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Fragrances -Nautica -Aqua Rush Eau de Toilette

on 2/23/2019 1:17:00 AM


Nautica make a range of inexpensive aquatic type eau de toilettes, mainly for men. I found a 100ml bottle of this at my local chemist for $19 AU.

Aqua Rush is a clean, aquatic, mens fragrance which manages to steer clear of many of the usual notes that irritate me in aquatic fragrances. No calone, no melon, and minimal citrus, which is fabulous, because most fragrances heavy on the citrus smell like lemon scented furniture polish on me.

The notes according to Fragrantica are:

Sea water, yuzu, mint
Violet leaves, clary sage, teak wood
Musk, coriander, amber

I can mainly smell the mint, violet leaves, clary sage, teak wood, amber and coriander. The yuzu and sea water notes give it a nice crispness and the musk is barely noticeable. As the day wears on, the sea water, wood, amber and violet leaves become more prominent, and it goes from becoming this bright, fresh aquatic to a deeper, smoother fragrance. It's a really good choice for a stinking hot day when other fragances would be overwhelming.

Sillage is low. Longevity is 8-10 hours which is astonishing for this type of marine/aquatic style of perfume.. A couple of people have said it smells lovely on me. Most haven't noticed. Yay! I now have another fragrance I can wear to the office on a really hot summers day.

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Fragrances -Nautica -Voyage for him

on 12/27/2015 12:59:00 AM

According to fragrantica, the notes of this perfume are : leaves, apple, mimosa and watery note of lotus and linen sail of a yacht with a woody base, combined of cedar, moss, musk and amber.

I'm not a nose, I can't tell you if those notes above are true or not, however I can tell you that this is definitively my favorite fragrance on the BF. It's fresh, summery, reminds me of the beach and the salt water, in a good way. It's soft, and manly in the same time. He also gets a lot of compliments from women when wearing it.

The bottle is really beautiful with it's clean and crisp lines, and it's also pretty cheap.
All-in-all, a great buy!

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Fragrances -Nautica -My Voyage for Her


I have re-boughten this product probably 3 times since 2009 and still have some left!

I originally bought this in 2009 because it had a nice scent with a free lotion with purchase. I love this scent and use it daily for work. One squirt per wrist and wipe on my neck and I can smell it without it being overwhelming.

I like that its a clean scent. I have no idea what "notes" or "undertones" it has but I know that it smells nice on me.

Fragrances -Nautica -Bermuda Blue

on 8/6/2011 5:01:00 PM

If you like clean, fresh, ocean-like scents I definitely recommend this perfume. I'm on my second bottle of this baby, mainly because for the price you can't do much better! It remind me a little of Dolce & Gabbana "Light Blue" without the $70 ticket price.
Will continue to buy this one, especially for summertime! LOVE <3

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Fragrances -Nautica -for Women

on 2/23/2011 12:58:00 AM


I bought this twice in the past and it is great! I remember wearing this at my old workplace and sooo many customers (mostly male) would ask what I was wearing because they wanted to get some for their wives/girlfriends! I've been complimented time and time again when wearing this scent and to me it embodies a confident, alluring, and mysterious woman. It's not overly popular so it's easy to make this your own signature scent; One others can easily remember you by. I can't believe this hasn't been reviewed more, but lately it has been hard to find. I hope it hasn't been discontinued ;( because I am definitely in the mood to repurchase another one!

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