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Recent Natio Reviews

Moisturizers -Natio -Acne Clear Day Daily Repair Oil Free Moisturiser

on 1/11/2018 5:10:00 AM


This is a good moisturiser for my combination skin. I still get blackheads and breakouts with many moisturisers, even when they are marked for oily skin, but this is great. I use it under foundation, and don't need to use a primer.

BB Cream -Natio -Pure Mineral Skin Perfecting BB Cream SPF 15

on 12/25/2017 9:16:00 PM


I got this because I needed a quick, gentle, organic BB cream that matched my skin tone (I didn't want a heavy foundation - just something lighter with mild coverage.)

At first, I was thrilled with the shade match, I got this in Fair and it matched my skin tone perfectly. I was quite pleased and looking forward to using it. Upon spreading it, it was super thick - like some sort of goop - and just made my skin feel dirty/ greasy at once. But given the colour match (I'm NC25 and this fit me perfectly) with the decent coverage, I was willing to put up with the goopy texture.

Within literally half an hour, this oxidised into a dull, darkened colour. My face was a disgusting oil slick. Ick!
I was worried I was going to breakout. The coverage dissipated as time went by. It became a dull, oily mess, settled into pores and made everything look heavy and artificial. On top of which, this doesn't even offer decent sun protection! The percentage of mineral sunblock is too low to offer any real protection. Completely un-usable.

It's a cute bottle though.

Lip Treatments -Natio -Moisturising Lip Balm SPF 30+

on 11/1/2017 10:51:00 PM


Great stuff!

- stays put well (usually I have an issue with lip products staying power);
- the tube is awesome, it's small, light and perfect to carry;
- the product itself is firm, I haven't had any melting issues;
- it's fragrance-free;
- it doesn't dry my lips (can't really say that it moisturize, but I bought it for long lasting sun protection, not for moisture);
- water resistant for 4 hours;
- totally sheer, no white cast, no avobenzone.

- I had to order it from Australia, that cost me 15USD;
- the taste is unpleasant, but not unbearable (I passionately hate Hawana Tropic for the taste)

I'll definitely repurchase it, even if it will cost me 15$ - 20$ each time. There is nothing in the USA that protects better, HG for surfers.

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Body Scrubs -Natio -Spa One Minute Miracle Body Polish

on 7/19/2017 11:40:00 PM


This would have to be one of the best scrubs I've ever tried. That said, this product is only suitable for those that like citrus/ginger-scented scrubs, and who want some of the oil to remain on their skin afterwards. I love this type of scent, and I have dry skin, so those things are both advantageous for me.

This scrub has the perfect ratio of salt to oil, so there's no need to stir before use, as you do with many other scrubs. The salt grains are also just the right size: not so small they melt away, but not too large so as to scratch your skin. In a pinch, this works as a face scrub, too. If only this was a sugar-based scrub, I would consider this to be a holy grail scrub!

This product also has apricot seed powder and loofa fruit particles for exfoliation, and they are high up enough on the ingredient list to make a difference, though the particles are small enough that they don't feel gritty on the skin. This has just the right amount of scrubbiness for me, but those with sensitive skin should steer clear.

The scent is primarily that of ginger and lemon myrtle, though there are also lemon balm, lemon and anise oils in here. After rinsing, you're left with a film of soybean and sesame oil on your skin, so those with oily skin should steer clear of this one.

The packaging has changed since someone uploaded the pic above. It now comes in a clear PET plastic tub with a matte silver plastic lid. I didn't experience any leaking, and the wide mouth of the tub made it easy to scrape out every last bit of product.

I bought this from a chemist with a Natio stand for AU$20 for the 400g tub so it was reasonably priced. I will definitely buy this again, though I'd love to find a comparable sugar-based scrub.

Natio products are available from chemists throughout Australia and New Zealand, and from certain Tesco stores in the UK and Ireland, or from Natio's website.

Lipstick -Natio -Natio Lip Colour


I'm a lipstick junkie! My SIL got a couple Natio lipsticks when she came to visit from down under. I don't know this brand but wow. The lipsticks are amazing, and I've been reaching out for them over all my other lipsticks!

I particularly love Orchid ( a gorgeous burnt mahogany) Eden, a MLBB mauve, and Rush ( the perfect red for me!), Enchant ( a light pink peach) and Sienna ( a gorgeous bronzed brick Color)

The textures are creamy and smooth and almost wraps the lips.

I also am confused to why people are think they smell bad, but I LOVE the scent, to me it smells like a honey lemon drink with a hint of floral. It is a v natural scent nothing cloying or overly sweet.

Definite repurchase when I run out!

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