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Lipstick -Oriflame -Lip Sensation Mousse Matte

on 1/10/2018 3:18:00 AM

Recently I've been using this lipstick.I have all the colours,of course,but ,untill now I used only Toffee Cream(don't like the colour at all;it's nude,but-bleah) and Coral Dream.All the colors are pigmented,except Toffee Cream.
The lipstick comes in a tube because it's a mousse,matte.I thought that being a mousse will not dry up the lips,but it does.Shame!
Pros:-vibrant colours
-mousse lipstick
Cons:-dries up the lips
-the applicator is rectangular and you don't have precision when applying it.I didn't tried to apply it with a lipbrush.I don't see the point.
I recommend using this lipstick alternating with a moisturizing lipstick.

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Fragrances -Oriflame -Giordani Gold

on 11/28/2017 9:36:00 AM


Oriflame giordani gold perfume was one of the oldest oriflame fragrances.a classic.it was launched in 1970s and was very popular but it was discontinued couple of years ago and is replaced by new offerings:
giordani gold essenza and giordani gold original are two of giordani gold line's recent lauches(2015 or 2016,I can't remember the exact date)which are known as first giordani gold's daughters.so after discontinuing first GG they've reformulated and repackaged and renamed it to GG original which is also very similar to GG essenza
I own GG essenza and I've ordered GG original but haven't received that one yet so for now,I can just talk about GG essenza
Giordani Gold essenza eau de parfum:
This is one of the best oriflame perfumes out there and it's more pricey comparing to most oriflame offerings.it's about 40$ in sale while most of oriflame perfumes are in 10-25$ range in sale.so it's not as cheap as we expect from oriflame but it worths every penny IMO.it can easily compete more expensive high end fragrances
About it's packaging,it has a tiny golden box,very simple but also classy.it's bottle is the reason I bought it in the first place.not a big bottle,still very elegant.it looks expensive and classic
It's scent is not everyone's cup of tea.most people I know love it or hate it.fortunately I'm among the lovers.it's not a safe blindbuy unless you like white florals and citruses
Orange blossom plays the main role here.a very natural and strong orange blossom and it lasts all through GG essenza's long life.
When first sprayed I can smell a lot of orangey citruses and some florals.it's bright and sharp in this phase but after settling down,white florals grow stronger and sit in the front seat.orange flower,lily and jasmine followed by a light touch of citruses. It becomes warmer,a bit creamy and woody as it dries down.patchouli,oak moss and some woody notes give it a bitterish undertone which makes the white floral symphony more adult and more serious.
GG essenza is feminine,sophisticated and chic.it's wearable year round,both days and evenings.longevity is +6 hours on my dry skin.it's not a sillage monster like first GG was but it's not weak.sillage is more than moderate.people around will definitely notice you.if you're sensitive to loud perfumes don't blindbuy it because it can trigger migrene
All in all I don't love it(gourmands,vanilla perfumes are my true loves).but I like it alot and enjoy it from time to time
I usually don't repurchase any perfume unless I love it head to toe but when I go through my 1.7oz bottle of GG essenza,I may crave it after a while and need it again in my collection
If you'd like to try a high quality,natural orange flower scent followed by some citrus brightness and woody bitterness give it a try

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Fragrances -Oriflame -Volare EdP

on 11/25/2017 9:49:00 PM


There are a lot of oriflame perfumes that I love;what made me intrested in this brand in the first place was it's perfumes.it has a lot of very good ones for redicules prices and they usually come in cute bottles
First I purchased Volare gold,which I LOVE,next was Volare forever which I like.so I couldn't resist volare edp when I saw it in catalog in a great sale,it came with it's roll-on deodorant in a set for just 17$ .I saw a lot of people complaining about oriflame fragrances longevity but I knew that it's EDPs have a different story and this one was an edp so I didn't hesitate to order it
The only thing I really like about this perfume is it's appearance.these rose-shaped bottles are to die for!they can make cheap but memorable romantic gifts.I can't compare it's scent with lancome tresor as I had never tried that one but this is not an old or classic scent in my book.it has some sort of maturity but it's also very modern.I can also detect a sweet peachy rose in it but there's more going on here.volare gold is all about sweet peach and rose and I love that one but here,there's something artifical,something plasticy.I suspect that violet leaf and leather ruin it for me.it has a clean vibe but not a soapy or fresh out if shower way.it smells like a fancy hair spray to my nose and I don't like that.it also smells like doll hair.I can't say I hate how it smells on me because I don't but I don't like it either.it's a pity because it lasts +6 hours on my skin and people around me notice it.some of them even find it intresting.a friend told me that I smell like an expensive shampoo.I asked is it good or bad?! And he said it's addictive and feminine and sweet without being foody.then he ordered a set to gift his girlfriend.but this complement didn't make me like it better.it still smells like plastic peach,plastic rose and hairspray on my skin
If one likes it,volare edp can make a versatile fragrance.it's wearable year round,specially in mild weather,good for day wear and office as well as dates and nights out
I'm definitely not going to rebuy it.I even don't think that I would use my 50mil bottle but I'm not going to give it away either.it looks so beautiful besides it's other volare sisters on my vanity

Treatments (Eye) -Oriflame -Seeing is Believing Multi benefits Eye Cream

on 11/25/2017 9:03:00 PM


Recently they've changed it's packaging(I uploaded a photo of it's new version)and they've claimed that they've also improved it's formula;I've never used old formula so I can't know that.my review is based on newer formula which has these ingredients based on catalog:caffeine,roseroot extract and hops extract.it claims to hydrate,soothe and brighten skin around eyes and reduce puffiness.they mentioned that it's suitable for all age groups and all skin types
But I believes it's good for younger ages,for whoever doesn't have fine lines because it doesn't claim to have anti-aging or lifting ingredients.I believe it's better for prevention than cure about fine lines.
I also believe it's good for all skin types except very dry skin.I have a very dry skin but my under eye skin is almost normal.I am pleased with it's hydrating effect.it doesn't feel heavy and doesn't clog my under-eye pores.I don't have sensitive eyes but my hubby has very sensitive eyes.he also uses it and it doesn't cause any irritations which frequently happens for him with a lot of eye products.it also reduces puffyness of his under eye
About it's brightening effect,well,I haven't seen any signs of it.my dark cycle is unchanged but I have used various eye care products and none of them had slightest effect on my dark cycle.maybe next time I have to use oriflame's even out eye cream which is specifically known for it's brightening effects
All in all I recommend it to below 30s who don't have fine lines or superdry under eye and want something to moisturize and hydrate their eye round skin and prevent lines by hydrating and anti oxident ingredients.it's also good as a base for eye concealer and foundation
I'm not going to buy it again because I don't like products that come in jar,I specially dislike eye creams that come in jar and find them hard to use but my husband probably will order it again.there are not many eye creams he can use without suffering itchy under eye.it also doesn't make his eye round skin greasy which he hates
I give it a ⭐⭐⭐ because it's okay and it's not expensive,one can order it in sale for less than 10$ and it's usually on sale

Lip Treatments -Oriflame -Tender Care -protecting balm

on 5/3/2017 11:40:00 AM


The Oriflame Tender care balm is one of the most moisturizing products I have ever used, too bad it comes in a tiny 15ml container. It really softens and smoothens rough patches of skin as advertised, I really wish it was cheaper though. I will gladly repurchase this product.

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