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Hair Treatments -Redken -Extreme CAT Protein Therapy Treatment (2011 formula with IPN)

on 11/7/2018 9:23:00 PM

I found that committing heavily to this product did show results. I say committing heavily because I found that I needed to use it as a two step program - first this product to strengthen, then a heavy moisturing mask straight after to negate the straw-like feeling that this CAT product gave me. The combination did strengthen and soften my hair over the medium term, however, it was a time consuming twice weekly exercise and was a little painful. I have since trialled a lot of of the Redken range and believe that the Extreme Length primer is the answer, this product is lighter and a protein and moisture combination, so it seems to achieve what my two weekly routine used to, but because it only needs 5 minutes I find myself using it after almost every wash. Overall comparatively I would not go the EXTREME CAT again because I've found a better solution, but it does work with enough commitment.

Hair Treatments -Redken -Extreme Length Sealer

on 11/7/2018 9:19:00 PM

I have been trialing the Redken range actively to find my favourite products. This included trialing the Extreme Length range. As mentioned in one of my other reviews, the Redken Extreme Length range has hugely improved since they added moisturising/softening elements to the protein range. I'e tried the Cat Spray, the Mask, the Conditioner, the Primer and the Sealer. I would rank them as: Primer, Conditioner, Sealer, Mask, Cat Spray. The Sealer I would suggest is on par with the Frizz Dismiss leave in conditioner in terms of hold power, shaping and smoothing, but my issue with the Sealer is that I found it difficult and unpleasant to use with the twist top, minimal product coming out and messing around with both hands to get it all to happen. I found the brush applicator pointless and ineffective. The results were decent but I wouldn't say they were better than that of the Primer, Conditioner or the Frizz Dismiss leave in Redken range, and I prefer to be able to pour those contents onto my hand and easily and quickly apply.

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Hair Treatments -Redken -Extreme Length Primer

on 11/7/2018 9:13:00 PM

I have been heavily trialing the Redken range to find my favourite products. My hair is coloured, shoulder length, well taken care of but dry and a little frizzed from blonde colouring. I am always looking for smoothing and strengthening products. I trialled the Extreme Length range and have found this iteration much better than the old version. The old one used to be very protein heavy with no moisture and as a result hair felt straw like after treatment - perhaps healthier and stronger but it didn't look better. This new range is very good. It includes the protein but with moisturising elements so hair now feels and looks smoother after using. I used this primer product almost every time after washing my hair for around 1-2 months. I would towel dry, brush my hair, apply this to the ends, leave in 5 or so minutes then rinse out, close the shaft with cold water, add my usual leave in conditioner and blow dry. My hair is smoother, I would say by around 20%. It has been high maintenance, however, so I am not sure if I would continue to do this, but the results have been better than say a weekly or twice weekly mask, and given masks take longer this is actually comparatively not bad. I also trialled this with the Extreme Length Conditioner and the Extreme Length Sealer and I found the synergistic benefit of all three was as great as I'd expected. I think this individual product is better than the others.

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Styling Products -Redken -Frizz Dismiss Instant Deflate

on 11/7/2018 9:05:00 PM

I have been trialing the Redken range heavily to find my favourite holy grail products. I'd traditionally leaned towards the thicker leave in conditioner creams to help my dry coloured blonde ends out. This product is more water-y, oil-like feeling and not as heavy as traditional leave in conditioner creams - and it has surprised me. I would test this by using a usual leave in conditioner on one half of my head and this on the other, blow drying, and comparing. This product produced a smoother and sleeker result but one that wasn't heavy or oily. I've been impressed by this one and would use again. I now tend to it ahead of the leave in conditioners.

Styling Products -Redken -Frizz Dismiss Rebel Tame FPF40

on 11/7/2018 9:01:00 PM


I went through a stage of trialing a large range of the Redken products. For my hair, in my opinion, no other line is at the level of Redken. I tried this as a leave in conditioner to help my blonde coloured hair out - it adds smoothness and shapes the hair without it being too heavy. It feels luxurious to apply given it is a thick cream. I've always tended towards leave in conditioners because I have found that's the level of help my dried ends need and this is one of the most reliable.

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