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Treatments (Face) -Perricone -Cold Plasma - Face

on 9/21/2018 2:45:00 AM


This was offered as a special at Ulta at half price so I grabbed it to try. Really didn't expect much, but I can attest to the fact that is has made a huge difference in my skin. My pores are almost not visible, my skin is glowing and appears more youthful. I am delighted and I added the Plasma 30 SPF for day time use. I have tried so many things. Try to stay with the Retinol and Gycolic products, but I am so delighted with this that I'm sticking with it, at least for now. Pricey, but worth it for me. I think it depends on your skin type because not everything works for everybody. You have to find what works for you and stick with it.

Foundations -Perricone -No Foundation Foundation

on 9/17/2018 8:28:00 AM


This is way too watery and covers nothing. And, when you push down on the pump, it squirts everywhere. I'd ruined my bedding, curtains, and clothes just from pushing down on the pump. Definitely not worth the price.

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Blush -Perricone -No Blush Blush

on 9/6/2018 10:40:00 PM


One of my all time favourite blushes and I've tried LOTS! Application is a little different--dot the liquid on cheeks and blend. You only need a small amount so this bottle will last for well over a year. Colour is a universal healthy pink/ peach blush that looks as if you radiate from within, no matter what your skin tone, warm or cool. This works well on EVERYONE! Can be easily applied over powder or liquid foundation and doesn't melt in severe humidity or or heat. Skin just looks and feels amazingly healthy.
Ingredients are top quality and beneficial for skin. Dr Perricone's "No Make-up" makeup is some of the best I've EVER used and I'm comparing it to everything from YSL to Bare Minerals to Nars.

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Treatments (Face) -Perricone -Cold Plasma SubD

on 8/25/2018 11:39:00 PM


I have used Cold Plasma Sub-D for years, starting in my mid-thirties. I don't have much sagging or premature aging, but also want to help the little I do have and prevent any additional. It's a good product. I use it nightly on my jawline, neck, and chest. It does tighten. My skin texture also looks nice. It does not help with tech-neck, however. I have a couple lines from looking down at my phone for too long. Sub-D isn't going to solve that. I also apply around my brow bone when I have puffy eyes and it quickly helps.

It smells. There is a fishy scent that isn't great. However, it goes away once applied. This product can also go off. Over time, it turns a darker shade.

It's expensive, but sales can easily be found. A couple times a year you can find 40% off sales at various retailers. Depending on how much you use, a jar can last a decent amount of time. A jar typically lasts me a better part of a year. I have been branching out, testing neck creams from other brands, but Sub-D is always a good option.

Moisturizers -Perricone -MD Photo Plasma

on 8/4/2018 6:54:00 PM


This would have been hands down one of the best moisturizer with SPF, had it not been an oil slick.
Premium moisturizer that feels incredible on skin, because of its whipped cream texture, I presume. Light fragrance and a bit of tint that only makes it better. Leave it on for two hours on combination skin and that dewy glow turns into oil layering on the skin.
Only wish it would have not been so oily, might work great on dry skin though.

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