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Recent Oriflame Reviews

Fragrances -Oriflame -Sublime Nature Tuberose

on 9/26/2018 1:32:00 AM


I was having great expectations from this perfume because tuberose is one of my favourite flower.Some were accomplished,some were not.
The packaging is simple.Just a touch of elegance given by the golden cap.
The perfume is expensive even when it's on sale.
As I already said,I love tuberose,but this is too much.Too sweet.
Lasts 4 hours.All day wear,more for evening.

Eyeliner -Oriflame -Giordani Gold Calligraphy Eye Liner

on 9/15/2018 11:07:00 AM


I've started using Oriflame products because they are cruelty free and I've stopped using anything that is tested on animals. Plus my very first mascara was Oriflame (some 25 years ago!) so it felt nicely sentimental to go back to them.
Anyways, I was looking for a blue eyeliner pen and their range 'Giordani' is their higher end and it seemed to tick all the boxes. I had high hopes. It has a slanted tip so the idea is you should be able to make either thin or thick lines.
Unfortunately the tip is so sharp it virtually makes it impossible to apply, whether with the thinnest tip or the thickest. Very scratchy if not downright painful.
If the tip were softer, it wouldn't be an issue as I had eyeliner pens from other brands and there were never any issues. The color is a nice deep blue but that's no use as I can't apply it. I have no intentions of using something that is so unpleasant to apply.
Sort it out Oriflame, this is meant to be your high end range.
I am not impressed.

Concealers -Oriflame -Pure nature- purifying corrective stick


This is cheap
With a cute package
You have to try it
It does wonders, it covers well and make blemishes much smaller and reduces redness
And its super cheap

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Eye Shadow -Oriflame -Color Box Mono Eyeshadows

on 2/21/2018 1:53:00 AM


These eyeshadows are the older Pure Colour,but with a new package and a slight change of the shades.Some are darker,some are the same.
As you may figured it out I like to have all the shades of the collection(lipstick,gloss or eyeshadow).Now I have the last 3:Soft Lilac,Dark Olive,Intense Blue.The names are exactly how the shade will look on the eyelids.The eyeshadows are pigmented.
It seems they made the package smaller
Even if they are the cheapest eyeshadows from Oriflame,are,in fact,the best.They last 2-3 hours with a primer.
Not worth the money..

Lip Treatments -Oriflame -Tender Care -protecting balm

on 2/3/2018 1:47:00 AM


I don't like using products with paraffin and I don't like tender care's thick,greasy and Vaseline-like texture;still I believe it's good to have at least one of it in every home
It comes in a tiny 15mil ege shaped container and it's price differs from 3.5$ to 5 $ in different catalogs.it's container comes in different colors.they're all the same just smell different.pale pink is the scent-less one.I've also used the yellow one with honey scent.dark blue one with bilberry scent.red one(cranberry),orange one(cinnamon)..all the mentioned ones smell amazing and delicious but if fragrance in skincare products hurts you go for the pale pink one
I mostly use tender care as a lip balm in winter and it works wonders for my dry,cracked lips.when first applied,it feels very heavy but actually it absorbs faster than what I expected.I also mix small amount of it with my foot cream for cracked parts of my heels.I have suggested it to all my friends and relatives who suffered from eczema.couple of them had used countless products but had never seen any improvement.but this tiny tendercare was a lifesaver for them.among all the cases with eczema all of them loved tender care.
It's useful in several other cases.when I newly pierced my ear,I used tender care and I didn't face much inflammation and pain compared to my other piercings.when I did a new tattoo,I used it three times a day to moisturize it for the first week.my wounds healed more quickly and didn't itch as much as my previous tattoo s.I haven't used it on burnt skin but my friend claims that after she burnt her hand with boiled water she used this and it was soothing and removed her scar.my sister uses tiniest amount of it on damaged,split ends of her hairs and she loves it..she also spreads it on her palms and moves her hands inside her hairs before dying or bleaching her hairs and believes that it protects her hair from hair color and bleaching powder damages.she also uses it as a cuticle cream to moisturize skin around her nails
As mentioned before I don't like to use it on my face but I know a friend who has very dry skin and makes face masks with this product,bee wax,yougurt and some other natural ingredients and adores it.she also uses as a hair growth treatment for eyeshadows and believes that it has made her eyebrows fuller
I'm not sure about numerous claims people have about this product( I've even heard that it can be used on hemorrhoids!) .what I'm sure about is that it's really soothing for dryness and it's good to have one around
What I hate about it is that I don't like products that come in jar or pot or whatever that makes me use my fingers to take out the product.I apply it with a lip brush and whenever I want to use it for my body,I use bottom of my brush to take it out from it's pot.I know it's not hygienic but I hate this thick,greasy texture under my long nails

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