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Primer/ Corrector -Pur Minerals -Colour Correcting Primer in Peach

on 2/10/2018 1:33:00 AM


Well I found a primer to replace the Smashbox Photo Finish Blend primer I had been using for years. It is just as effective - in fact the colour correcting part might even be better (neither are perfect but that's more to do with the extensive sun damage on my skin). It provides a silky canvas for foundation and/ concealer and the best part? It is a better price than the Smashbox primer. $39 at Shoppers in Canada as opposed to $50 for Smashbox. Oh. Yeah!!!

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Masks -Pur Minerals -Dirty Girl Detoxifying Mud Mask with Pascalite Clay

on 1/17/2018 4:36:00 PM


I bought this due to the good reviews on here

Smells great `herbal-spa-esque' is how I would describe it
Great at speeding healing of big red pimples
Works reasonably well
Seems to be non-irritating

Skin can feel a bit tight/itchy after using
Skin is red immediately after using (this settles quickly)
Worked just as well/not as well as aztec secret indian healing clay (IMO)

I didn't have any massive issues with this, but i didnt think it was the wonder product which everyone here seems to think it is. Its also very expensive. I was pretty happy with it until I went to my parents and remembered I used to use the aztec secret indian healing clay, which in my opinion is a much more affordable alternative which works just as well if not better - so for this reason I probably wouldn't buy it again, but I wouldn't put a friend off using it either

I have combination-dry skin which is also acne prone (yay) with a tendancy to develop closed and open comedones, for me I use this once a week as an all over or a few times on big red spots when they need to be 'sucked' out (grim sorry)

This is great for big cystic acne i think but not so much for red/whiteheads. Obviously it works better for some people! Still going to put 4 stars as I do quite like it and dont have any major issues with it

Palettes -Pur Minerals -Secret Crush

on 1/13/2018 9:26:00 AM

This palette was gifted to me and at first glance I didn't think much of it and ignored it for so long.

However, having now used it a few times I love it because the shimmer shades are amazing. The shimmers in here give such a beautiful iridescent sheen to the eyes and they blend like a dream. On top of that the lasting power is impressive. Most mornings I'm in a hurry and skip eyeshadow primer yet I've noticed that the shimmers in this palette do not budge from my eyes. When I come home in the evenings from work, I'm astounded that there's absolutely no creasing or fading with these and that's after at least 12 hours of wear.

Admirer is my favorite shade in the palette and if it was released as a single, I'd buy it in a flash. Admirer is perfect as a wash of color all over my lids. I haven't really used the matte shades in this palette because I prefer warm tones. However, the shimmers (middle 4 shades) make the whole palette worth it- they're that good.

Primer/ Corrector -Pur Minerals -Miracle Mist Hydrate & Set

By far my favorite facial mist. Although i consider it to be a bit pricey you do get a lot of product for what you pay for. It is a great multitasker and not to mention it smells ahhmazing! I use it as a toner in the morning and the pleasent citrus scent really helps to awaken the senses and gets me going for the rest of my morning routine. I also use it as a primer and setter for my physicians formula mineral makeup and find that it leaves my skin looking fresh and dewy but never greasy. I have oily skin in the summer and combo skin in the winter but like I had already mentioned before, it never leaves me dry or greasy and this is regardless of the climate of any given season whether it may be humid or ice cold. It also works as a great pick me up for days when your skin is craving a little bit more moisture or is just looking dull. I have tried many other facial mists and setters but always find myself reaching back for this one. Overall a good product that I would definitely recommend and say that it is worth the splurge. I am already halfway done with my second bottle and know that I will definitely be repurchasing and make this a staple in my beauty collection.

Concealers -Pur Minerals -Disappearing Act 4-In-1 Concealer

on 12/29/2017 6:50:00 PM


I should have read reviews on this product before purchasing. Ah well.

Pur is a cruelty free brand. I purchased this concealer from Shoppers Drug Mart for $29. I will be returning it.

There are a couple of gripes I have with this product, but it's not horrible. Some of my gripes are completely personal and may not apply to you.

1.) The pricing is ridiculous. Their powder foundation is $39. It's beyond me why a foundation is only $10 cheaper. For the amount of product you get and the way it performs I don't think it's worth the $29, either.

2.) The shade range is disappointing. I love their powder foundation, which is why I thought I'd try out their concealer. I am the shade porcelain when it comes to their foundation - they don't have a porcelain shade of concealer. I wanted to try it anyways but the lightest shade is still too dark, so it's not really wearable for me.

3.) The packaging isn't my favourite. I think it looks really cute because it mimics my powder foundation buuuut I don't love that I have to dip a brush or my finger into the concealer.

4.) This is a mistake on my part. Somehow I missed the big warning on the back of the product until I got home. The concealer contains an ingredient that makes you burn easier. I am baffled as to why any product would contain that, especially one meant for your face. This and the shade not being a match is why I'm returning it.

This is a heavier concealer and it does conceal my blemishes and under eye circles really well. It blends out really nicely for me and my foundation applies easily on top. It's not a terrible concealer, at least it wasn't for me. There are just some deal breakers I can't overlook.

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