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Recent Pantene Reviews

Conditioner -Pantene -Ultimate 10 Conditioner

on 2/13/2018 3:32:00 PM


I didn't find this to be smoothing at all. In fact, I ran out of it a bit earlier than the shampoo, so one day I tried a different conditioner (a Garnier), and my hair looked much less frizzy. Would not use again.

Shampoo -Pantene -Smooth and Sleek shampoo

on 1/26/2018 11:43:00 AM


For me this is a great shampoo. I did not need conditioner. I think the secret is following directions and shampooing twice. My hair is short and very fine and a bit thin. If you really scrub your scalp you will not have any trouble. Instead of shampooing twice I just let it sit on my hair for about three minutes and then rinse in fairly hot water. I have had trouble with other shampoos with silicone build up but not with this one when used in this manner. I think it is a super shampoo at least for someone with short fine and mildly thin hair. I do use a lot that makes a difference too. But, for the price I feel it is really worth it. Will keep using this until they decide to change the formula like companies often do and then it is off again for another hunt.
Love the fragrance and the convenient pump.

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Hair Treatments -Pantene -Ultimate 10 BB Creme


Pretty sure this does nothing..i've used it before blow drying, after blow drying and both....nothing

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Shampoo -Pantene -Repair & Protect

on 1/14/2018 5:41:00 PM


I'm super puzzled by the bad reviews but I suppose it may just depend on the type of hair you have - I recently figured out that my hair can't handle protein - I have been using expensive salon brand products and my hair has been horribly breaking every time I style it to the point that it's starting to get thin - so I got to thinking about how when I was not as well off as I am now I actually had really beautiful long healthy hair and I thought to myself 'well what the heck was I using?' Pantene had always worked when I was a poor college kid and it was super affordable - recently went back to using this particular one and the breakage is so minimal now it has virtually stopped - perhaps some people need keratin but my hair absolutely hates it and I have a massive box of protein crap to give away / I literally have a 100$ bottle of Coppola straight up keratin and couldn't figure out why my hair felt so terrible after using it

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Shampoo -Pantene -Color Preserve Volume

on 1/14/2018 5:06:00 PM


I bought this shampoo to get me buy until I received my regular Biotera Color Safe shampoo in the mail, my aunt who is a hair stylist has used Pantene to switch it up for years. This shampoo lathered nicely and didn't tangle after washing, which made me think this would be a good buy for me. However, my already fine hair seemed noticeable more fine after one use: very contradicting to what this shampoo initially promises. This shampoo was not for me, but perhaps someone with thicker hair would have more luck?.. Definitely my last gamble with over the counter hair products.

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