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Fragrances -Parlux -Jessica Simpson - Fancy

on 11/9/2018 6:46:00 PM


I'm pretty sure I got the newer, reformulated version unfortunately.
This perfume smells a lot like Katy Perry's Purr perfume which I absolutely hate and ended up donating to Project Beauty Share.
I have smelled Fancy before but in the body spray version, not the perfume version but it smelled so good which is why I took a gamble and ordered Fancy, hoping it would be the beautiful scent I smelled in the body spray version. It was a gourmand lovers dream: Caramel, marshmallow, a slight sweet brown sugar note was detected, caramel, slight warm musk (white musk?) scent. Perfect for fall and winter.
But this newer version is not good imo. It has a floral note that I can't stand that is a migraine trigger unfortunately which is why Katy Perry Purr didn't work out for me (and the scent on Purr was awful, on me it was all a suffocating, noxious seriously heavy floral scent with no gourmand, warm scent at all like what was listed in the description).
The bottle is nonetheless very beautiful, looks very high end like something you'd buy from a Macys fragrance counter. The bottle would be a beautiful addition to your makeup table, if only for decoration purposes. The weight of the bottle is very heavy. Not cheaply made at all.
I will keep this perfume, hoping maybe it will work for me and give it a second chance.
If you are looking for a very warm, gourmand scent, try Queen Latifah's Queen perfume. I hated Queen at first cause the first few sprays were awful but then I got the most amazing gourmand scent from it: Caramel, marshmallow, musky vanilla with a slight warm boozy note to it (think Vanilla Bean Noel from BBW, that has a boozy note to it imo). I love Queen so much that I even have a back up bottle.
I'll come back to update this review for sure if it does/doesn't work out for me, hopefully it does.

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Hair Styling Tools -Parlux -385 Light hairdryer

on 5/17/2017 5:59:00 PM


All hairdressers use this and now that I have one I understand why. They're powerful and are great a creating sleek bouncy hairstyles.

Fragrances -Parlux -Chaleur D' Animale -Womens

on 5/22/2015 2:56:00 PM

This is my most favorite scent of perfume. At first it is a little heavy but lightens to a fresh/ floral like scent. It last on me for hours, up to 12 for sure. The packaging is super cute with the broken chain and it is not too expensive. Unfortunately this perfume has be discontinued and I am no longer able to find it for an inexpensive price. I would recommend getting this if you like fresh/green floral scents.

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Fragrances -Parlux -Animale


Brash, hard, tough, take no prisoners. This is a vulgar fragrance. And I mean that in a good way. As in Dominatrix take no prisoners. Well, Doms take prisoners, only they call them slaves. And that's what others will be if you use this fragrance correctly.
Mosses, patchouli and civet assault you. Spices and woods closely weave in and out. The recipient has no idea what is enveloping them. Animale reaches into primal tendencies and pulls them out. Muskiness is only a backdrop to the other heavy notes. This is a cocky attitude chypre of magnitude. You know what you want and who you are when you wear it. You walk with strength and others follow. Your mantra? Did I say I care? Because this perfume takes captives whether that's your intention or not. It opens eyes and minds to your bidding.

Michael Hutchence of INXS sings
"Here comes the woman, with the look in her eye
Raised on leather, with flesh on her mind
Words as weapons, sharper than knives
Makes you wonder, how the other half die? Other half die

The devil inside, the devil inside
Every single one of us the devil inside
The devil inside, the devil inside
Every single one of us the devil inside"
-Devil Inside Lyrics, INXS.

And that pretty much explains Animale. A strong-willed perfume. Be very careful in application and where you wear it. This frag lasts until you take it off. A reminder for those who wear it-don't forget your crop and handcuffs.
Top Notes: Coriander, Green Notes, Hiacynth, Neroli, Bergamot, Brazilian Rosewood.
Middle Notes: Honey, Carnation,Orris Root, Jasmine, Ylang-Ylang,Lily-Of-The-Valley, Rose.
Base Notes: Patchouli, Musk, Coconut, Civet, Oakmoss, Vetiver.
This review is for Animale by the Animale Group with the teal top with pink/green highlights.

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Gels/Soaps -Parlux -Jessica Simpson Fancy Body Lotion

on 5/6/2010 8:55:00 AM

I found this lotion to be just ok. It's not particularly moisturizing, as most lotions that accompany fragrances tend not to be. The only reason I didn't love it, is because the scent wasn't true to the perfume. They didn't match perfectly and I'm a stickler for that. I got it in the Fancy gift set. I wouldn't have gotten this on it's own. I will use what I have, but just use a straight vanilla scented lotion when I want to layer. I did however, think the shower gel that came with it was excellent.

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