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Recent Ojon Reviews

Hair -Ojon -Revitalizing Mist

on 8/5/2017 10:39:00 AM


I just can't find it to buy it again. Does anyone know where to buy it ? I have to have it. LOVE IT.

Hair Treatments -Ojon -Restorative Hair Treatment [DISCONTINUED]

on 3/6/2017 4:17:00 PM


The real problem goes back to 2007 when Ojon was bought by Estee Lauder for 45 million bucks! That was the end of a truly great product with a cult following. What you 'think' is the original product now IS NOT and it gets complaints everywhere. Before 2007 I would have rated this way past 5 stars, but now I would rate it under 1 star. It was nice while it lasted. However, what really bugs me is why would they change the formula? It sold so well.

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Shampoo -Ojon -Damage Reverse Restorative Shampoo

on 12/7/2016 1:05:00 PM


Just got into this shampoo (and the conditioner) for my dry hair. Sad tho when I finally found something that my hair seems to like, that Ojon have ceased trading. No more Ojon products. I wrote to the manufacturers and it was confirmed that it was true. Darn!

Shampoo -Ojon -Volume AdvanceĆ¢ū€žĀ¢ Volumizing Shampoo

Pretty regular volumizing shampoo, which unfortunately does exactly what all the other volumizing shampoos do to my hair - make it look like straw so that it is less soft and gives an illusion of abundance when it is all but that. However it is quite a nice effect even without adding any extra product like spray or foam so I'm rather happy with it.

A miniature bottle lasted me for about 10 washes (I have short hair but I was it twice as I'm using quite a lot of the styling products and have an oily scalp), so quite good for a Ā£1 a wash. It comes in a convenient packaging with a press-open top and a thick consistency of the product minimises any potential spills. It has a pleasant herbal smell (menthe? rosemary?), nothing too offensive but I wish it was more pleasant, like in their DR range.

I'm enjoying their Damage Reverse shampoo at the moment (but I have a big bottle of it, not suitable for traveling with) and I might be interested in Ojon Damage Reverse Thickening Restorative Scalp Treatment or their light foam for thin hair. This shampoo might be nice to come back to from time to time so despite quite a high price point Ā£21 in Scotland, I'm considering buying a full size bottle.

Shampoo -Ojon -Damage ReverseĆ¢ū€žĀ¢ Thickening Shampoo

on 3/15/2016 11:21:00 AM

Lathers great, but left my hair dry and frizzy. My hair is stressed, fine, highlighted, aged, and thinning. Like the conditioner better. Overpriced for the quality.

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