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Skincare - Face -No Brand (DIY or homemade) -Sea Buckthorn Oil

on 11/20/2018 10:12:00 PM

I wanted to write a quick review to warn other users that this stuff is ORANGE. I just bought a bottle of this. I got the SBT kernel oil, this is different from the pulp oil. The pulp oil is meant to be a lot darker abd nutrient packed (and more expensive).

For the record I bought organic, cold pressed Sea Buckthorn Oil from NHR organic oils. Their website is worth checking out. For each of their products there are tables showing the different percentage of chemical compounds, it's really interesting.You can compare the percentage of linoieic acid for example.

This oil is so orange, and yes, it will show on your skin, especially if you're pale. I have those pale blotchy, dead looking legs that are so common in Britain. This oil, when applied neat, really makes my legs look alive. It completely erases the blotchines, and leaves a nice natural hint of colour. HOWEVER this oil will also come off if rubbed against a material, leaving an ugly, if removable stain.

It also smells bad. It smells like how acid reflux feels, with a little chilli pepper thrown in. Not great.

It was RIDICULOUSLY expensive, almost double my beloved Rosehip oil, which is already a fairly pricey oil.

I will say this- the texture it leaves is very interesting. Immediately after application my skin feels softer, more orange yes, and tougher. Somehow firmer and less supple. It is hard to describe, and I'm not sure I like it yet, but its worth mentioning.

I tried using this for an oil cleanse and that turned out okay. When I wiped the oil off iit left satisfying orangey stains on the cloth, I liked being able to tell when I'd wiped all of it off- by marking the increasing lightness of the stains. I then tried using it on my body I mixed it with avocado oil and safflower oil and it was still disturbingly orange.Like radioactive. I think you nead to dilute it quite a bit.

I put it neat on my face and it made me look alittle sunburned. That was a few hours ago, I just checked my skin and it looks amazing. Plump, glowing, luminous (and no longer orange)

I have heard amazing things about it, so I will continue to use it and report back. But as far ad I can see it should be used diluted in another carrier oil.

I will probably mix it with my beloved rosehip oil, to make a rosehip oil on steroids. So far I am comforted by how orange it is, and how expensive it was. Although I'm not overly happy about the staining. My skin does feel incredibly soft, and it is definitely glowy now.

I wasn't sure it was worth all the effort with diluting and staining etc, but if it keeps on making my skin looks this good I will definitely keep using it.

I will continue to use it and report back.

Hair -No Brand (DIY or homemade) -Beer Rinse for Frizz

on 11/4/2018 3:55:00 AM

One of the best things I have tried for thick, my overprocessed, weird hair (brittle when dry, gummy when wet in its worst stages). I decided to use beer once as part of my natural protein treatments and found out that it is one of the best things that gets rid of my frizz. Good shine as well. I have loved it ever since.

What beer does my hair: It improves the overall gummy feel and adds structure and even a bit of hold. And lots of volume. This is very important to me because I see gummy hair as the stage before losing my hair to a radical cut. I feel proteins here stay on the hairshaft mostly, covering it and giving a thicker feel. Beer also has lots of nutrious things that may be penetrating the hair shaft. My hair likes it. They say, the darker the beer, the richer the beneficial things. I prefer unfiltered blonde beer which is in the mid range in terms of price in my country.

How I do it: 1. Beer rinse. I pour the beer into a container and keep it at room temp until the froth dissolves. Use it as the last rinse in the shower. The smell dissipates - luckily :)))) I have used it without conditioner, my thick but dry hair was happy.

2. Beer shampoo: I heat beer to get rid of the alcohol and reduce it to half. Then I add it to 200 ml shampoo.

3. Beer mask: I add it to a lot of DIY shampoos - after the first step.

My hair loves the rinse most. I use it like twice a month, no drying etc.

The packaging is great. I will buy it again, LOL.

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Skincare - Face -No Brand (DIY or homemade) -Rosehip Seed Oil

on 10/29/2018 5:52:00 PM


This oil has helped me a lot with acne (hormonal cystic acne) and scars. Alongside with tamanu oil are the best treatment any skin needs. Great for acne, healing new and old scars, moisturise, prevents ageing signs, corrects skin tone and gives skin nutrients that only this oil (and tamanu) has the ability to penetrate to deeper layers of skin. It just takes a little time to see the results. After 6 months of systematic night use,my dermatologist thought i had fractional lazer. Great for eyelashes and lips.

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Cleansers -No Brand (DIY or homemade) -Oil Cleansing Method (OCM)

on 10/29/2018 9:54:00 AM


The Oil Cleansing Method was the worst thing to ever happen to my skin!!!! I’ve always had mild acne, I’m 20 and have had it since I was probably 13. Nothing too bad though, just like 3-5 smallish zits on my chin, and the once a month period bump that never fails to plague me during that time of the month.... well anyways, I am obsessed with natural skin care so I decided to try the OCM. It didn’t take long for it to start ruining my skin. I stuck to it for about 5 months (I know, stupid right?) because they say your skin has to adjust to it. My acne became SO severe, ALL over my chin and forehead. I’m talking like BAD BAD. I had never experienced acne like that and I would just cry putting on make up or feeling my face. It was awful. So I stopped using the OCM and grabbed some Alba Botanica ancedote scrub and the toner with it and some Burt’s bees sensitive skin moisturizer. My skin was clear and back to normal within a month. This whole experience was about a year ago, and sometimes I still use rosehip oil if I’m feeling really dry, but I still can’t believe I didn’t stop using this method when my face started freaking out. What a traumatizing experience that was lol.
(I tried rosehip oil, jojoba oil, and would sometimes mix with tea tree essential oil. I had also used Castile soap a few times during this “OCM experiment” and it was also horrible.)

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Other -No Brand (DIY or homemade) -Baking Soda


awesome foot powder for sweaty feet!
also awesome to add to toothpaste for a little more grittiness to get your mouth extra clean.

i would strongly advise against putting any amount of baking soda on your face though, the pH is really not meant for your skin! be careful out there! and try my magic foot powder! :p

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