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Hair -One 'n Only -Jheri Redding Colorfix


EDIT: After four rounds of this product, my hair was orangey blonde in the root area and light brown mid-ends, each time my hair turned a bright blonde (lvl 9-10) but the moment I started to wash the product after processing it would go back to a darker shade, all in all the product works, but didn't work for ME, at a whooping $21 CAD per box it just wasn't worth it, I will however say that a week after the four rounds I used a high lift dye and my hair is almost platinum blonde at the moment, and I'm sure the remover helped by stripping old dye!

I'm gonna start by saying that I'm "one of those people" that never learns their lesson, pretty much every year or every two years I go through the same cycle of wanting to go from blonde to brown because I have this picture in my head of beautiful warm brown hair, so I promptly ignore everybody telling me brown, red or whatever other colour doesn't suit me (what do they know anyways?!!!) then once I do dye my hair brown I realize the person in the picture in my head obviously wasn't me because I always regret it and want to go back blonde.

So I did it again, this time I used L'Oreal's Power Copper because I wanted to rock red hair, after a few washes it faded back to bleach blonde (note my hair didn't hold color due to being overprocessed and damaged), then I tried another reddish color, which after washing a few times left me with the "natural redhead" and after more washes went strawberry blonde, naturally I got tired of the faded look so I went for dark blonde, which grabbed dark and turned light brown, which faded to light blonde again.

At this point I was quite upset that no matter what I did I ended up blonde so I bought Ion's Brilliant 12 in 5G (Brilliant 12 is known to run a lot darker than the swatches and I was aware of that). Props to Ion for having a dye that doesn't fade no matter how much you try, my hair was a dark dark brown, and at that point I realized I should never have done any of this foolishness, so I tried the Vitamin C wash twice to get rid of the dye but that didn't do a single thing, I proceeded to buy Color Oops, after processing it was bright blonde with no red in it, and a little bit of orange, so I was happy, surprisingly, AS I WASHED I could see the re-oxidization happening, this wasn't from not washing long enough, it got darker the moment I started to wash!

I waited a few days and bought two boxes of Colorfix, I got two uses from one box (this product is $21 in Canada so OUCH). Again after processing for 20 minutes, my hair was almost bleach blonde, and once again I was excited, until I started washing, then it got dark again, so I did a second round of Colorfix, washed again and watched my hair turning darker, but this time I'm left with orangey blonde, better than brown I suppose, I do not know if this is due to my hair being overprocessed or perhaps the extremely hard water where I live is affecting the outcome, so I will attempt this again using different water. This product does work, and the smell might be terrible, but it's not half as bad as other brands.

Hair Color -One 'n Only -Argan Oil Hair Color

on 9/25/2017 12:38:00 PM


This review is for the colour Perfect Intensity "Midnight Blue" only. If you're thinking blue and want this colour, ask yourself, do I want a colour blue that lasts, and lasts, and lasts? Do I want my towels, bathtub, white shirts, feet to be a Smurfy Blue for a month?
If the answer is yes, go ahead and buy this blue demon in a tube!
If you are doing a streak of it, it bleeds into nearby hair and stains it.
So, Jun 28 I decided I wanted blue. I used the same brand in "Perfect Purple" the month before and it largely faded to pink in a month. So I bleached most of it out and went Midnight Blue.
Wear gloves! Your nails, fingers, nail polish will stain blue for like 2 days.
Cover shoulders with towel you don't like and begin to apply colour as you would normally. I found it a little thick so I added a little warm water and applied the whole tube to my shoulder length bleached blonde hair.(the back is still a little brassy and not all the pink had come out)
Left on 45 minutes under a cap. Then the disaster began. I hopped in the shower to rinse. And rinse, and rinse. I washed it, conditioned it and rinsed again. Does the blue ever stop coming out? No, no it does not. When the water heater gave up the ghost and started turning cold, I gave up...1/2 an hour of rinsing...
I stepped out of tub and dripped blue all over the new bath mats...FYI dry off in shower and wrap hair in towel before leaving the tub. And the tub? If it was red instead of blue, it would look like a crime scene.
And I look in the mirror...horror of horrors, my face, body, even my feet have a blue tinge. I'm a SMurf!!!
Makeup remover and a LOT of cotton balls later I was less blue, lol. FYI, you may want to rinse hair in the sink for a few weeks because, yes, I turned blue tinged for about 2 weeks of showers after. So did the towels, tub, feet, hands, pillow case and white shirts. :O
Every time I washed my hair I ended up blue tinged.
Fast forward 1 month. It faded a little but nothing like previous products. It was still pretty darn blue.
Enter Manic Panic volume 30 bleach...45minutes's still freaking blue!
Fast forward another month...colour remover and developer volume 30 (bought at Sally's on their recommendation) I could only leave it in for about 15 minutes because my scalp was burning and itching...still blue. Grrr and my hair felt like straw.
I went back to Manic Panic September 24th, left on for an hour and STILL kinda blue. 3 bleaches and 3 months and it looks like I've been swimming in chlorine and has a greenish tinge to it. 1 more bleach next month and I think it'll be back to platinum blonde...maybe.
So, still thinking of Argan Oil Midnight Blue? Do so at your own risk. :D

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Hair Color -One 'n Only -Argan Oil Hair Color Demi-Permanent Glossing Cream

on 9/24/2017 3:17:00 AM


Purchased 4CH Medium Chocolate Brown Demi Permanent cream gloss. First time using this product. Gorgeous color (see my pic) and the best gray coverage I have had so far (the part of my hair shown in pic was covered with grays). Light, pleasant scent, thick cream, no dripping. Leaves my hair soft and shiny. I just used it today, I hope I continue to like the results. Surprisingly easy to rinse out. Does stain skin- forgot to take preventative measures!

Good to know: Used the same brand demi activating lotion, purchased separately. Probably best to mix in a bowl and use a brush applicator instead of squeeze bottle. The cream was a bit too thick for my bottle, especially when I was washing the bottle out. I wasted about an oz. of the mixture because I mixed too much for my hair (below shoulders but very thin hair). Mixed 1.5 oz of color (half the tube) with 3 oz of activator. Should be 1 part color 2 parts activator.

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Conditioner -One 'n Only -Argan Oil Restorative Mask

on 7/29/2017 7:22:00 AM


This is really good! Makes my fine, frizzy, hair soft without weighing it down. Got three uses out of a small pack. Smell is fine, I don't really notice it.

Hair Color -One 'n Only -Perfect Intensity Hair Color

on 6/1/2017 12:05:00 AM

My favorite brand & color pink in bubblegum pink πŸ˜πŸ˜˜πŸ’„πŸŒΈπŸ’•β€οΈ

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