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Shampoo -Pacifica -Salty Waves Texturizing Shampoo

on 12/13/2018 11:45:00 AM


This is really an amazing shampoo and I have to say I’m hooked. This is my first time to try Pacifica Brand and I’m glad and satisfied. I tried many high end brands and this one is on the top of my list. I have dry thick wavy hair. My scalp is sensitive and oily and my ends are very dry so this is really challenging. Every shampoo I tried either caused my scalp to be oilier or became more itching. Some really dried out my ends and caused more damage than I already suffered. Now this shampoo is gentle yet effective and I can use everyday with no worries whatsoever. the shampoo smells sweet like bananas but it isn’t over whelming. It is a little bit runny but it does clean my hair thoroughly. Another thing it doesn’t strip my hair moisture. To conclude it leaves my hair clean, soft, manageable and smelling amazing. And remember this is a silicon, sulfate, and nasty ingredients free so there you go.

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Lip Gloss -Pacifica -Sun + Lipcare SPF 30

It's hard to find a lip balm with a mineral based sunscreen so I thought I discovered gold when I found this product. Well I was wrong. At first I thought they were just going to be a little dry and patchy because I think mineral based sunscreens can be just that. I bought shade nude and well, it was a little dry and patchy, I had to drag it across my lips for any to apply and it enhanced the dryness of my lips - no hydrating going on here. So I'm an idiot and thought the other shade peach would be different and nope - dry and patchy and I have to really drag it across my lips and it looks terrible. Put them in with the rest of my makeup stuff and forgot about them.
Today I cleaned out a few items that I haven't used in a while and tried these again and they were completely dried out. It was like trying to drag a piece of chalk across my lips. So I am beginning to think the formula itself was just terrible to begin with.

Polishes -Pacifica -7 Free Nail Color

on 11/26/2018 8:32:00 PM


I have this in Magic Ponch Shell. The square bottle is cute, I do like the packaging. The color in the bottle looks like a bright peach with gold shimmer. It applies more like a neutral peach, no where near as bright as in the bottle, and the shimmer is barely noticeable on the nails. The first coat is streaky, 2nd coat makes it look better, 3 is best, but I don’t think it looks totally opaque and smooth. This also takes forever to dry, I was surprised based on previous reviews saying it dried quickly. These cost $9 at Ulta, but they have some good deals going on now, so this ended up costing me $5. Not sure if I’d try another color, I’m not super crazy about this one.

Edit 11/30- upping my rating from a 3 to 4. I did like the finish of the nail polish with Seche Vite top coat, and the lasting power wasn’t bad. Ulta had a sale, so I ended up also getting Pretty & Pink (a light pink cream) and Pale Blue Eyes (a periwinkle light blue cream). I do like these 2 colors, the finish is more even and opaque, and I only need 2 coats with these.

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Cleansers -Pacifica -Cactus Water Makeup Removing Wipes

on 11/18/2018 12:05:00 PM


Woke up the day after using with swollen and itchy eyes. The swelling and itching continued all day. I kept using them not realizing what the itching was from. I stopped using them and magically my eyes have calmed right down. This has never happened to me before!

Cleansers -Pacifica -Cactus Water

on 11/7/2018 2:58:00 AM


It's too bad that some people had such an adverse reaction to this product!
Personally it's one of those things I feel you can't go wrong using, since the ingredients are so clean and organic. On top of that it took off waterproof liquid eyeliner and all of my makeup with zero issues.

*For the record I layer eye makeup, first with Chanel calligraphy waterproof gel, and then a YSL Couture liner on top so I wear BUDGE PROOF eye makeup.*

as for the stinging the other users are reporting I think it's because they're putting too much of this into their eyes, soaking a Q-tip and swabbing makeup off your eyes shouldn't sting at all.
Personally had zero breakouts or irritation either.

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