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Conditioner -Redken -All Soft Conditioner

on 9/22/2018 11:31:00 PM


This is a good (average) conditioner. I compare it to my HG Biolage and unfortunately, it doesn't match my expectations.
It smells nice and I need to use a decent amount of product to get any results.
It does give a little bit of shine to my hair, and it does moderately help with the frizz. It's not a great detangler, nothing like Biolage.
But the real bummer is that argan oil breaks out my neck.
Not a bad product, but nothing to rave about.

Hair -Redken -One United 25 Benefits


I am not a fan of leave-in treatments because my hair is fine and I have to be super careful of what I use or else I wind up with hair that feels and looks greasy like I haven’t washed it for a week. But this was on sale and I figured why not, I was looking for something lightweight that would help protect my hair from blow drying and Redken makes sooo many good claims about it, and it can be used in all different kinds of ways to boot - even as a rinse out conditioner.
When I first got it home I misted a few sprays all over my head knowing I was going to wash my hair the next morning and if it were greasy then ok. But I got some on my face and neck, which immediately made me start to itch. Ew, my bad, I gotta be careful with anything fragranced anyway, and it smells nice. So I wiped it off with a wet washcloth and all was better. And oh boy was my hair was like silk the next morning, no need to condition after shampooing!
My next try was spritzing it twice into my hands and massaging it into my wet shampooed hair, following with a blow dry of just my roots, which always brings out some wave in my ends. This worked excellent! Soft, bouncy hair and no itching because I was more careful with where it went. I spritzed my hair brush lightly and used it to smooth out fly-aways after my hair finished drying and it pulled out some of my waves, but my hair was still bouncy and looked smooth.
I will definitely be bringing it into the shower to try as it says and give it more of a chance. My only real complaint is the amount of fragrance it has - is it just me, or does it seem like the more $$$ I pay for something, the more it contains? So one lippie off, I see no need for this much fragrance, regardless of wether it’s pleasant or not. But it is otherwise a nice lightweight product which I probably won’t rebuy as I will be looking at similar spray-on treatments that may not be so strongly scented.

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Conditioner -Redken -Frizz Dismiss Conditioner

on 9/17/2018 7:05:00 PM


I have thick, virgin hair of perhaps 2c nature with a scalp that produces very little oil, hence my hair is always naturally dried out and has a somewhat coarse feel or texture. What drew me to this is it is Redken's second most moisturizing line. Redken has a PDF for professional users (though it's easy to access) that compares moisture and protein level of all their haircare lines. Frizz Dismiss has a low protein level and a high moisture level. The only one with a higher moisture level is Curvaceous. Things like All Soft and such are middle of the road, especially when you take into account they have protein technology and such. My hair doesn't respond well to just plain moisturizing products, I go for smoothing because they usually are moisturizing and help to make my hair feel nicer than what it actually is.

PROS: While this line is for humidity protection and smoothing and the website for it shows sleek/smoothed out styles, you would think the conditioner would be heavy or straightening, but it's not! It says for "all hair types" and I have to agree! I have been trying to wear my hair in curly and wavy styles and I've got some of my best finger swirls/curls out of just AIR DRYING with this conditioner and a water based serum in my hair! It really does not obliterate hair's texture or excessively smooth it out, but it does help it to feel a bit smoother. It has enough de-volumizing that thick hair needs without going overboard. I feel like a lot of things are either really heavy or too light", but this is a better balance. I'm quite surprised.

CONS: Perhaps a little overpriced for what you get? Redken likes to tout lots of technology, but it seems very buzzwordy and looking at the ingredients, it looks like this conditioner is mainly mineral oil and some beauty oils. The mineral oil is what does it though I believe. It's vilified from time to time in cosmetics, but it really is one of the best sealants to keep moisture in. Also, the scent of this is overwhelming. Yes, it's like perfume, or make that cologne, it has an almost masculine vibe just like the rest of the Frizz Dismiss line. It's something to consider.

OVERALL: This is a special conditioner. I've yet to find anything that really moisturizes my hair in the long term or enough so that I like my hair on day 1, but I may just buy this again. What I am most impressed by is it's quite moisturizing and provides a BIT of weight that thick hair needs, but not so that that it kills my loose waves and curls.

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Shampoo -Redken -Frizz Dismiss Shampoo

on 9/15/2018 9:15:00 AM


I bought this shampoo in hopes of it helping to soften my hair while also hoping that it would cut back on the frizz from the summer heat/humidity.

This did NOT work for my thick, course hair at all. It only made matters worse, as I found on day 1 of washing and air drying my hair, it felt like straw. By day 2, my roots were oily and I felt like I wanted to wash my hair again (typically I prefer to only wash every other day to prevent over drying.)

Definitely won't repurchase. I was actually happier with Dove Daily Moisture Shampoo which just happens to be cheaper as well!

Shampoo -Redken -Blonde Idol Sulfate-Free Shampoo


This shampoo might be sulphate free, but it stripped my hair of all natural oils and made my scalp itch like hell. I got the same results from this, as I get from any regular sulphate based drugstore shampoo.

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