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Lipstick -Pupa -Miss Pupa

on 8/21/2018 12:02:00 PM


I have 2 of these lipsticks (102 and 300-purchased months apart). Both colours are very similar, being pretty nude pinks. Lovely chrome finish packaging has good weight to it as well. Claim is “ultra brilliance”, I think these lipsticks are quite generic and mainstream. No real’ wow’ factor, just good for having a stationed lipstick in your purse should you forget your lipstick of choice in the first place. On application, coats evenly, feels a lil dry when my lips rub one another-there’s a bit of a tug. As for brilliance?, for me it was lacking- satin finish at best. It didn’t seem to last long on the lips either as I found it slowly disappeared a few hours after application. Overall it’s an ok lipstick with cute packaging....

Lipstick -Pupa -Pupa Volume

on 8/21/2018 12:02:00 PM


My go to collection of lipsticks are by MAC exclusively. In the last few years I decided to try other brands. This being one of them. I picked up colour 300 a nude mauve.Creamy on application feels really nice on my lips- satiny finish, no waxy residue or dry feel, has a nice slip. In terms of volume building, I don’t really notice. The product claims up to +17% more volume after 7 days of use. Frankly, I cannot attest to this claim as I don’t use it consistently, as this lipstick is in a rotation with other favourite lipsticks/ balms and pencils. What I do like is how it looks and feels on my lips, it does give a smooth/full appearance. Lasts till I eat or drink, needing reapplication afterwards. It’s become one of my mainstays for daytime lipsticks. The packaging has a luxe burgundy red lacquer finish with good weight to it, definitely not cheap feeling. Prefer Pupa Volume over Miss Pupa lipsticks. Great everyday lipstick!

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Mascara -Pupa -Vamp! Extreme

on 7/8/2018 12:01:00 PM


Love Pupa Vamp mascara (original) my HG, but saw the Extreme and thought I’d give it a try. Packaging is a pretty chrome covering with substantial weight. The wand/ brush has semi concave small sized even bristles, semi dense brush. I’m not crazy about these types of brushes as I prefer dense brushes with a with a higher pile, but it doesn’t stop me from trying it. The formula is drier than I like although, the brush is clean coated with product. On application, does a good job coating each lash, definitely separates lashes, minimal clumping noticed. It does add volume and length but not as much as I like. My lashes are long and thin, I love good thick volume. The overall look is a lil more than natural. The only upset to this product that it strongly++ adheres to the lashes making it difficult to remove at the end of the day. That being said it does last all day without smudging or fallout. I would strongly recommend using a mascara primer pre applying this mascara as the product does come off much easier with a primed base. I did not notice any irritation to my eyes with this product.
Overall it’s a nice mascara I would recommend for ppl who prefer a lil more than a natural look giving defined, separated lashes. Very clean looking mascara that doesn’t weigh lashes down. Still prefer the original Vamp mascara...

BB Cream -Pupa -Pupa Proffessionals BB Cream + Primer

on 1/31/2018 6:12:00 AM


Best BB I ever used. It holds on my skin all day and it looks and feels great, soft and hydrated. Also I love the soft violet scent that it has.

At the end of the day I only have a little shine on the nose but with all the others BBs I used (belive me, they are a lot) it looks like I’ve put butter on my face just after a few hours!

If you are in Italy or as me, has the possibility to buy on amazon UK, just do it, you will absolutely adore it.

Ps: I don’t even need setting powder!!

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Lipstick -Pupa -Made To Last Lip Duo

on 1/12/2018 11:47:00 AM

Let me start this with I know, I know... I've broken my rule on only posting exceptionally good product reviews with 5 lippies, but this one is so close to a 5 star and would be 5 stars if Rimmel Provocalips didn't exist. So be sure to read my review on Rimmel's Provocalips if you are looking for the longest lasting lip wear!

I had an incredibly hard time finding any reviews on-line (and I didn't find any in English), so I added this product to MakeUpAlley.

The Good Stuff

- long wear (Again, not as long as Rimmel)
- nice feel, creamier application before it dries than Rimmel
- the gloss is nice that goes on top
- you can re-apply on top of an existing layer (which I find you cannot do with Rimmel)
- you can mix the colours more easily because it doesn’t dry as quick
- does not dry out your lips (and I'm not spring chicken so that's important to this gal)

Not As Good Stuff

- limited colours (like Rimmel-but you'll find a few)
- more expensive than Rimmel ($7.95 CDN), in Canada if not on sale about $28 (CDN) and only available at limited Rexall Stores (also found some on eBay)-hence the 3 lippies on price
- doesn’t dry as quickly (so you need an extra 2 minutes before running out the door)
- I don’t find it to last as long as Rimmel and oil seams to remove it when you are eating (like butter) AND I have seen transfer onto coffee cups and straws

Bottom Line

- If Rimmel didn’t exist, this would be my holy grail
- I do have 3 of them now, as they are different colours than my Rimmel, so it fills in some gaps and there aren’t any others I want.
- I have 011 (nude), 005 and 001 (more on the orange side)
- I took my Rimmel’s with me to do colour comparisons and the 006 Red, is very similar to one of the Rimmel Reds, however it does seam to go on nicer

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