Neutrogena is an American brand of skin care, hair care and cosmetics, that is headquartered in Los Angeles, California. According to product advertising at their website, Neutrogena products are distributed in more than 70 countries. Neutrogena was founded in 1930 by Emanuel Stolaroff, and was originally a cosmetics company named Natone. It is now part of the United States-based Johnson & Johnson conglomerate, which bought the independent company in 1994.(

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Recent Neutrogena Reviews

Scrubs -Neutrogena -Oil-Free Acne Wash pink grapefruit foaming scrub

on 8/20/2018 5:58:00 PM


I’ve been using this grapefruit scrub for about 2 weeks straight and the first few days I was amazed at how soft it made my skin and how smooth it appeared. But about 10 days in using it 2 a day, I started feeling this burning sensation mainly around my nose and on my chin. Then I started to notice my nose started slightly peeling following a bunch of black heads. I don’t not recommend this product.

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Cleansers -Neutrogena -Ultra Gentle Hydrating Cleanser

on 8/17/2018 10:19:00 PM


I see a surprising amount of negative reviews on this. I really like it. Its a nice, bland and gentle cleanser. No it doesnt remove heavy makeup, you need an oil cleanser prior to this but I use this in the AM and after my Banila cleanser and it works great for me.

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Sunscreen -Neutrogena -Ultra Sheer Dry-Touch Sunblock SPF 55

on 8/17/2018 6:10:00 PM


Hate this sunscreen...

Only pros I have for this product is the high SPF and scent. The scent is light and fresh. Otherwise, I hate this sunscreen as I have already prefaced. I generally use body sunscreen when I'm going hiking and this makes me want to wash it off the second I put it on. It is opposite of what it claims. It's not ultra sheer because it gives a white cast when and after applying it. It is not dry touch because it feels sticky and tacky after its been applied. Not lightweight or clean feeling because it just sits on top of your skin. Not fast absorbing because it just feels like a mess.

Not sure how this is #1 dermatologist recommended...

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Sunscreen -Neutrogena -Clear Face Sunblock Lotion SPF 55

on 8/16/2018 12:57:00 PM


I have found over the years that Johnson and Johnson is the best. Johnson and Johnson owns Nuetrogena, Aveeno, and Clean and Clear. Just like their discontinued product (Nuetrogena Sports Face Oil-Free SPF 70) this product works very well. I have said in my other posts that the Sports Face is great, I was on a vacation and not once did I experience a burn or acne. Let me tell you what I did. I used my Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser onto dry skin, directed on the bottle. A lot of people use this cleanser wrong and wonder why it doesn’t clean. You have to apply it to a dry skin and then rub for about thirty seconds or less would be best. Then you rinse off with water quickly. You can use this without water but from my experience I have experienced an itchy mess. My skin doesn’t do well when I don’t use water. I will get hives, or dermatitis. If you get rashes or itchy pimples it’s because there is an occlusive trapping your sweat and making a damp environment. Too much moisture causes dermatitis, yeast, etc. I have learned the hard ways. Next what I do after using my cleanser is I applied my Sports Face. I cleansed my face ONCE a day and applied this sunscreen. No pimples or rashes on my vacation. I had smooth skin. My skin looked great, also to prevent sun burn you have to apply every two hours because this is a chemical sunscreen, chemical sunscreens work for two hours and then need to be used again, do this if your on vacation or on the beach. So in replacement to the Sports Face is this. It works just as well because it contains SILICA. This is your secret ingredient against yeast, periodal dermatitis, acne, and whatever. SILICA has been proven to prevent acne. It’s sort of like any mineral found in powder foundation, it prevents damp environments. Now I know people think we need our skin to be moist, yes that’s true, but too much moisture causes itchiness and itchy bumps. I wish my skin could be moist all day, but it can’t so I need silica or some sort of mineral. So if you use this with Cetaphil you should clear up. If you have severe acne I suggest going to the dermatologist. Other products with silica are Vanicream Skin Cream (it has simethicone which has silica and dimethicone), Other Nuetrogena products like the oil free combo skin, etc. I know I need products with an absorbent like silica bc without it I get itchy. I’m like a baby that gets diaper rash, what solves it is silica, zinc, magnesium silicate, etc. That was the secret.

Currently I am using the Clean and Clear Dual Action Moisturizer with Sal. Acid and my Cetaphil cleanser at night, and before bed. Then morning I use this sunscreen and I do not wash my face in the morning. Too much washing your face will break you out, keep it to once a night, but that’s my suggestion.

I decided to use the Clean and Clear bc I realized I get a lot of dead skin build up. We all have dead skin build up, but some people have it more due to genetics, dry skin, or because our keratin is extra sticky. Doing this combination keeps my skin clear. I will update if the Clean and Clear causes dryness. This review is only on the sunscreen and Cetaphil. If you go on a trip and try what I said, you should be fine. It won’t work one hundred percent since everyone’s skin is different but it worked for me. Also if you wear makeup I don’t know if this method will work. Makeup can be causing your breakouts, especially if it’s occlusive and mixing in with dead skin cells, acne is from dead skin build up. Anyway I hope this review was helpful.

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Sunscreen -Neutrogena -Sheer Zinc Sunscreen Face Lotion SPF 50

on 8/13/2018 3:37:00 PM


I don't understand the bad reviews. This is a terrific sunscreen. It is a high percentage of zinc, I don't expect it to be as elegant as some other formulations I have tried at higher price points. I personally don't mind the little bit of sheen. I would not call it a white cast. It does not bother me too much, I rub it in well, let it dry down. It works, it's a good price and it doesn't make my skin break out. Actually, Zinc sunscreens like this have always had the pleasant side effect of keeping my skin clear. I used Avene VHP for years before the formula was changed completely to Titanium Dioxide only. I apply sunscreen under a black light so I can see how well protected I am and this sunscreen passed that test with satisfaction.

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