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Sunscreen -Obagi -Sun Shield Matte Broad Spectrum SPF 50

on 6/7/2018 12:31:00 AM

The first week I used the Obagi Sun Shield Matte Broad Spectrum SPF 50 I absolutely loved it. You can't even tell that you have it one because it applies so easily and absorbs quickly. This works well under makeup and over my normal serum and moisturizers. This really doesn't have any scent or any white cast to it. I really loved the Obagi Sun Shield until after a couple of weeks I finally read the ingredient list. I was so sad to learn that they included the preservative Methylisothiazolinone in the formula.
Methylisothiazolinone (also called MIT for short) is a product that is not safe for use in cosmetics with the exception of products that are to be immediately rinsed off, like cleansers. And even in this instance the amount used must be very very low, I think I read it was 0.00015 parts per million. This is in products to be rinsed off, and most research states that is not recommended to be used in leave on skin care products in any amount. With MIT being such a skin sensitizer I am very glad I finally stopped to read the ingredient list before I continued using this, and I am also very glad that I didn't notice any irritations during my use of this product. Sadly I won't be finishing the bottle because otherwise this is a very elegant and unnoticeable sunscreen. My video review can be seen here:

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Cleansers -Obagi -Gentle Cleanser

on 4/29/2018 8:07:00 PM


It's a thick clear gel that doesn't lather, but it removes even a very hard to remove foundation from the first go.
Unfortunately, it also irritates my sensitive eyes.
I bought it to try out Obagi brand before committing to the whole system and I'm definitely going to look up other products from the brand.

Treatments (Face) -Obagi -Clear

on 3/16/2018 3:35:00 PM


In response to the review as well, Obaji Nuderm is an excellent system as is this product. It will give you super clear skin. It's designed to improve texture, age spots, promote clarity, appearance of pores etc. However, you should be in contact with a good derm or clinic who is working with you on this regime. You will absolutely undergo some serious peeling and irritation. Like major. I fortunately had a great skin care coach to help me through. Suggest you get some very basic healing creams for times when you just can't take it. Like La Roche or even the Obaji cream (can't remember name) but it's part of the system and its just thick and basic. Good luck!

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Lip Treatments -Obagi -Zo Skin Health - Liprebuild

on 3/16/2018 12:47:00 PM


I used to be a lip balm junkie. Nothing ever seemed to work on my lips. I would exfoliate them and lather on various types of lip butters, balms, and moisturizers to no avail. I tried lip masks, sugar scrubs, and everything in between - even Bite Beauty's raved about Agave Lip Mask which contains Cera Alba; I am allergic to Beeswax/Cera Alba which is in most lip balms. My lips would become inflamed, itchy and have small bumps all over them with a gritty texture which was very unsightly as I have had lip fillers for 3 years now and invest in my lips. After my most recent visit to my medi-spa my nurse recommended this product. I am already a huge fan of Dr. Obagi's skincare, so I could not say no. This is a game changer. It is not exactly a lip balm or butter but a treatment that you apply AM and PM. You need the tiniest amount of product to cover your lips, we are talking about the size of a needle head per lip. My lips are no longer chapped or gritty, I wake up in the morning with plumper lips and as a plus this product is even anti-aging.
The product description is as follows:
Bioengineered to reverse and restore severely dry, cracked and wrinkled lips using a clinically proven moisture recycling technology. Vitamins A and E and breakthrough plant stem cell antioxidants help defend exposed lips from further oxidative damage from sunlight and pollutants. An advanced patented peptide complex increases microcirculation to plump lips, improving overall shape, size and contour while restoring lips to their natural rosy color. Added cooling complex soothes sore lips.
- Sweet lip moisture and vitamin A help rebuild and restore severely dry, cracked and wrinkled lips
- Powerful antioxidants help defend lips from continued exposure to the environment
- Increases microcirculation to plump lips, restoring lips to their natural rosy color
- Soothes lips with a cooling complex
- Can be applied under lip color

I still use my Roc Enydrial Repairing Lip Care balm for during the day to keep my lips moisturized, but this treatment has changed my life. I especially recommend it for anyone with lip fillers who want to keep their lips looking their best.
If you struggle with chronically chapped lips I would say to take the plunge and invest in this treatment. It is 16g of product but for the small amount that you have to apply this will last you for quite some time.

I must note that this product can only be purchased through licensed retailers such as a clinic or medical spa.

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Treatments (Face) -Obagi -Nu Derm System

on 2/28/2018 5:14:00 AM

This system really does work. My skin was so dull and heavily ruined with dark marks. My skin is so clear now that I don’t need much makeup, I can get away with just a mineral powder or some concealer and powder when I want a more glamorous look! I feel so much more comfortable now that I’m no embarrassed to be seen without makeup. It took me about 1 year to get the results as you can’t use hydroquinone for any longer than 3-4 months. It’s best to use under a dermatologist guidance. I’m so happpy, give it it try ladies! You won’t regret it.

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