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Cleansers -Pacifica -Cactus Water Makeup Removing Wipes

on 1/10/2018 9:08:00 PM


I use the cactus kale face lotion as well as the quino wash and like them so I decided to try these while they were on sale. OMG, no. These burn so badly! After I use these I have to put water on my face then a lot of lotion just to get it to calm down. I think these are what's been causing my eyes to swell too. Burt's bees sensitive wipes burn my face too.

Fragrances -Pacifica -Indian Coconut Nectar - spray perfume

on 1/1/2018 5:29:00 PM

I really love the floral offerings in this line, especially Tahitian Gardenia and French Lilac. Very naturalistic and fresh. However, the Indian Coconut Nectar just smells like artificial coconut soda. It’s very flat and linear. Not terrible, could even be called “yummy,” but overall the scent seems better suited to a Victoria’s Secret or BBW seasonal riff on coconut body spray. For a Pacifica product, I had expected something less sugary and more “real.” Don’t expect a blockbuster, that’s for sure.

Lip Treatments -Pacifica -Color Quench Lip Tint

on 12/29/2017 9:05:00 PM


I got the shade “Coconut Nectar” that came with a sample pack of the Indian Coconut Nectar body butter. It’s a nice formula, but the shade is terrible. It’s a VERY pale frosty beige and I can’t imagine it looking good on most people. I suppose if you have very red lips and a reddish complexion and you want to tone down your lips— fine. But most of us want more color on our lips, not less. This shade reminds me of super-pale and frosty shades of the 1960s. Gross.

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Fragrances -Pacifica -Tuscan Blood Orange

on 12/29/2017 2:37:00 PM


I received this as a Christmas gift, and I absolutely love it! The smell is sweet and warmly citrusy rather than crisp and sharp like most perfumes with main notes of citrus. There is definitely a light floral note to this fragrance as well. The lasting power on me is not like that of Chanel or other strong perfumes. Still, I love it and am glad that it is not overly cloying. A definite hit with me and I highly recommend it!



Very unhappy with this mascara. The formula is very thin, does not hold a curl (I have very straight lashes otherwise), and makes my lashes look spiky. The wand was very rough against my eyelid as I was applying the mascara, so much so that it actually hurt. The unusual wand also got mascara all over my lid--it almost looked as if I had applied smudgy pencil eyeliner beforehand. I am taking this back to Target ASAP. I tried the Pacifica Stellar Gaze mascara (not water resistant) at Whole Foods the other day, and that one performed much better.

UPDATE: I decided to try this mascara with a lash primer (Jane Iredale), and it made my lashes look really good, comparable to what I get from MAC's False Eyelashes Mascara. Maybe the formula is so thin that it requires a primer to "bulk up" the lashes. I still think that the wand causes messy application (I still get quite a bit of product on my eyelid), but I am much happier overall and have decided to keep it.

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