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Recent Omorovicza Reviews

Concealers -Omorovicza -Omorovicza Mineral Touch

The Mineral Touch has a creamy texture and long-lasting coverage: this concealer brings the final touch to daily skincare and aims to treat the skin; vitamins C and E correct skin tone and boost collagen production.
Great, elegant silver packaging.
Does not crease, has great coverage but feels feather-light on the skin.
I got the Beige shade that matched my fir medium skin tone (NC15-20).
It is expensive, but if you can afford it, splurge as it is totally worth it.
Probably the best concealer I have ever bought.

Masks -Omorovicza -Deep Cleansing Mask

on 1/23/2018 11:00:00 PM


This is without doubt my HG product!

To provide some context; I am 30, and after suffering with adult acne for the last year or two I still occasionally have spots. I also have pretty uneven pigmentation from mild rosacea and environmental stress on my skin.

This mask solves all of the above... and move!!

Used as a mask it provides a deep cleanse without stripping my skin or causing a breakout the next day. It also manages to even out my pigmentation and over time addresses the small bumps from my rosacea. Honestly, I would be happy with his alone but it also leaves skin feeling plump and moisturized after use, something I have never experienced from a ‘deep cleanse’ mask before.

What really makes this my HG product though is it’s effect on spots or a breakout. If I notice I have one I put this on the area and leave it on overnight.
It doesn’t matter if the spot is just developing or full blown, by the time I wake in the morning it has greatly reduced the redness and completely eliminated any inflammation, all without drying out the area.
In fact at least 80% of the time it eliminates any trace of the spot overnight.

What I probably love most is that even when it’s left overnight it doesn’t dry out the area. This is so important to me as it means I can then easily cover anything that’s left with makeup without dry patches, or even worse flaking!, drawing unnecessary attention to the area. (Nothing worse than a treatment that dries the skin as well as blemishes!)

There’s no doubt that this is expensive and I do wish they would have pity on us all and reduce the price. But in my experience a little goes a long way and the payoff for your skin makes it more than worth it. It is an investment piece but I think it is worth it especially when you consider how much less effective mud masks that require far more product per use cost... or at least that’s how I justify it!

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Moisturizers -Omorovicza -Balancing Moisturizer

on 12/12/2017 12:21:00 AM


this a good light weight moisturiser that is very gentle on the face and neck. I am using it in the Aussie summer as i dont find it quite up to our cold weather. I wish it gave a little more moisturising benefits but it does seem to be good for oil control While i am a hugh fan of Queen of Hungry mist and carry a bottle everywear and i love the masks I find the serums and moisturisers are not as effective wellfor me anyway. I am going to try the Radiance Serum and Illuminating Moisturuser next and see if i am more impressed with their performance.
If you want a light easily absorbed smells good product then i would say please give it a go but i would not buy this again

Cleansers -Omorovicza -Thermal Cleansing Balm

on 11/18/2017 6:16:00 PM


A great product for those cleaning balm lovers whose skin is on the normal to dryer side, too bad the price is so absurd. I was pleasantly surprised by this. It is a black balm that goes on clear as you apply to your face and it melts your makeup off like that *snap*. I like that it doesn't leave you with that "tight" feeling. The best way to remove it is with a warm damp towel/cloth. Having used Clinique Take the Day Off balm (3.8 oz @ $29.50), I feel like the cult favorite Clinique's balm removes makeup better but doesn't leave you feeling quite as soft which I can deal with given the much better price point.

I got a deluxe size of this from Sephora and even though it's a good balm and a little goes a long way, I could never justify purchasing a full size of this at $110 for only 1.7 oz.

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Toners -Omorovicza -Queen of Hungary Mist

on 11/13/2017 4:58:00 PM


As a self-confessed facial mist junkie, I could no longer put purchasing this mist off. I’d read numerous rave reviews and a friend swore by another of the brand’s products. Sadly, it was all hype.

I’ve used every mist you can imagine, including Bellatorra, Natura Bissé, La Mer, Chantecaille, Amore Pacific, MDNA, et al. Who doesn’t love a good mist? This particular mist is shockingly disappointing given the price point, which is identical to that of Natura Bissé’s Diamond Mist, which is a current fave. Sure, it feels refreshing when being applied. But after application, nothing is left behind. In fact, my face almost feels drier after use.

Qualities I look for in a good mist include hydration, relaxation, and feeling refreshed. This mist provides maybe 10% of these things at best. Don’t waste your money. For the same price go for Natura Bissé

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