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Lipstick -Pat McGrath Labs -Lust MatteTrance in Elson

on 2/15/2018 7:11:00 AM


I picked up this lipstick in a set through Sephora. It came with Elson and Omi in red packaging. The color of Elson is a beautiful blue based red. To me, this is a candy apple red. I tend to prefer yellow based reds because it suits my skin tone better but I did find that I was able to wear this shade even with my fair skin tone. The pigmentation on this lipstick is outstanding. It just glides on and is completely opaque. I didn't have any patchy areas. It does transfer so be careful. I like to blot after I apply lipstick. The texture felt smooth and it was comfortable to wear. It didn't dry my lips out. Without eating or drinking, it lasted a few hours before I needed to reapply. The packaging is beautiful. It comes in a sleek tube, mine was red because of the set but usually it's black and there is a pair of gold lips on the front. I'm impressed with the Pat McGrath lipsticks so far. I think she did a wonderful job. I was so disappointed in her highlighter sets and eye shadows but the lipsticks are the real star of the line.

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Eyeliner -Pat McGrath Labs -PermaGel ultra glide eyepencil

on 1/29/2018 11:15:00 PM


It sadly transferred and smudged all over my eyelids and underneath them. This wasn't even on my waterline, just on my lids. It was not long lasting unfortunately. Will have to return this.

Lipstick -Pat McGrath Labs -LuxeTrance Lipstick (all)

on 1/8/2018 7:26:00 PM


I've never experienced lipstick like this before, which dang well better be true because this is the most expensive lipstick I've ever bought. Purchased in Sextrology and Beautiful Creature. I will definitely repurchase Beautiful Creature. Sextrology might be a better summer color for me, it isn't doing much for my winter skin. I'll try it if my part of the world ever thaws.


-Gorgeous. Beautiful Creature applies perfectly (dark color but no lip liner needed) and looks amazing. Worth the price for how awesome it looks. Seriously, apply this and gape at the gorgeousness.
-Smells like air. Like straight-up nothing. I prefer this to even the lovely scent of a MAC lipstick. Good for migraine sufferers.
-The tube feels weighty and expensive.
-The packaging it came in, holy cow. I keep the packaging and use it as a lipstick carrier. Solid, useful packaging. Is anybody else doing that? Serious question. If you know of other companies that do this, message me, because I will check them out.
-no bleeding or feathering, but I never experience bleeding or feathering with lipstick.
-Not just a lipstick, it is an experience. Don't know how else to explain it.


-Wicked Expensive (but worth it)
-Doesn't stain so it wears poorly, also needs to be reapplied a lot (one lipstick off for that)
-The lips are cheesy (but I don't care)

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Lips -Pat McGrath Labs -Matte Trance Lipstick

on 1/8/2018 6:42:00 AM


Although you don't need every single shade from this range, I am convinced there is at least one lipstick here for everyone.

Pat has worked with so many brands before, you can tell she's mastered her formulas, because these matte lipsticks are exactly what they claim to be: pigmented, long-lasting, user-friendly, lightweight, opaque. Some shades are a touch drier than others, but if you love a traditional bullet-lipstick, these are totally up your alley.

I only bought her bright red shades, because these are the colours I wear often. Elson must be my number one favourite; you can see swatches and other product details in a separate review here ( but if you were looking for ONE - this is it. It is going to look perfect on every single person.

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Highlighters -Pat McGrath Labs -Skin Fetish 003 (all shades)

on 11/4/2017 5:39:00 AM


I bought both of the highlighter sets when they were released on Sephora. I've tried multiple times to get these highlighters to work for me and I can't do it. I original saw these highlighters in person when I went to a Miss Fame makeup class in Los Angeles. He had them before the release date and had passed around the pressed highlighters and I fell in love. They looked so cool. The pink shade had a gorgeous halographic sheen to it. Of course, I didn't swatch it, it wasn't mine, so I went by how it looked in the pan. The sets came with a brush, highlighter, and a double ended highlighter stick. One end of the stick is just clear gloss that you can layer the pressed highlighter over. The other end had a cream highlighter. I'm super pale and these didn't even show up on me. The brush is cheap and I couldn't use it to apply highlighter. The bristles are too loose and it didn't pick up product. The packaging overall is cheap, for the price, I would have rather had less products that were good than a bunch of subpar items I never use. Everything came in a bag filled with sequins. It's a cool concept but it just made a mess and I tried to keep the sequins and repurpose them but I never did. I ended up throwing them out after about a year. It irritates me that none of these products worked for me. I don't mind spending money if the products deliver. I'm surprised by the good amount of reviews. I guess I just couldn't get them to work for me and I've tried for a long time.

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