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Bronzers -Pur Minerals -Mineral Glow Bronzing Powder

on 11/19/2017 4:58:00 PM


This bronzer is great for what it is, a luminous bronzer. I love how it blends and it is a soft warm undertone. I REALLY WANTED TO LOVE IT, and I do for my cheeks and temples, but if I dust this over the perimeter of my face or on my nose it is way too shiny. If you want something luminous and glowy, this is your bet.

Powder -Pur Minerals -4-in-1 Pressed Mineral Makeup (new formula)

on 11/19/2017 10:12:00 AM


Pur is a cruelty free brand. This foundation costs $39 at Shoppers Drug Mart.

This is my first ever powder foundation, so I don't really have anything to compare it to. I personally love it, though. I use the shade Porcelain and it matches my skin perfectly, I don't have any oxidation problems with it!

I use a brush to buff it into the skin using circular motions. It doesn't take long to apply and it evens out my skin tone, which I really love. It is light coverage, so you can still see my acne underneath but it does dull it. I can go in again using a small eyeshadow brush to dab more of the powder directly on acne spots to get some more coverage but it will never completely cancel out all of my acne unless I use a concealer underneath the product. The product doesn't cause any breakouts for me, either!

My blush, bronzer, and high lighter all go on easily over top! I don't have any issues with the products separating or looking patchy.

It is a pricey product, but I love it. It applies much quicker than liquid foundation. Wearing just foundation, blush, and mascara I can get my makeup routine done in 10 minutes give or take, which is really handy if I want to wear makeup to work in the morning!

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Mascara -Pur Minerals -Fully Charged Mascara

I got this mascara in a kit with the Fully Charged primer at Ulta recently, and I've been using it for a while. Without the primer the mascara is good but not great, but paired with the primer it is pretty special. I don't really buy into the whole "powered by magnetic technology" bit, but it coats the lashes nicely and DOES NOT flake or smudge at all, even on hot days or when my eyes water. Used without the primer it adds some volume and it holds a curl on my lashes. With the primer it really makes my boring, average lashes look special. There's nothing super-unique about the brush, but it does distribute the product nicely and doesn't make lashes clump together. I would probably repurchase this when I use it up, and I typically tend to gravitate towards less expensive mascaras as a rule.

Mascara -Pur Minerals -Fully Charged Mascara Primer

I recently bought this primer in a kit at Ulta paired with the coordinating mascara. It is not really all that different than any other lash primer I've tried in the past, but it does have a good texture. The brush is really nice and it allows the product to coat the lashes well without applying too much. It doesn't give over the top volume or length, but it boosts my mediocre lashes and gives them a lot more oomph. It works amazingly well with its coordinating mascara, but I've tried it with others as well and it plays nicely with those too. I would definitely repurchase this primer again when I finish the tube I have now.

Eye Shadow -Pur Minerals -My Little Pony Eye Palette

on 9/28/2017 9:29:00 AM


I have mixed feelings regarding the PUR Cosmetics My Little Pony Eye Shadow Palette. Growing up I loved My Little Ponies and the eyeshadow colors are fun, original, and beautiful. Unfortunately, I found most of the colors to be crumbly and lacking in the pigment department. I do love the theme though and a couple of the brighter colors are better than all the rest.

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