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Moisturizers -Nature Republic -Soothing & Moisture Aloe Vera 92% Soothing Gel


I've read SO MANY good reviews about this and I was finding a moisturizer. So I bought this (which is literally avail in EVERY SINGLE pharmacy where I live) and was so excited to try it. I was quite skeptical when people say they used it as a moisturizer, since it looks so thick. But, surprisingly, it actually dries out pretty quickly, and I felt this "tightening" feeling, that I had never experienced before. I thought my face was drying out because of that, but, a few minutes later, my face felt smoother than it ever did months. Glad I bought this.

It's my first day trying it, so I will update a few weeks later to see what happens!

EDIT: Turns out the "tightening" feeling was my skin drying out. Really wanted this to be my HG product though. I guess I'll just have to go moisturizer-hunting again. But when applying it really does feel lovely and cool. Maybe it was the alcohol that triggered my skin :(

Masks -Nature Republic -Real Fresh Rose Petal Moisture Mask

on 8/15/2018 3:07:00 PM

A bit of a strange product! Comes in a glass pot with a screw lid, so be careful about knocking it over in case it smashes. I nearly did that with mine. Anyway, it's a gloopy brown liquid that's runnier than I expected, with actual rose petal pieces suspended in it. It reminded me of rose preserve or jam, except for my face, and unsurprisingly smells very strongly of roses. It's a wash-off type of mask, apply to clean skin for 15 mins then wash off.
Did I notice any particular improvements in terms of softness or hydration after using it? Not really. But I liked the rose scent, and it didn't cause me any irritation or breakouts afterwards. Was nice as a novelty thing but I wouldn't purchase again, it was super messy to use as it dripped off onto clothes and stuff and I didn't see any positive changes on my skin that would make me want to use it despite that.

Moisturizers -Nature Republic -Super Aqua Max - Combination Watery Cream

on 6/10/2018 1:36:00 PM


This is an unusual consistency for a moisturiser - it's a gel cream that forms a kind of thin film over the skin but on the slightly powdery side. Is it called sorbet moisturiser? Reminds me of soft konjac jelly a little bit. I'm not sure of the exact name. It's on the thicker end of the moisturiser spectrum, a very pale blue colour that unfortunately comes only in the jar packaging. It's also fragranced and while some of it is down to the plant extracts in it, there's still a noticeable artificial scent.

As a day moisturiser, I don't like it. The film it leaves over the skin tends to pill when using sunscreens and make-up, and it's not particularly hydrating by itself despite the focus on water. As a summer night cream however, it forms quite a nice final occlusive layer without feeling heavy and oily. With a lot of night creams, they make me sweat and feel super oily during summer nights, but this one feels quite refreshing. I just wish that it came in a more hygienic container with less fragrance.

Masks -Nature Republic -Real Nature Mask Sheet Shea Butter

This shea butter sheet mask is the first holy grail product I've discovered this year. It is super moisturizing and yet doesn't trigger pimples. One thing though - it can make your face greasy the entire day. Here's a summary of the goods and bads based on my experience.

What's Great?
1. No messy drippage
2. Deeply nourishing
3. Greasy, but Non-Sticky
4. Wow! No Pimples
5. So Cheap!
6. No Excess Serum to Worry About

What's Not So Hot?
1. Not the Best Fit
2. The Grease may Offend Some

Full review, before-after photos and product recommendation at

Cleansers -Nature Republic -Soothing & Moisture Aloe Vera Cleansing Gel Cream

on 4/7/2018 2:56:00 AM


Love this cleanser . It comes in many variations but I love this best. It’s almost like oil mixed in with gel without oiliness and it foams slightly . Very gentle on the skin , cleansers well without drying out the skin , non irritating and smells nice . Good for combi to dry skin .

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