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Makeup Brushes -Real Techniques by Samantha Chapman -Expert Face Brush

on 1/20/2018 1:33:00 AM


This is a great tool to have this brush is not a flat top bush its more pinched in,nicely packed more on the dense side but not too dense which makes it great also for multi purposes, great to apply foundation, cream contour,even blush with a light hand brush care...easy to clean and i haven't experienced any shedding .

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Misc Beauty Tools -Real Techniques by Samantha Chapman -Miracle Mini Eraser Sponge

on 1/15/2018 10:33:00 PM


Wow! I can't believe how much better under-eye concealer looks with this sponge! I have no idea what took me so long to jump aboard the 3-D sponge train but it is amazing. NARS Creamy Concealer actually goes on better for me with a dry sponge, just bounce around and blend BUT the real game changer for me is to use the pointed end dipped lightly in loose powder and softly pushed/patted into concealer. So smooth looking and makes the concealer last longer. Love.

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Makeup Brushes -Real Techniques by Samantha Chapman -Blush Brush

on 1/13/2018 6:44:00 AM


This is a good brush. It blends the product well, it's not harsh on the skin (it's very soft). The time needed for drying is average. It 's easier to pick up powder blushes than cream blushes with it, but other than that it blends them the same way. The only thing that it's a bit of a problem is that it's a bit too big, so it's easy to apply it on bigger area than you'd want to. But once you get used to it it's nolonger a problem.

Makeup Brushes -Real Techniques by Samantha Chapman -Setting Brush

on 1/9/2018 12:27:00 AM


This brush is great! I don't use it for setting my undereye area, though - I use it for highlighter. It works very well for that purpose. Picks up a good amount of product, easily blends the highlighter into the skin, etc. The price is right, too.

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Makeup Brushes -Real Techniques by Samantha Chapman -Brush Crush 301 Foundation

on 1/6/2018 8:26:00 AM


This is a review for the foundation brush in the real techniques limited edition line Brush Crush that launched originally exclusive for the Superdrug stores in the U.K. for Christmas 2017 I believe. But now have shown up a bit randomly here and there around the globe post Christmas alongside with a powder brush, a blush brush, a kabuki, a fan brush an eyeshadow brush and a pink/ purple swirled diamond shaped sponge. All the brushes in the line come with glittery pink or purple handles with white bristles ombre dyed with pink and purple. All in all they look very desirable and beautiful and since most real techniques brushes are very useful and nice to work with many of us will get eager to get our hands on these babies, if possible since they also seem to sell out fast.

However, these brushes are based on the Bold Metals line of the brand, which are marketed as a bit higher end with a much higher price tag. But that line as ha whole has never really wowed me, even though the looks of the line is stunning, the performance and the quality of the brushes are not matching their stunning looks.
I am afraid I feel a bit the same about the Brush Crush launch... Actually most of the brushes in the Brush Crush line have pretty much an exact dupe in the bold metals line. The powder brush, the blush brush, the contour brush and I believe even the eye shadow brush are virtually the same brushes as the versions in the bold metal line, except for the the handles and dye in the bristles. Same goes for the diamond shaped sponge that is the same as the grey/white diamond sponge the brand has from before. The Kabuki Brush and the foundation brush are however new creations.

This review is for the foundation brush. :)
I am sad to say this is a bit of a disappointment for me... It saddens me since I truly love and respect Sam and Nic Chapman for everything that they do and stand for in the Makeup community, even though I honestly don’t know how hands on involved they really are in the creative process of the brushes made by real techniques? Perhaps it is more of a marketing relationship, but I really don’t know.

Anyway, these days every brand and it’s mother’s come out with brushes, and everyone who do also makes foundation brushes. Therefore competition is fierce and you can’t just like a brush cause of its makers...
This is a big foundation brush about twice the size of most foundation, buffing brushes, also compared to the RT expert face brush as a reference. It holds about the same size as the old Tarte foundation brush with the bamboo handle if anyone remembers.. This is made sort of as a mix between a buffing brush and a stippling brush. A two in one, if you will, (something that imo never really works...).
The result is a quite dense brush that despite the lengths of the bristles becomes quite stiff and not a little bit, but quite a bit scratchy and spikey against the skin if you try to pat/stipple with it, and not very smoothing or soft against the skin when buffing.
It gets the job done spreading foundation on rather fast and blends it well. For me who have a bit sensitive skin it will however irritate my skin causing it to show off more redness than usual. So I would not recommend this for anyone with sensitive or reactive skin. There are so many better alternatives out there with softer bristles and smoother action on the skin for us with sensitive or reactive skins.

If you however don’t mind, or even want your foundation brush to be a bit more stiff and don’t mind a bit of resistence from the bristles, then this is a beautiful brush colour and style wise.

Can this be used for other things apart from foundation application? Well it’s all of course a matter of preference. For me I find this not very useful for putting on bronzer or contour products neither cream or powder products on the face. I do however think this could do a good job applying shimmering products on the body or blending out self tanners or body make up, since the stiffness of the bristles may be quite beneficial for that!!

Now I have seen some reviews on the Brush Crush line that claims these brushes to be super soft, and as you probably understand I am not in agreement with their opinions, at least not for this brush. The ones who are dupes for the bold metals line will probably be equally soft compared to those, but imo they are not the softest or best performing synthetic brushes on the market either. Some of the regular RT line however are excellent performers and workhorses that lasts long, doesn’t shed and blends products flawlessly.
But since opinions are very subjective here are some comparisons for measure.
This is way stiffer and scratchier compared to the regular RT stippling Brush and the expert face brush.
It is way stiffer and harder compared to the RT point line that also has a foundation/bronzing Brush
Compared to Tarte, It Cosmetics, Fenty, Zoeva, Sigma and Sephora synthetic foundation brushes for buffing or stippling this is way stiffer and scratchier.

Price wise I also think this brush is overpriced. The packaging it comes with I understand is made for drugstore purposes since it is virtually as hard to get out of the packaging as children’s toys often are... And as much as I understand the reason for that, it does not add to any luxe-factor. It looks drugstore but is almost high end priced. The bold metals line as this is of course even more raised in price in my country in Northern Europe, but even in the U.K. and the US this is more expensive than it is worth, imo. It is made in China.

I can’t say how much it saddens me that that this beautiful line of brushes don’t in a better way reflects the excellence and innovative ability of the Chapman sisters who again I truly adore and admire for their skills and creativity and ability to put across for us regular people innovative as well as staple techniques for Makeup. Real Techniques if you wi

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