But considering the price I shouldn't complained much and cant expect it to perform like a high end liquid lipstick. That would not be realistic. . But in all fairness I have to say good job Rimmel. If it works for Rita Ora, it should work for all of us.. I`m glad there are drugstore makeup companies always making dupes for us. There are months you just refuse to splurge and decide to squeeze every penny of sthg nice for yourself. This is an ok pick-me-up for those tight months.

Lip Liners -RIMMEL -Exaggerate Full Colour Lip Liner - Eastend Snob 063

on 10/21/2018 11:38:00 PM


No sharpening required
nice nude shade which goes with virtually all nude shades
i like the packaging which gives the color of the product
I like the name, East End Snob! Hehe...
The crayon- like- smell is not too bad
Stays put even after a meal leaving a rim of nude around my lips !! hahaha

cant think of any


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Liquid -RIMMEL -Lasting Finish 25 Hour Foundation

on 10/21/2018 7:39:00 AM


this foundation was no match for:
- my tropical weather
- my oil slick skin

it broke up along my nose and around my mouth, which is normal, but just another indicator that i'm still on the hunt for something that really works. the shade range is pretty alright and price is normal for a high end foundation over here (like MYR30+, around there) - but it just wasn't... super impressive. :( not for me, unfortunately. passed it to my sister in the end.

Mascara -RIMMEL -100% Waterproof

on 10/19/2018 12:25:00 PM


I don’t ask a lot from my mascaras. Stay on during the day and be able to come off when I shower using several make up remover‘s. This product did nothing. I ended up with very significant smudging around my eyes during the day. I am not doing anything exciting, I live in a dry climate, and basically sit in an office. When it was time to take the product off, I do use several different types of cleansers. None Worked, and I ended up with raccoon eyes. Further, even applying this product, has a very strange consistency. It is very light so you end up trying to put it on a bit more aggressively which just leads to more of a mess. I usually really like Rimmel products. This is too bad. After three uses is going right in the garbage.

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