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Brows -Paul & Joe Beaute -Eyebrow Powder Duo in 01

on 9/21/2017 6:01:00 PM

What works best for me and what I have used for many years, always coming back to it, is this Paul and Joe Brow Powder. In my opinion, the most difficult thing to get right with your choice of brow product is the color. It can be very challenging to find something that looks natural. I recommend determining the tone of your brows - are they warm or cool? - and then finding something in that tone, but lighter than your natural hair color. I only use the dark, ashy color in this duo because it is the absolutely most perfect fit for me that I've ever found. I'm ok with one side not being used because one of these will last me probably 3 years. I am not kidding. That's with daily use, as well.
In terms of the powder itself, it's a bit of a "wet" feeling powder, which makes it very effective at clinging to the hair and lasting throughout the day. I also find it blends nicely when I brush it out with a brow comb.

Eyeliner -Paul & Joe Beaute -Pencil Eye Liner

on 9/20/2017 9:09:00 AM

This is called Pencil Eye Liner Waterproof. I have the shade 02 which is the gorgeous warm almost wine brown color. I give it 2 points just becuase of the unusual color. I got this in a swap stil boxed, unused. I started drawing along my upper lash line. But the pencil was so hard that barely any color came out. But even the faint color I got on my lashline, I noticed how it really made my green blue eyescolor to pop. I tested it on the back of my hand and I really had to put a lot of pressure to make the line, but once the line was there is did not budge. So it definitely would be waterproof, if I would be able to put this kind of presssure on my eyeball. Which I cant and I think nobody can, without ending up in to the accident and emergency. Such a shame about the quality. Then I thought that maybe the tip just has dried out and I decided to sharpen it to get into the fresh product as they said in the instructions leaflet of this pencil. But as I sharpened the pencil the tip kept just crumbling. I then ended up wasting the whole pencil just trying to get to the tip, which just kept crumbling through the whole pencil. Needless to say. I would never buy this dry ass product.

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Blush -Paul & Joe Beaute -Cheek Color CS

on 8/31/2016 9:19:00 AM

No idea what CS stands for.
This is for the "Chill in the Air" blush ballz and catz in the little cat-print cardboard pot. Pot is 2 1/4 inch diameter. Comes with a thickish puff with a ribbon. I think it's overpriced but I fancied a treat and got it from beautybay with a total spend discount.
The pkg is cardboard, which I'm okay with but the lid is very deep. When you pull it off there is a tendency to pull too hard and then you may lose some ballz. The instructions tell you to keep the little paper cover so the ballz don't fly out. It's a bit of a hassle. The meteorites pkg is more convenient and less hazardous.
I like the ballz and catz, they are fun. I see three catz, each about an inch long.
Onto the colour, it's a peachy pink with gold shimmer. It is somewhat bright. It's in the orgasm family. Shows up very well on my nc25 skintone. I would not describe it as natural but neither is it overly fake. It looks as if you're wearing makeup but in a good way.
Texturewise, it goes on smoothly. It's less grabby than my NARS blushes. The shimmer is fine, I don't see glitter. It's quite glowy. I used my shiseido blush brush and it applied very easily, not too powdery, heavy, or light.
I recommend it if a) you have the budget b) you can deal with the pkg hassle c) you love novelty stuff and catz in particular. Skip it if you're more into practicality and value for money.

Primer/ Corrector -Paul & Joe Beaute -Moisturizing Foundation Primer N


Beautiful packaging. This primer gives your skin a glow, but is not meant for oily skin. It definitely brightens up your skin and has a yellow undertone that helps to counteract redness. The shimmer is not noticeable on your skin, but I don't use it for everyday use because it tends to make foundation look a bit heavier than normal.

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Eye Primer -Paul & Joe Beaute -Eye Colour Primer

on 10/4/2015 5:35:00 PM

I can not believe I did not review this product yet becuase it is possibly the best primer I have ever used. For some reason I like the primers that have a hint of color to them. Artdeco primer performs really good but I am not too keen to the jar packaging or the fact that it is completely transparent. This primer has a shade similar to MAC paintpot in Soft Ochre. So it is sort of a light yellow beige shade. The only reason I do not give it full 5 lipsticks is that it is not paraben free. Other than that I love the doe foot aplicator and I love the texture. This reminds me a lot of Laura Mercier eye basics before they got reformulated to a more slippery, transclucent and worse direction. I have also tried the Paul and Joe blushes, shadows and lipsticks and I have not been very impressed with any of them. But this one is a star.

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