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Moisturizers -Plant Apothecary -AÌŠ Face Oil for Dry Skin

on 1/15/2019 3:28:00 PM


I was lucky/unlucky enough to snag this Å face oil with sea buckthorn on clearance on it's way out. So while I got a great deal on it to give it a try, I am now I'm at the bottom of my bottle, looking to buy another, and can't find it anywhere.

As the second specific 'face oil' blend product I've tried I'm pretty impressed with it. As a long time dry-flaky skin sufferer I found it to be a great night/winter moisturizer. Put a few drops on after I wash my face or shower at night and it doesn't sit oily on my skin like others I've tried or straight coconut oil, etc. Since so little is needed the bottle actually lasted longer than I expected it to as well, I would buy again, even at full price. The argon/buckthorn blend feels like a great balance and texture and does wonders to lock in moisture (better than argan alone). It has a slightly earthy smell that I find pleasant, but it's not strong and doesn't seem to linger.

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