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Shampoo -Quantum -Clarifying Shampoo

on 10/18/2018 1:00:00 AM

My favorite clarifying shampoo. I have natural type 4c coarse hair so my hair works well with heavier products (butters/creams etc). So I need a good clarifying shampoo to get all the product buildup off not just my hair but also my scalp. Its about $11.60 a bottle (about .34 cents per oz) but you get an entire liter or 33.80 oz in it so it lasts for a while. I only clarify if I really think my scalp needs it so I dont dry out my hair too much. That said this is a strong shampoo and leaves a "squeaky clean" feeling to the hair so be sure to use a deep conditioner after using this. I usually shampoo twice just to make sure everything is off my scalp making sure to really work it in. It lathers well and has a clean smell to it. Texture is like any other shampoo runny but not watery. The color is compleatly clear however it does have fragrance so if thats not you jam keep caution. Ive bought this twice now and will continue to use it as needed.

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Shampoo -Quantum -Perfect Plums Color Replenishing Shampoo

on 1/10/2017 6:21:00 PM


I really like this shampoo and conditioner but I don't think it really stains my hair that well. It might be because I have henna in my hair but it does help prolong the color of the red henna that is in my hair even though it's the purple kind. I got the purple in sample form at sally's for a dollar. I thought I might try it out. It does make my hair feel nice. Do not get it in your eyes though. It hurts so bad and it's worse than getting sun screen in your eyes. I've used it for a few weeks now and I have a bit of pink in my hair from it. I was expecting that since it says that it does stain the hair. It's supposed to be Purple though. It comes out magenta though.

Hair -Quantum -Riveting Reds Color Replenishing Shampoo/Conditioner

on 4/2/2015 7:28:00 PM


This really faded my newly dyed red hair. I only used it once. I was shocked to see so much red in the shower because the previous 2 post-color washings I used As I am co wash in the tub and it didn't make that much dye come out. This product was so drying I could feel the color being sucked out of it :( I used ion demi permanent in Light Burgundy Blonde. Great color, but I think I need to add the Colorful Red Red protein filler with my color and redye it. And leave it on longer. This product is extremely drying, and now my hair has that trashy faded look. Parts are more orangey and I guess my dry ends soaked up the color because they didn't fade so it's pretty uneven. I thought this would be more color- depositing.. maybe I haven't used it long enough? I see that it has Sodium Laureth Sulfate as a main ingredient so I think this is what strips the color out. A red shampoo should not have sulfates I think. I am very disappointed I spent like 8$ on this from Sally's. I will return it and try just using the conditioner to gauge how well that works. I also might strictly use the As I Am brand of co-wash in the tub, because it's 1000x more moisturizing. Some girls can handle 'tougher' shampoos but as an avid colorer I can't. :(

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Lip Treatments -Quantum -Super Lysine+ ColdStick

on 3/9/2014 6:41:00 PM


I also stock up on these because nothing else eliminates cold sores like it! Believe everything because if you consistently use this, as you would with chapstick-, no coldsores! It is soothing, non-irritating, moisturizing, and will prevent cold sores. If I do happen to get one from extreme stress, then I really apply it constantly and it will disappear. I love this stuff

Hair Treatments -Quantum -Thermal Straightener - Japanese Permanent Straightening

on 5/15/2012 10:09:00 AM

This is the permanent straightening system from Sally's (Color Treated Formula). I decided to give this a whirl after using One n Only Thermal Ionic system for years.

I apologize for this being so long but I know people who are considering doing these treatments themselves usually want ALL the details :)

My hair type:
Thick, strong waves underneath, coarse. Frizzy ringlets around the bang area plus all these horrid frizzy curly baby hairs at the hairline (hormonal from having a baby last year). 4 inches of regrowth from last TR. I had TR'd the entire head a few times with One n Only Thermal Ionic as opposed to just regrowth. Reason being, the hair was straight, but thicker than I'd like and I was hoping repeating the treatments would take out some volume. It didn't, just made it drier.

This applies just the same as Thermal Ionic (or any thermal straightener), same exact steps.

1. Shampoo (not included) and apply Porosity equalizer, concentrating on ends and processed/ tinted areas.

2. Apply solution

3. Wait for processing
It is fair to say that this is only going to come out as well as your ironing (TINY pieces at a time, and yes it takes forever!) but the processing is also important. Tie the hair into a knot in several different locations - if it stays closed, it has processed. One section of my hair is extremely resistant and the underside processes fast - I have to spray the underneath with water before rinsing the whole thing.

I meant to not process my bleached bits, but the devil got in me and I carefully processed them for only a few minutes (they did not pass the knot test but I could see them getting a little gummy so I rinsed).

4. Rinse

5. Dry hair to 90% then iron in small sections
The ironing process did not go as smoothly as usual - and I actually almost abandoned mission when I saw it! It was looking rather dry - normally when I do the ironing step, it comes out much smoother than if I even iron my hair normally. This time it was not looking so good. The truly virgin hair was ok, even that not as shiny as usual, but everything else looked quite trashy. I don't even want to comment on what my bleached portions were looking like since it is not intended for heavily bleached hair, but yeah, wasn't a pretty sight.
(Please bear in mind my hair has been processed before, I'm sure you would not have this problem with virgin hair)

Ok, so after I finished ironing I had a fro. A straight fro, but a fro.

6. Neutralize
Suprisingly my hair felt like silk when I rinsed the neutralizer.

4. Condition
I had bought this instead of Thermal Ionic because my sally's had just these really old boxed that were all crusty - the Quantum looked fresh. But after I finished I realize the leave-in conditioner was missing. Darn you Sally's! I just used my own and that was fine.

One of the big differences I have found between doing these american straightenings as opposed to the real japanese liscio in the salons, is you don't lose volume. I actually want to lose volume but I think I am in the minority - I'll bet you a lot of people would love this since you get straight, you get rid of frizz, but keep the volume.

I did let my hair dry naturally and it is now stick straight but thick, shiny, feels pretty smooth, lots of volume and volume at the root (so it doesn't leave it flat to your head). It lightened my bleached portions which I actually quite like - went from light carmel to sunny lemon yellow and some strands nearly white!

Between this and the One N Only Thermal Straightener for Bleached hair, One n Only was more gentle on the bleached portions. Which makes sense - Quantum color treated formula is for hair processed with 20vol or less, and One n Only's tinted formula is for hair processed with 20volume or higher.

So overall, yes the product works to get the hair straight. Didn't remove a ton of volume for me though. I plan on following this up with a gentle at home bkt to get the flatness I seek. So straight flat hair is a 2 part deal but still way less than you'd spend in a salon!

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