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Skincare - Face -Neal's Yard Remedies -Honey and Orange Face Scrub

on 12/31/2018 12:29:00 PM


Neal's Yard Honey and Orange Scrub is one of the few in the UK that's rated zero for all known microplastics on the Beat The Microbead website.

I've tried or thought about trying other scrubs which had non-plastic beads but they disappointingly were not clear of other microplastic ingredients. I was on the verge of opting for homemade sugar/oat scrubs but then came across this product.

Smells gorgeously orangey, and the honey gives it a slightly tacky but not unpleasant feel. The scrubby bits are said to be rice powder and kaolin; there's a lot of them, giving an effective exfoliant action without scratching.

I use a hot cloth cleanser every evening which helps with exfoliation, but still like to use a proper scrub occasionally especially during a home facial. This scrub did a great job of prepping my skin before a mask and made my skin feel clean and look glowing.

I'd say this scrub is even more effective than ones I've used in the past with plastic beads and I love the fact that it's environmentally safe, natural/organic and free of parabens, too!

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Treatments (Face) -Neal's Yard Remedies -Remedies Rehydrating Rose Facial Oil

on 6/21/2018 7:44:00 PM


I am on my second bottle of this, it lasts ages and I love it.
I have oily skin and redness on my cheeks and I’m in my mid thirties. I was starting to get small dry patches around my nose and cheeks and they were showing up more when I wore makeup. I have tried a few facial oils but this is the one I love.
I use a couple of drops at night and pat lightly on to my skin after I have moisturised. I wake up with plump, fresh, glowing and soft skin. I don’t get any dry patches at all now, my skin loves this. I use this all year round, occasionally I will use a vitamin e oil but this is the main one in my skincare routine.
It does have a rose scent which I quite like and I don’t have any irritation at all from it.
I will buy again but a little goes a long way so I won’t need to buy more for a while.

Eye Makeup Remover -Neal's Yard Remedies -Organic Eye Makeup Remover

on 1/4/2018 4:21:00 PM

Excellent. Gets rid of all eye make up as far as I can work out. Gentle and no stinging. Organic too!!

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Moisturizers -Neal's Yard Remedies -Frankincense Hydrating Cream

on 11/22/2017 11:03:00 PM

After reading a review that recommended this I bought four samples off eBay. Trying to replace $200 moisturizer. Thus isn’t it. Very thick and I wake with my face still tacky and I’m not gunking it on. To make this melt I apply and take a very warm baby wash cloth and pat into my face. Was not impressed with product after two weeks of use without breaking out back to expensive which works much better for me.

Skincare - Body -Neal's Yard Remedies -Remedies Wild Rose Beauty Balm

on 11/4/2017 5:35:00 PM


I had high hopes for this product and although it is not terrible, something is terribly wrong with it. The smell of this balm is really off puttingl. When bought this balm i did not get a chance to smell it beforehand since there was not a tester in the store. So blindly i imagined this would smell prolly like roses... i can't identify this smell but i literally suffer while i am wearing it. The balm feels really moisturising and the consistency feels and is really organic and clean. Haven't noticed any amazing results. On the other hand, although this is not a wow product, Neal's Yard makes an amazing rosehip oil that is fantastic!!!!! Prefer that to this.
The packaging is really nice btw. I the smell could be fixed i would reconsider this.

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