Nexxus is a hair care brand founded in 1979 by Jheri Redding, who was a scientist and cosmologist. He is credited with inventing the modern day conditioner along with ph-balanced shampoos. Their products are available worldwide in retail and drugstore chains. It is manufactured and distributed by Unilever.

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Recent Nexxus Reviews

Shampoo -Nexxus -Emergencee Shampoo

on 9/8/2018 9:13:00 PM


I purchased this shampoo because the Pantene shampoo that bizarrely left my hair frizz free & clean for years was no longer working. CVS had a “spend 20$ on Nexus & receive 10$ in extra bucks. I originally purchased this & the Emergence conditioner. LOVED the results. My color treated & heat styled fine hair was clean, shiny & healthy again! I wanted to try my all time favorite Pantene Detox conditioner with the Emergence shampoo & found the Pantene conditioner provided even better results. Ran out of the Emergence shampoo last week & used a left over Pantene shampoo. I noticed a big difference. My ends appeared frizzy & dry. After reading the other reviews I’m speculating it’s the protein that coats the ends. The value is great, considering the results. The bottle lasts me a few months. I’ve tried “sulfate free” brands & the results do not compare to my all time favorite shampoo, Nexus Emergence.

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Conditioner -Nexxus -Hydra-Light Weightless Moisture Conditioner

on 8/14/2018 5:01:00 PM


I have thick hair. This product does not weigh down my hair which works great because I find many conditioners to be way too light or really heavy, this is a great in between. I would say it does not repair your hair over time but it's great for temporary moisture.

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Shampoo -Nexxus -Therappe

on 8/10/2018 3:26:00 PM


I keep going back to this shampoo. It cleans my hair without drying it out. It has a nice light fragrance and is very conditioning without weighing my hair down. I buy the large size bottle and it last for a while. My hair is clean and shiny with this shampoo. It is not overpriced for the size. I love this product!!!!

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Conditioner -Nexxus -Humectress Replenishing Conditoner with Caviar Complex

on 4/29/2018 11:19:00 AM

This is one of the best conditioners I have ever tried! It smells really nice and leaves my hair so smooth. My hair actually feels hydrated and well conditioned each time I use it. I blowdry/flat iron/color my hair so it needs a mix of moisture and protein. This conditioner does exactly that for me. I just finished my first bottle and I am about to open another. I am very happy with it.

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Conditioner -Nexxus -Humectress

on 3/1/2018 10:02:00 AM


I'm always trying to find a great detangling conditioner that performs well in Ontario's dry winter weather. I bought a bottle of this for about $18 at my local Shoppers (so it wasn't exactly cheap) and regret it. For whatever reason, this conditioner makes my hair feel more dry and tangly. I have lots of very long, fine hair and I can't use this if I want to detangle my hair. I kept trying to make this work through a whole bottle of it, but I'd always have to use a followup conditioner from another brand to make my hair feel normal. I think that cheaper Suave conditioners work better than Nexxus. This doesn't add any slip or softness to my hair, and it has a generic, perfumey, sharp, floral-ish smell to it. I don't get the hype over this one.

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