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Recent Redken Reviews

Shampoo -Redken -Clean Brew

on 5/24/2018 4:58:00 AM

I have really short, bleached hair that the body is super dry but the scalp is really greasy. I use this once a week to clarify and it has made a world of a difference. my blonde is brighter, my scalp is super refreshed while the body of hair is so smooth. I use to use Redken's original clarifying shampoo and that was just way too drying. This is a lot more gentle while still controlling my scalp oil. I will say though since this is targeted towards men it has a very musky, citrus scent while the original clarifying shampoo smells like straight up lemons.

Shampoo -Redken -Extreme Shampoo [REFORMULATED]

on 5/18/2018 12:43:00 AM


I really don't know how I feel about this shampoo and conditioner... I have fine hair with very dry, split ends from 5 previous dye jobs which I am currently growing out. The ends are so fine and dry that they just break off. I thought my hair needed some protein to stop the breakage, and I love Redken products so I went and bought this, but this in combination with the conditioner really hasn't done anything. I've just finished my second bottle and I won't be repurchasing. It smells good and it lathers nicely, but I feel like it may have even made my hair more dry and brittle, crunchy even. I mean I guess it makes it feel better than some cheap, nasty stuff would but I really have not noticed any difference. Maybe it's just my hair type or something... Is it possible that the protein could actually be making my hair more dry and crunchy..? Because I've heard this can happen. I've changed to their All Soft shampoo and conditioner and I'm just going to grow it out until I can cut off all the dry ends, they're driving me mad! Protein clearly isn't having much of an effect on reducing the breakage.

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Shampoo -Redken -Color Extend Shampoo

on 5/8/2018 10:57:00 AM


Hair type: Fine, color treated, slight natural wave

I'm not a fan of this shampoo. It's too rich (heavy) for my hair and by the next day I had to re-wash it. Plus my hair felt sticky. I would not repurchase. It costs around $20-23 Canadian

Shampoo -Redken -All Soft Shampoo

on 4/26/2018 6:16:00 AM


I have used this shampoo three times. I had huge expectations for it given all the reviews and don’t get me wrong - this is a good shampoo but I am a bit underwhelmed with the whole line as it is not as hydrating as I expected. But back to the shampoo:

I shampoo my hair twice every wash. This shampoo has a lovely texture and scent. It lathers a lot and it is nice to work with. It feels luxurious and the best thing is - it doesn’t make my roots any oilier than any other shampoo, even volumizing shampoos (still need to wash every other day though). The big con is that it leaves my hair feeling a bit dry and knotty after rinsing it off, and a bit frizzy when dry. Not what I expected of a shampoo named ”all soft”. After shampooing I use the conditioner or the mask from the same line (review coming soon). My hair isn’t softer than usual and it doesn’t look or feel better/healthier than before.

4 lippies for the beautiful packaging, the scent, the texture and for not making my roots oilier than usual. I will probably not repurchase though.

Shampoo -Redken -Hair Cleansing Cream

on 4/23/2018 9:18:00 PM


Holy Grail! This shampoo is a miracle worked. My hair is straight, blonde but getting ashier as I get older so I get highlights. I've been using sulphate free shampoos most of the time and I just do not like them, but I do want to keep my highlights from prematurely fading so I use them. We also have extremely hard water in our area. I do my final rinse under filtered water(which is only cold water) but still, my hair just never looks like it does when at our previous home where the water was softer. When I got this and used it the first time I was blown away. My hair once again felt like hair, shiny, silky, bouncy and not weighted down. It also smells very nice and did not dry my hair out like most clarifying shampoos do. I now use it about every 3rd time I shampoo. Ulta had buy 2 get one free so I got 2 of those and a bottle of Magnetics conditioner since I was almost out of the conditioner.
Beware if you order online, because they sent me Clean Maniac instead and I had to go down to the ULTA store and exchange it.

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