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Recent Nuxe Reviews

Moisturizers -Nuxe -Creme Merveillance Enrichie Visible Expression Lines Cream (for Very Dry Skin)

on 2/12/2018 6:51:00 PM


I like Nuxe products but this cream was a dud for me. Reading the previous reviews I feel that maybe I did have a dud?! The cream is housed in a substantial frosted glass jar wth weighty arcrylic lid. The cream itself is almost light and silky in texture. Once applied to the face, this is where I found it failed with me. It did not absorb into the skin left a greasy residue on my face, not to mention took ‘forever’ to dry. Although, I will say powdered makeup did adhere nicely to it (almost acted like a primer), and didn’t notice any product breakdown. I did not notice any breakouts as well. The other issue was the scent- it smelled like fish oil- reminiscent of cod liver oil. I just couldn’t wear it... not sure if I got a spoiled product? After several attempts of wearing this cream as face cream, I decided to bring it to work and use it as a hand cream ( I felt it was too expensive to toss when I barely made a dent in it). Needless to say between the pungent smell and greasy texture (I could see oily hand prints on my desk) I just ended up tossing it out. TBH, I did not use it consistently or long enough to notice skin plumping/moisturizing effects. Just my experience...

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Cleansers -Nuxe -Micellar Cleansing Oil

on 2/12/2018 6:31:00 PM

I loved Nuxe back in the day. Premium skin care, well priced, beautifully packaged with lovely credentials. Then Nuxe revamped their line and I fell out of love with it. They discontinued some of my favourite products and reformulated others.

This oil is in the rose line. It is a fine, light pink coloured oil which cleanses easily and rinses clean away. It leaves the skin soft and supple, not taught or tight. The biggest drawback is the overpowering sickly scent. Subtle it ain't. I can't put my finger on what it is - but it's no rose I've.ever smelt. The scent is so strong that it lingered on my skin hours after I used it. Not only did I not like the cloying scent but it overpowered my serum and face cream. I don't really want a cleanser to smell stronger than my treatments - particularly when I don't like the scent. Fragrance is not skin care. Whether it's natural or otherwise. This is a fail for me.

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Moisturizers -Nuxe -Creme Fraiche de Beaute (for normal skin)

on 2/12/2018 3:06:00 PM


I was a big fan of Nuxe back in the day. I wasn't crazy about the reformulated Creme Fraiche de Beaute which was much silkier than memory served and in a smaller jar. The original packaging was lovely. This cream came in quite a hefty jar and even had sun filters.

Cut to the reformulated reformulated Creme Fraiche de Beaute. And Nuxe has created a much more "buttery" cream and they have taken environmental factors into consideration which was always my biggest concern (I still think you will need high SPF in summer months). I love the fragrance of orange flowers (smells like the scented holy water my aunt brought back from Lourdes when I was a teen) but could rule it out for more sensitive skins. I am not crazy about overly scented products and I agree with Beautypedia on this one - fragrance is not skin care. But these products have such great credentials that I will overlook that one. But trust me, the fragrance does NOT improve a product. In.any.way.

This version of Creme Fraiche de Beaute is a whole lot better than the former incarnation and it does that bit more. Protecting your skin from the environment should ALWAYS be on your checklist when looking at skin care. The packaging is better thankfully, I noticed that Nuxe has revamped the packaging of other products. Good on Nuxe for paying attention to their line.

The cream hydrates skin beautifully, leaving it plump and radiant. There is also a soothing action. A highly recommended cream for both day and night (if you so choose).

Lotions/ Creams -Nuxe -Huile Prodigieuse (Multi-Purpose Dry Oil)


i also received this as a gift with purchase. The first Nuxe product for me. The smell is strong close up but quite plesant in small amounts. I do not like the open top as you spill it everywere trying to get a drop or two. I am used to a bottle and dropper so found this really awkward and messy to use. I have put some in a small dropper bottle to use. I use a drop on my dry lips at night and mix two/three drops in my hand cream where it works well and smells great at night Also a small amount in the bath water leaves your skin soft and you relaxed at night
Would i purchase it again. the answer is no as it is not easy to use in its bottle If nuxe brings out a new package with a dropper it would be a stapple in my beauty routine

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Lip Treatments -Nuxe -Reve de Miel Ultra-Nourishing Lip Balm with Honey and Precious Oils

on 1/26/2018 2:03:00 PM


I must be in the minority as I didn't like this at all. It leaves my lips feeling coated in wax and not moisturized. It does not wear well under lipstick. Its gritty. I loved the idea of the ingredients but execution...nay. I'm not a fan of potted products either. The glass feels luxurious but I was afraid to drop it. I have dry lips in the winter and this did nothing to help.

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