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Recent Palmer's Reviews

Skincare - Body -Palmer's -Cocoa Butter Formula with Vitamin E Moisturizing Lotion

on 12/4/2018 10:37:00 PM


I love this stuff! Not only is it great for chapped lips or other dry spots, but it makes an excellent face moisturizer too. I have very, very acne-prone skin, and I have never once broken out from it. Granted, it can take awhile to absorb, but my face has been looking worlds better since I started using it. And it’s so affordable and wonderful-smelling too!

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Skincare - Body -Palmer's -Skin Therapy Oil


I love this body oil! The only reason I didn’t give it 5/5 is because of the scent, I can’t stand the way it smells but I let it go because the oil itself performs so well. I use this all over after my shower, before I have toweled off. I then pat dry so as not to remove all the oil I’ve just applied. My skin DRINKS this stuff up, it is so smooth and shines from within afterwards. I will continue to use this over my Jergen’s wet shower moisturizer (which used to be my holy grail!) This. Stuff. Works!

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Cleansers -Palmer's -Skin Success Anti-Acne Medicated Complexion Bar


Palmer's first product in their Anti-Dark Spot collection is their Skin Success Anti Dark Spot Complexion Bar. A very nice thoroughly cleansing but not drying facial cleansing bar, I also use this for my body.

It's so rare to come across a multi-pupose body and face soap these days that isn't drying. This soap brightens the complexion and evens the skin tone with a generous helping of lightening ingredients.

This would be fine for those with normal to combination oily skins, those with dry skin beware this could be a tad drying for you after all it is a "soap".

It contains Vitamin C, Soy and Licorice among other skin lightening ingredients.

The soap is pure white and is engraved with the PALMERS SKIN SUCCESS LOGO. It produced beautiful creamy amount of foam in water and is a fantastic budget all over body and facial cleanser and at a fantastic price range. Highly recommended. Thank you Palmer's!

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Lotions/ Creams -Palmer's -Olive Oil Body Lotion

on 11/10/2018 3:51:00 AM


Decided to give Palmer's Olive oil body lotion a try, as I was looking out for a 'cleaner' lotion that smells fresh.
It is my first time using Palmer's olive oil body lotion, and I think it is a reformulation of the discontinued Olive Butter Formula. This one comes in a white bottle with a light green sticker in the front and back.

** Palmer's Olive oil body lotion is marketed as containing
- No parabens
- No phthalates
- No mineral oil
- No gluten
- No sulfates
- No dyes

** Palmer's Olive oil lotion vs. Palmer's Cocoa butter firming lotion
I've tried the cocoa butter firming lotion years ago and didn't like the sweet smell of that lotion.
This one, the olive oil body lotion smells citrusy, and fades eventually to the typical olive scent.
It is not heavily scented (as compared to the cocoa butter lotion) and easy to wear out.
If I remember correctly, the firming lotion has similar claims as omitting the nasties (such as parabens, sulfates, etc.)

** Palmer's Olive oil lotion vs. Watsons Naturals Olive body lotion
Sometime ago, I fell in love with the housebrand natural range Olive body lotion from a drugstore - Watsons. That one uses organic olive oil and olive fruit extracts from Italy. It claims to be free from parabens, mineral oil, silocones, colourants, isothiazolinone (MIT, CMIT, BIT).
I like the scent of Watsons Naturals a lot more. It is 'fresher' compared to Palmers'.

For me, the Watsons' housebrand Natural range olive oil lotion is perfect for the higher humidity months, but I think Palmer's olive oil lotion will do better in the other months in the year. Palmer's is marketed as providing 24-hour moisture, but not the other brand. Palmer's also claims to be formulated with an anti aging peptide complex. Both lotions absorb quickly and do not leave any sticky feeling.

** My final thoughts.
I love both Palmer's Olive oil lotion and Watsons Naturals Olive lotion equally.
They are great in their own ways. I'll repurchase both.
Palmer's being a tad heavier in texture will be used at night, while Watsons Naturals will be used in the day. The scents are also well-matched to their time of use - with the 'fresher' Watsons Naturals used in the day.

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Lip Treatments -Palmer's -Cocoa Butter Formula Moisturizing Lip Balm w/Vitamin E & Spf 15

on 11/2/2018 4:04:00 AM


This is the first time a lip balm actually caused my lips to sting and burn.

Totally love their body lotions and so decided to give the lip balm a try.
There is something in the lip balm that is causing the adverse reaction.

Tried over days to make this work, but it still burns my lips.

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