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Recent NUXE Reviews

Fragrances -NUXE -Prodigieux le parfum

on 8/29/2018 10:45:00 AM


I bought this perfume because of my love of the intoxicating scent of the classic Nuxe dry oil. All I’m really going to say is, if you love the oil’s fragrance then you will love this perfume. It’s quite expensive and I’ve taken off one lippie because it could be more long lasting, but overall, one of my favourite scents.

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Moisturizers -NUXE -Creme Prodigieuse

on 8/26/2018 2:13:00 AM


This didn't work for me and I will not repurchase. It's a thick cream that dries matte. I couldn't wear this under sunscreen or makeup. It doesn't play well with other products and pills. However, I did use this up by using it on no-makeup days. I liked that it offered a matte texture and made me look a bit better than I did without it. Because it is thick, it also seemed to fill in some large pores and spots of texture, which was nice.

It's not highly moisturizing. It wasn't enough for my dry skin, but may work for someone with oily skin that doesn't need alot of moisture.

Lotions/ Creams -NUXE -Huile Prodigieuse (Multi-Purpose Dry Oil)

on 8/26/2018 1:56:00 AM


This is a lovely dry oil. It's not a miracle product, but is a basic oil that does the job. What makes this product stand-out for me is the scent. It's the traditional Nuxe scent that I really enjoy. I use this on my body after a shower. I don't use it on my face or hair. I like the packaging. It's a simple glass bottle with a spray nozzle (100ml version). The spray is nice and doesn't clog - though I do get overspray onto the bathroom floor which can be a bit slippery. The 100ml version lasts me well over a year.

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Lip Treatments -NUXE -Reve de Miel Ultra-Nourishing Lip Balm with Honey and Precious Oils

on 8/20/2018 4:56:00 PM


In the minority here - I just don't get the love for this stuff. It's exceedingly average to me. Doesn't moisturize all that well, and doesn't last on me. I much prefer straight out lanolin. It works like a balm is supposed to work, imo. This is just... average, but overpriced average. I'll use it during these warmer months when I can get away with it, but come October or thereabouts, it's going to retire til spring. Don't hate it; just don't love it.

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Cleansers -NUXE -Reve de Miel Face Gentle Cleansing Gel

on 7/28/2018 11:43:00 AM


This leaves your skin feeling a bit tight and dry, and it's a bit too heavily perfumed. It does do a good job of cleaning your face and stripping it of all your makeup. On the plus side, I can rub this around my eyes without any irritation. I would recommend this for people or younger kids with oily skin, it's a bit too drying for me.

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