Originally founded by Eugene Rimmel in 1834 as a perfumery in London, Rimmel Cosmetics has gone on to become popular worldwide. Eugene was a pioneer in developing personal hygiene products like mouth rinse and pomade. After inheriting Rimmel's beauty empire in 1887, his two sons expanded on their fathers success internationally as they developed new color lines focusing on eye-enhancing products, most notably, Rimmels famous mascaras. In 1996, the company was aquired by Coty Inc. and is currently Britain's best-selling makeup brand. It can be found in 40 countries worldwide, and the brand prides itself on creating affordable, contemporray, cutting-edge makeup.

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Recent Rimmel Reviews

Liquid -Rimmel -Stay Matte Liquid Mousse Foundation

on 11/21/2017 1:33:00 AM


Even though this product did not work for my skin type, it was still a very good foundation; hence the four stars.First of all, if you suffer from any type of dry skin or flakiness like I do, pass this foundation up. As the same suggests, this definitely has a true matte finish and is very well suited for oily to very oily skin, but other skin types might find this too drying. Now for the bonus points. This is one of the only foundations, drugstore or high-end, that has a shade that is light enough for very pale people. The lightest shade, called Porcelain, is truly porcelain, which is such a rarity in foundations. It also delivers solid medium coverage and lasted longer on my skin than most foundations. Summary- if you suffer from very oily skin, this might be the foundation for you.

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Polishes -Rimmel -60 Seconds Nail Polish

on 11/20/2017 5:46:00 PM


This polish doesn't dry in 60 seconds, but in about 5-10 minutes you're good to go.
Fast drying polishes are known to chip easily and this one isn't an exception. Lasts for about 3 days, bright shades will stain nails.

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Lipstick -Rimmel -Lasting Finish by Kate Moss - 01

on 11/20/2017 9:22:00 AM


This is one of my favorite red lipsticks. On me, it's a pure red and thankfully, it doesn't turn pink. I use a lip brush for a more even application. I would probably buy this again.


on 11/18/2017 10:24:00 PM


This was truly awful. I picked it up in the pound shop thinking I’d gotten an amazing bargain but it completely ruined my makeup look!

I got it in ‘dark side of blue’ with an elephant grey “shadow” at the other end; let’s be clear...there was NO discernible difference in the formula of either the liner or the shadow...both seemed to be waxy unblendable kids crayons moulded into different shapes.

The kohl Kajal end fell off mine, but it was very nice shade of electric blue and you could just about get away with describing it as an eyeliner, but the shadow end!? I have never in my life experienced an eyeshadow that was this consistency and I’m hopeful that this will never happen again because ITS NOT AN EYESHADOW!

Watch me mess up with it here:

Just search for Ayish Zone on YouTube x

Lip Liners -Rimmel -Moisture Renew Lip Liner In Universal Transparent

on 11/18/2017 7:30:00 PM


I'm amazed at how it kept my incredibly dry and flaky lips nice and hydrated. It kept my lip color on longer as well, except during the meal time fading. I make sure my lips are well exfoliated and moisturized before i put this on and then i use whatever lip color i wanted, even matte lippies. I wish this also smoothed out the lines on my lips but no i'm still stuck with my prematurely aged wrinkly lips, with all the lipstick settling into each and every groove.

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