Originally founded by Eugene Rimmel in 1834 as a perfumery in London, Rimmel Cosmetics has gone on to become popular worldwide. Eugene was a pioneer in developing personal hygiene products like mouth rinse and pomade. After inheriting Rimmel's beauty empire in 1887, his two sons expanded on their fathers success internationally as they developed new color lines focusing on eye-enhancing products, most notably, Rimmels famous mascaras. In 1996, the company was aquired by Coty Inc. and is currently Britain's best-selling makeup brand. It can be found in 40 countries worldwide, and the brand prides itself on creating affordable, contemporray, cutting-edge makeup.

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Recent Rimmel Reviews

Foundations -Rimmel -Clean Finish


I kinda bought this on a whim because it was so cheap.
I found it for like $2.80 at big lots and it looked like a pretty good match with my skin tone so i figured why the hell not? I got the #240 “soft beige” shade and it went perfectly with my skin tone. I own their matte mousse foundation in “true ivory” and like it but usually use it when i get all dolled up and wanted something more neutral and lighter for the off days. Idk about the rest but going off of what im seeing in alot of these reviews I guess I must have gotten lucky or gotten a bottle with a better batch in it coz it didn’t oxidize on me and stayed true to its shade indoors and out in the natural light and it Applied nicely to the skin. It went on rather smoothly and didn't cake up or crack it kinda just melted right in and gave me that “second skin” look. The coverage was also better than decent. I had a few dark spots and minor reddish post acne marks and it covered it all nicely. (I used the Kat von D lock it edge foundation brush btw ) Another pro is that it hasn’t irritated my skin or caused any break outs and i’ve worn it for a few weeks now so I think it’s safe to say that It isn’t one of those pore clogging mask like foundations atleast not for me anyway ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ the little spatula that comes attached to the top can be a good thing if you are the type that likes to take the amount of product that you are going to use and put it on the back of your hand and picking it up as you go with a beauty blender or brush or if you just want to use it to dab a tiny amount around your face and then blend it out. Only complaint is why the holes in it though? I don’t see the point of that but its not a big deal to me.
Overall i’d say for the price paid it’s a good foundation. It has better than light coverage that doesn’t feel heavy but still leaves you looking flawless yet natural and doesn’t irritate the skin or oxidize. If I ran out I think i would consider buying it again

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Lipstick -Rimmel -Lasting Finish Matte by Kate Moss - 104


My favorite lipstick of ALL time. The color is perfection, and it never dries out my lips. Beautiful semi-matte finish, too. I want this in my collection until they stop making it (which I hope never happens!)

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Liquid -Rimmel -Match Perfection

on 8/15/2018 7:11:00 PM


This was my first foundation, and I hated it because it emphasised dry patches a LOT, however I didn't use primer or exfoliate my face as much as I should have. I bought it again recently to see if my changes in skincare routine would make this foundation look better, but it still looks dry and has a strange powdery finish. I found it patchy in some places, and it sits on top of the skin instead of sinking in. I find that whenever I touch my face even after powdering, a lot of product comes off and moves around. It's definitely not a 'weightless' foundation, and you can feel it on your skin, which I don't really like.

It's light-medium coverage, and it's relatively inexpensive at around £8.99-9.99 in the UK, but I won't be repurchasing this again. There are cheaper foundations that are just much better - I'd take the £5 makeup revolution fast base foundation over this any day. The bottle is made of glass, which is a nice touch and makes it feel less than a cheap drugstore foundation, but that's the only good thing about this foundation I can think of. I definitely wouldn't recommend this foundation to anyone with dry skin.

Mascara -Rimmel -Shake it Fresh Mascara

on 8/15/2018 12:24:00 PM


It says clump free but when I apply it this mascara still clumps and it takes forever to dry this was my moms mascara and she gave it to me. It tells you to shake the tube but the shaking doesn't really do it any good if Rimmel changes its formula then maybe I will try it again but until then nope may even want to buy a new tube of mascara.

Concealers -Rimmel -Wake Me Up Concealer

on 8/14/2018 8:05:00 AM


Because of the price, I can't really complain - but you get what you pay for here. The lightest shade is far too orange and dark for anyone with remotely light skin. The texture of the product is oily and slips around - it is absolutely hopeless to blend and when I wear it under foundation, he foundation slides over the top. When I wear it over foundation, it almost removes the foundation underneath when it slides around. Additionally, it lasts less than five hours even with fixing spray and powder. I wouldn't buy this product, especially if you have paler skin.

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