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Scrubs -ROSETTE -Gommage Gentle Peeling Gel

on 11/25/2018 2:01:00 AM


I found this peeling gel during my small shop hunt. Since it's so cheap, and I have never used a peeling gel, and it's a Cosme winning product, and my face could use some additional exfoliation, I bought it. I'm no expecting a miracle product, just to test how well this helps to remove dry flakes on my skin.

-Translucent gel
-When I rub it into my face, most gel stays on skin while some polymers start forming.
-Doesn't feel harsh and gritty on my face. There's no hard beads in this gel.
-Requires some effort to take this off my face - After using water to remove this gel, I find that when I rub my cheeks, small polymers still form.
-There's a cheap smelling fragrance which I'm not bothered by. Since the gel comes into contact with my skin for less than five minutes, I doubt the fragrance will sensitize my skin.

-Leaves the more sensitive areas of my skin slightly red (T zone and cheeks). Thankfully, a night's sleep calmed down those spots. However, if your skin is sensitive to alcohol, this gel isn't for you.
-Right after using this, my skin feels smooth but also dehydrated. After my night routine and a night's sleep, my skin feels smooth and moisturized like egg white. Bumps appear smaller and skin looks my refined. It works better than using a towel to rub my face, which takes a longer time to achieve this level of smoothness and also needs more effort to sanitize. Note that I also use BHA and vitamin C which help to loosen my dead skin.
-Bonus: Helps exfoliate my lips especially small dry flakes

Tl;dr: If your face is appearing more bumpy than usual, this can help make bumps appear smaller through gentle physical exfoliation. However, it takes a few hand scrubbing to ensure that no polymers stay on skin.

Ingredients: water, glycerin, steartrimonium chloride, alcohol, carbomer, allantoin, lactic acid, glucose, citric acid, malic acid, camellia sinensis leaf extract, methylparaben, fragrance.

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