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Concealers -Oriflame -Pure nature- purifying corrective stick


This is cheap
With a cute package
You have to try it
It does wonders, it covers well and make blemishes much smaller and reduces redness
And its super cheap

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Eye Shadow -Oriflame -Color Box Mono Eyeshadows

on 2/21/2018 1:53:00 AM


These eyeshadows are the older Pure Colour,but with a new package and a slight change of the shades.Some are darker,some are the same.
As you may figured it out I like to have all the shades of the collection(lipstick,gloss or eyeshadow).Now I have the last 3:Soft Lilac,Dark Olive,Intense Blue.The names are exactly how the shade will look on the eyelids.The eyeshadows are pigmented.
It seems they made the package smaller
Even if they are the cheapest eyeshadows from Oriflame,are,in fact,the best.They last 2-3 hours with a primer.
Not worth the money..

Lip Treatments -Oriflame -Tender Care -protecting balm

on 2/3/2018 1:47:00 AM


I don't like using products with paraffin and I don't like tender care's thick,greasy and Vaseline-like texture;still I believe it's good to have at least one of it in every home
It comes in a tiny 15mil ege shaped container and it's price differs from 3.5$ to 5 $ in different catalogs.it's container comes in different colors.they're all the same just smell different.pale pink is the scent-less one.I've also used the yellow one with honey scent.dark blue one with bilberry scent.red one(cranberry),orange one(cinnamon)..all the mentioned ones smell amazing and delicious but if fragrance in skincare products hurts you go for the pale pink one
I mostly use tender care as a lip balm in winter and it works wonders for my dry,cracked lips.when first applied,it feels very heavy but actually it absorbs faster than what I expected.I also mix small amount of it with my foot cream for cracked parts of my heels.I have suggested it to all my friends and relatives who suffered from eczema.couple of them had used countless products but had never seen any improvement.but this tiny tendercare was a lifesaver for them.among all the cases with eczema all of them loved tender care.
It's useful in several other cases.when I newly pierced my ear,I used tender care and I didn't face much inflammation and pain compared to my other piercings.when I did a new tattoo,I used it three times a day to moisturize it for the first week.my wounds healed more quickly and didn't itch as much as my previous tattoo s.I haven't used it on burnt skin but my friend claims that after she burnt her hand with boiled water she used this and it was soothing and removed her scar.my sister uses tiniest amount of it on damaged,split ends of her hairs and she loves it..she also spreads it on her palms and moves her hands inside her hairs before dying or bleaching her hairs and believes that it protects her hair from hair color and bleaching powder damages.she also uses it as a cuticle cream to moisturize skin around her nails
As mentioned before I don't like to use it on my face but I know a friend who has very dry skin and makes face masks with this product,bee wax,yougurt and some other natural ingredients and adores it.she also uses as a hair growth treatment for eyeshadows and believes that it has made her eyebrows fuller
I'm not sure about numerous claims people have about this product( I've even heard that it can be used on hemorrhoids!) .what I'm sure about is that it's really soothing for dryness and it's good to have one around
What I hate about it is that I don't like products that come in jar or pot or whatever that makes me use my fingers to take out the product.I apply it with a lip brush and whenever I want to use it for my body,I use bottom of my brush to take it out from it's pot.I know it's not hygienic but I hate this thick,greasy texture under my long nails

Lipstick -Oriflame -Lip Sensation Mousse Matte

on 2/3/2018 1:07:00 AM


I have this in several shades
"toffee cream" a nude color,which I expected to like the most but actually I hate it.it's like bare lip color,a pale nude.I have light NW/NC 15,neutral toned skin and it doesn't look good on me
"rouge suede" a real red.it looks a bit darker and more interesting in catalog pics but on my lips it's exactly like "red velvet" in catalog pic.all in all I like it
"Soft mulberry" my favorite Color.a gorgeous plummy shade.actually one of rare plummy lipsticks I ever tried that doesn't look too much and I can easily use it for my daily makeup.it's not too dark,or brownish,or too violet
"Boysenberry" a very dark berry,plummy shade.I rarely use too dark lipsticks but sometimes that I want a dramatic look I go for it.it looks sexy
"Plush peach" not as orange as catalog pic.it's a light peachy-orange shade which I bought by mistake but now I use it more than my first thoughts
Oriflame lip sensation matte mousse isn't a liquid lipstick.it really has mouse-like texture.it's not sticky at all.I love to apply it on my lips.it spreads smoothly on lips and feels very velvety.doesn't need time to dry down.it's matte right after applying,but not too matte.well I mean it's not a dry matte.it doesn't make my lips feel dry but if you have dry,cracked lips it will look clumpy.
As other matte lipsticks You'd better use lip scrub before applying it.I make home made lip scrub with honey and sugar and apply it with a soft toothbrush.then I use a lip balm.if you have oriflame tendercare you can use it to soften and moisturize your lips and then apply this matte lip mousse.it make wonders
This lipstick's biggest CONS are about it's longevity and that it easily transfers.most other matte lipsticks stay still and fixed at least for couple of hours but not this one.in this case it acts like a balmy lipstick and it's easily removed by eating or drinking
Another thing I don't like about it is it's colors.it comes in 10 shades but there's just one nude among them.I don't like very colorful and flashy lipsticks.I wish they add couple of other nude shades,browns,mauves,salmon nudes,burgundy &...
I like it's packaging and I like that it's not tall and I can put it in my small makeup pouches
All in all It's far from an ideal lipstick,still I love it's velvety texture on lips and It's price is 4.5$ to 7.5$ in different catalogs so I probably will repurchase
By the way,make sure not to mistake it with other oriflame lip sensation products.
Other than "matte mousse" there's also "vinyl gel" and "whipped cream" in lip sensation line and they all have the same packagings.they're also lovely but not matte

Fragrances -Oriflame -Giordani Gold

on 11/28/2017 9:36:00 AM


Oriflame giordani gold perfume was one of the oldest oriflame fragrances.a classic.it was launched in 1970s and was very popular but it was discontinued couple of years ago and is replaced by new offerings:
giordani gold essenza and giordani gold original are two of giordani gold line's recent lauches(2015 or 2016,I can't remember the exact date)which are known as first giordani gold's daughters.so after discontinuing first GG they've reformulated and repackaged and renamed it to GG original which is also very similar to GG essenza
I own GG essenza and I've ordered GG original but haven't received that one yet so for now,I can just talk about GG essenza
Giordani Gold essenza eau de parfum:
This is one of the best oriflame perfumes out there and it's more pricey comparing to most oriflame offerings.it's about 40$ in sale while most of oriflame perfumes are in 10-25$ range in sale.so it's not as cheap as we expect from oriflame but it worths every penny IMO.it can easily compete more expensive high end fragrances
About it's packaging,it has a tiny golden box,very simple but also classy.it's bottle is the reason I bought it in the first place.not a big bottle,still very elegant.it looks expensive and classic
It's scent is not everyone's cup of tea.most people I know love it or hate it.fortunately I'm among the lovers.it's not a safe blindbuy unless you like white florals and citruses
Orange blossom plays the main role here.a very natural and strong orange blossom and it lasts all through GG essenza's long life.
When first sprayed I can smell a lot of orangey citruses and some florals.it's bright and sharp in this phase but after settling down,white florals grow stronger and sit in the front seat.orange flower,lily and jasmine followed by a light touch of citruses. It becomes warmer,a bit creamy and woody as it dries down.patchouli,oak moss and some woody notes give it a bitterish undertone which makes the white floral symphony more adult and more serious.
GG essenza is feminine,sophisticated and chic.it's wearable year round,both days and evenings.longevity is +6 hours on my dry skin.it's not a sillage monster like first GG was but it's not weak.sillage is more than moderate.people around will definitely notice you.if you're sensitive to loud perfumes don't blindbuy it because it can trigger migrene
All in all I don't love it(gourmands,vanilla perfumes are my true loves).but I like it alot and enjoy it from time to time
I usually don't repurchase any perfume unless I love it head to toe but when I go through my 1.7oz bottle of GG essenza,I may crave it after a while and need it again in my collection
If you'd like to try a high quality,natural orange flower scent followed by some citrus brightness and woody bitterness give it a try

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