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Masks -Nu Skin -Epoch Glacial Marine Mud

on 9/16/2018 3:16:00 AM


I have started using the epoche mineral mask over the past few weeks and find it amazing. I have super sensitive skin but this is the first mask that really helps my skin. I have had some breakouts since using it but am already seeing results as its cleaning out my blackheads. My skin is clearer and more hydrated. I have tried the nu skin moisturizer but cannot use that as it gave me an allergic reaction.
The mask is the best i have ever tried. I will only ever use this now.. i apply my wn moisturizer after using.

Cleansers -Nu Skin -Pure Cleansing Gel

on 2/10/2018 6:06:00 PM


At first glance I thought the formulation would be good. Low-ph (why is this still kinda hard to find??) and nothing *too* out of the ordinary in the ingredient list. The fragrance did corcern me a bit but since I usually never have a problem with small amounts of essential oils or fragrances I assumed things would be fine. Boy did my skin hate this one product though.

The first evening I used the cleanser I was happy. The texture was nice, gave a gentle lather and was easy to work with. My skin felt clean, but not too squeaky-clean or stripped (which is great since I tend to get dehydrated easily). The scent bothered me a bit though and shortly after the cleanse I thought I felt my cheeks itch a bit, but since I couldn't see anything visually I thought I was just being paranoid. However, the second evening I used this cleanser was when it all escalated. Shortly after having cleaned my face the same itchy feeling came back and gradually grew more intense. Eventually my entire face had flared up and was still blotchy red for a long period afterwards after trying to soothe it with calming products. Ugh.

Even if you're not particularily sensitive to fragrances I would advise you to use this product with caution. In my opinion though, it's not even worth the risk. Guess I'll have to continue my search for another decent low-ph cleanser since obviously, I won't be continuing the use of this one.

Cleansers -Nu Skin -Cream Cleansing Lotion (Normal/Dry)

on 12/13/2017 8:46:00 PM

I have used this product for close to 25 years and really consider it one of my HG products. I have sold some NuSkin products ages ago, but never got into the sales aspect seriously: I'm just a longtime user and I'm very happy with the results. I'm 54 now and get compliments on my skin all the time. I also use the gentle exfoliant scrub, the pressed powder, and the tinted moisturizer. I have tried other foundations and powders and always run screaming back to NuSkin. Recently they were having issues stocking their pressed powders and I went to La Prarie, and while theirs was good, it didn't hold a candle to NuSkin's powder and at $15 versus La Prarie's $100 or whatever (and they do NOT offer refills - you must purchase the silver case every time) is a golden steal. Meloves my NuSkin.

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Treatments (Face) -Nu Skin -Polishing Peel

on 12/7/2017 11:55:00 PM


The best peel for the price! It has left my skin incredibly smooth, and radiant! You can only by it from the website, or through a distributor. I have had issues with rough patches between my brows and my upper lip, but after using this peel for the past two weeks, that is no longer an issue. After the first use, my skin was smooth. It has pumpkin enzymes that help smooth the skin. It is not an exfoliate, it is considered its own step in skin care. There is no way I would ever go without it now. Since it removes the top layer of dead skin cells, my skin is more moisturized from natural oil production. I now use it twice a week. The product itself smells great, goes on smoothly and has a soft velvet texture. After about a minute you use your fingertips in circular motion to remove the product.

Moisturizers -Nu Skin -Moisture Restore

on 8/20/2017 12:14:00 AM

This is not available in Singapore. I have eczema and recently am going through TSW so dryness and itch bothered me alot, It has an oily feel and less is more. I use it on my face and it does not absorb easily into it but it does leave it fairly moisturized.

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