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Lip Treatments -Parthena -Megalip

on 1/5/2011 4:01:00 PM

This seems to be discontinued, I can't even find it on eBay, but it first came out on HSN at least 10 yrs ago & was the first palmitoyl-oligopeptide-based lip plumping product I've ever heard of & tried. It cost a lot back then ($28 for 1/2 ounce pump dispenser) but I don't have large lips & wanted to try it.. I've always wanted bigger lips but will never risk the dangers of cosmetic lip injections.. Anyway, this plumper really works -- it takes some time to see the results however, about 2 wks, but you'll definitely notice plumping if you use it regularly morning & night. Other products have hit the market since then but this was the original product that really worked for me.

Primer/ Corrector -Parthena -Daisy Gel

on 8/6/2005 4:58:00 PM

The co-owner of Parthena now has his own company called Skinn, and the daisy gel is repackaged as 'orchid gel'. It will ball up if you don't use a makeup sponge--in fact, he always uses one in demos. I find that it mattifys beautifully, but the effects only last an hour or two, then you are more oily than when you started. Try it over makeup, applied on nose and cheeks and forehead only.

Treatments (Face) -Parthena -Adult Oil Control Gel

on 10/17/2004 9:32:00 AM

Amazing!!!The only silicone FREE oil controller that truly works!! It kept my skin clear and matte, even in the super humid summer days, and does not leave any sticky, greasy or tacky feel on the skin.
One word of caution- it contains salicyclic acid, and, despite what Paula Begoun wrote, it DID exfoliate, almost too well. I had to cut back usage because it left my skin a little raw.

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Cleansers -Parthena -Resurfacing Enzyme Cleanser -AHA free

on 10/17/2004 9:25:00 AM

I was skeptical that it would resurface without AHA's ( and why did they add scrub beads if they enzymes work on their own) but it DID and left my skin silky soft. I love this cleanser- it lathers nicely and cleans with only a small amount of product.I even used it as a body wash.
My only concern is that over the last 2 years ownership of the company has changed and it seems Parthena (now Envidia) is dying a slow death. Some of their best products are being discontinued and there are no new products launched since. Anyone out there know anything?

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Fragrances -Parthena -Parthena EDP

Lovely & original. Very long lasting as well. Very distinct & smokey & incensey. Not one that I consider me, but it is very nice indeed. Similar to Fendi's Theorema, which I didn't care for.

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