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Fragrances -Naturistics -Sea Splash Cologne

on 4/23/2018 2:34:00 PM

I had bought this perfume when I was a teenager Bc I had originally bought it in the bar soap version! I loved the bar soap so much Bc it had a very fresh & clean understated scent & smells like the beach 🌊 scent! So I decided to buy the perfume spray in this & it wasn't the same fragrance unfortunately! I found a bottle of this lying around & will recycle ♻️ it into a air freshener for the bathroom 🚽! LOL!

Polishes -Naturistics -Super Shine in Stellar


This polish is probably from the year 2000, I got it as a party favor from a friend's birthday party. I didn't do my nails very often back then, so I still have plenty left in the bottle to this day.

Consistency is very watery, which is probably why it hasn't thickened out in these past 13 years. The polish dries painfully slowly, and I have to put on 4 coats before it becomes opaque. I wait about 10 minutes between each coat to ensure that the polish will set, otherwise, I end up getting it messed up as my nails touch things throughout the day.

However, the color is to-die-for. It is the most beautiful, shimmery, light blue with hints of silver in it. If there are any good dupes for this color out there, I'd love to hear about them, as I enjoy wearing this color, especially on my toes in the summer, but don't like spending 2+ hours watching paint dry :)

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Eyes -Naturistics -Color Flash Eyeshadow in Saturday Night

on 6/27/2012 1:50:00 AM

Okay, soo this is amazing I use it everyday under my eyeshadow. I also love how it looks just by itself! I love it :) It's kind of a mix of pink/purple/gold. It's shimmery so if you don't like shimmer you probably won't like this. I've had mine for a year and still haven't ran out, there's a lot of product, and it doesn't dry out either! Anyways, I would recommend and repurchase this :)

Conditioner -Naturistics -Passion Fruit Conditioner

on 6/13/2012 11:59:00 AM

Oh, Naturistics. How I miss you so! A friend gave me this conditioner to try. I really liked it. It was thick, and made my hair feel like silk. And it smelled heavenly. But it did have some cons. It felt thick, like it wasn't rinsing well. Also I wanted the scent to last in my hair all day. It's not the best conditioner I've ever used, hence the 3 lippies rating. but I'd buy it again in a pinch.

Lip Gloss -Naturistics -Automatic Lip Gloss - Vanilla

This disconinued lipstick is a fluke I found in a Deals half/price store........ As i got a L.A. light sky-blue colours eyeshadow stick, along with a Loreal Rouge Pulp in Dark Rose, I got a naturistics lipgloss too, I usually saw this in Drugstores ober 10+ years ago, so I decided to try it again, as I forgot what it smelled, tasted, looked, and felt like when I was 13 I think a young teenager 11 years ago., so it's no the best and longest staying power lipgloss in the world. staying power is very poor, it only lasts for 30-45 minutes tops. It is very oily, but pros very high super-shine lipgloss, with a mirror-liker finish, and great smell and taste like real vanilla, and cheap, cons, too oily, and it can drip if we are not carefull.

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