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Palettes -Profusion Cosmetics -Wanderlust 21 Shade Eyeshadow Palette

on 3/21/2019 12:19:00 AM


I got the Target release of the Wanderlust palette for Christmas 2018 ( I mention because Profusion makes near identical palette releases for specific retailers) . The Target palettes are 21 circle pan in a sturdy hard plastic packaging,glossy black on the bottom tray holding the named shades and a decent dual ended brush ,and the top with a clear lid featuring gold lettering and a gold glitter border.
I've swatched this palette,and come up with a few looks , but I have to admit I haven't worn every shade yet ( I've been on a eyeshadow buying bender lately,and it's partly ShopHush's fault) .
The Wanderlust palette is a colorful palette with a few neutrals . Six neutrals to be exact. Three cream/champagne and three chocolates. This will allow the wearer to choose a pure neutral look if she wishes or continue on to a vibrant colorful look.
The colorstories in this palette are a range of five greens in shimmer or foil finishes (my favorite being Majesty -a olivey old gold foil that is just gorgeous! I'd rebuy the palette for this color alone !) three teal/blues ( one matte ,two shimmers)and six purples/pinks( 3 mattes , 3 shimmers) . Wait! You say. " That's only 20!" Right. Lastly , there is a glittery topper in a silvery white called Frosting.
Okay from the top row across:
Illusion -cream satin with pinky undertones and a light silver microshimmer
Tranquil- a lighter powder form of Mac Soft Ochre matte
Chill- champagne shimmer used lightly would work like a satin ,could be foiled with a damp brush
Serious- a sheerish medium green satin with a lot of gold glitter infused into it . Not my favorite type of shadow finish
Frosting- silvery white foil/glitter ,a bit chunky,may work best as a inner corner or halo eye highlight
Gravity- a soft orchid pinky purple with a bit of a blue duo reflect. It's in the purple family, it goes on a bit sheer but seems to build up okay . I can see it's semi-sheerness as a positive to blend with the other strong purples and teals.
Love Story- medium warm shimmer pink with matching pink glitter infused . Better formula than Serious.
Row 2
Majesty- Olive old gold foil . Love . Especially wow over Cruise or Enigma.
Hypnotic- what UD Hatter should have been- a deep rich true green satin . Love.
Jade- a deeper murky foresty green satin .Love.
Stormy- gorgeous emerald turquoise shimmer Love.
Splash- Highly pigmented vibrant Mediterranean turquoise ocean blue satin . Hard to find color ,may be a bit hard to get off ( I suspect that I'm going to be doing long sleeves tomorrow after tonight's swatchfest)
Regal - a hard to find ,gorgeous ,pigmented true purple matte Love.
Nimbus-mauvey-orchid-pinky shimmer with pink glitter infused .okay.
Row 3
Coast- chocolate brown matte nice . Like
Statement- warmer chocolate brown matte . Like
Nostalgia- dark chocolate matte ( by a half to a full step darker than Coast) I like it , but for better palette versatility a matte black may have been a better option than having three very similar browns. I'd probably ax Coast , but all three browns are silky mattes and blendable.
Cruise-gorgeous midnight teal blue satin. In combination with Majesty? Wowzers.
Enigma-teal navy matte very pigmented.gorgeous.
Retro- blue purple matte very good pigmentation
Go Girl- magenta purple matte very good pigmentation

To sum up this palette offers a lot of harder to find ( especially with decent pigmentation) colors at a $10 drugstore price - for the whole palette! And it has some good neutral shades as well . If I was looking for good purples,blues or greens I'd have said to go to Urban Decay or Coloured Raine. To buy a single from UD? $10 on sale, $20 if not. CR? $4 & shipping on sale , or $7 & shipping if full price.

Profusion is cruelty free , designed in Los Angeles and made in China.

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