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Powder -Pur Minerals -4-in-1 Pressed Mineral Makeup (new formula)


This is the best powder I ever purchased, the coverage is very buildable and the skin feels good and soft after using it

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Mascara -Pur Minerals -Fully Charged Mascara Primer

this seems like such a huge tube of primer/mascara. i bought 2 sets of this during xmas time, it was such a good deal, the bundle was only $18 usd im someone who needs lash primer to make any mascara work. i have stick straight and super short lashes, without this step, i would always get mascara on my eyelids. i love this lash primer, it separates and lengthens my lashes so much. it also extended the wear time of all my mascaras, it also makes removing waterproof formulas so much easier

Masks -Pur Minerals -Dirty Girl Detoxifying Mud Mask with Pascalite Clay

on 5/19/2018 7:52:00 PM


This is the first mask I have ever disliked this way.

However, maybe I have the wrong skin type for it.

I have dry /combo (normal-oily t-zone), sometimes sensitive skin and this mask was soooooo drying.

The tube said to leave it 5-20 mins, I felt like after just a couple of mins I wanted to remove it to be honest. As other reviews have stated it tightens...A LOT, yes I also had the skin /heartbeat pulsating feeling in my face and like it was slowly being inched in, pinched towards the centre - between the brows, nose and mouth, tightening second by second, to the point where I could not really move my face. It felt strangely and uncomfortably tight after just a few minutes for my liking, however I stuck with it and managed about 10 mins before the tight and also stingy feeling was too much and concerned I wanted to wash it off. I used a mask remover sponge to remove with warm water and it did take some rehydrating to get it moving back off the skin.

However I was shocked by how best red my face looked after removing it, I literally had a bright red line all along my jawline and looked as though I was sunburned, this did fade slowly over the next hour or so, but I was so worried at this reaction and my skin felt so dried out + itchy I slathered it in natural face oil and 2x repairative moisturisers to try to calm it down and make it feel supple and hydrated again.

Not in a hurry to use this again tbh. I find other mud musk's do similar but in a less severe way, which work better for me such as glamglow, origins or even queen Helene grapefruit+avocado which don't leave my skin looking raw afterwards. I am more the the treat your skin kindly and it will be good to you club than strip it and beat it into submission kinda group, but with more oily skin this could be more useful ...?!

Doesn't mean it's a terrible product but just did not work for me and my skin personally.

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Mascara -Pur Minerals -Fully Charged Mascara

i usually only buy drugstore mascaras because of the constant need to replace them but i bought this during the holidays when everything was in sets and this came with a bundle with the primer. i think it was for about $18 for the set and this alone is $22 so hell yea i had to get it. im someone who def needs the lash primer step of their mascara routine no matter what. my lashes are stick straight and short, if i dont have thaf, mascara will almost without fail transfer and smear to my eyelids. but anyway on to the mascara itself, it isnt all that special tbh, i do like it and it doesn’t flake off. i will buy it again once the deal rolls around again

Liquid -Pur Minerals -4-in-1 Liquid 14-Hour Wear Foundation

on 4/30/2018 4:51:00 PM


I bought this in light tan and tan based on the reviews and demos on YT. I have medium tan Asian skin tone. I was looking for a med to full coverage; long lasting, non transferable foundation that matched my skin. Harder than it seems. I have 50+ skin damaged hyperpigmentation. When I mix the two colors together, I am able to match my skin nicely and that it's long lasting, it lasts through my 10 hr shift plus a few hrs more w/minimal touchups (blotting). It minimizes my pores and gives my skin a soft matte finish. I apply an spf tinted moisturizer underneath and top w/powder and I am good to go all day long! I even get compliments on my skin looking so great! Wow, that's a first! I bought this at PUR website during their BOGO offer. I think it's worth waiting for these offers to try it. I highly recommend it for all skin types.

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