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Natasha Denona is an internationally renowned makeup artist and trendsetter. Natasha launched her career in makeup in 1996, forming her own modern style and innovative approach. These soon gained her many followers and enthusiasts worldwide, as well as two Israeli Fashion Oscar awards (2002, 2006) for best makeup artist of the year. In 2002 she established the Natasha Denona Makeup Academy in Tel Aviv, where she teaches her groundbreaking concepts and methods to the next generation of professional makeup artists. (source: artist website)

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Eye Shadow -Natasha Denona -Lila Eye Shadow Palette

on 4/15/2018 8:45:00 PM


I simply adore this palette it's one of my favorite that I own. I have NW20, Blonde hair, green eyes very cool undertones for reference and this palette works with my skin and eye colour. I think these shadows are extremely well made and find the mattes to be so creamy! The shimmer and duo's are gorgeous and yes some shades I do have to apply with my finger because they just apply better than with a brush. So I've noticed I have to use different brushes and techniques but I don't mind it. Because these shadows are water resistant and they really are! My eyes always tear and with these shadows my look stays in place.

Also they are made in Italy and you can tell a lot of love went into the creation of these shadows. I appreciate good quality shadows at my age work best to put on my eyes. The shadows themselves are such beautiful shades that I enjoy using alone or with other palettes. I also really love how long they last I get over 8 hours without fading or creasing. The mattes are butter and the shimmer have little to no fallout! Purple is my favorite colour so I fell in love with this palette.

Some of my favorite shades are Juneau great inner eye and lid colour, the duo's Livid and Dragon Bite, Viola of the metallic, and Magnolia of the Chroma Crystals, Finally the mattes blend themselves and I love them especially Per Se and Nude Mauve. So to me the palette is $$$ but the quality is there. I adore the purple packaging and I like how it comes with a label sheet that can be removed. I keep mine in, and the mirror is perfect size. If I lost this I would repurchase as purple is my favorite shade and unlike some brands these do not irritate my eyes so I'm super happy with this. Recommended. :)

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Palettes -Natasha Denona -Eyeshadow Palette 28 - Purple Blue

on 4/13/2018 4:30:00 PM


Beautiful colors and unique layout; there isn’t anything like this on the market, but the shadows were disappointing for the price. I found the blues to be dry and they just blended away and I had to layer, but got fallout. The shimmers were dry and underwhelming even when I tried applying them with my fingers. These swatch beautifully, but just don’t look the same on the eyes.

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Eye Shadow -Natasha Denona -Mini Sunset Eye Shadow Palette

on 3/25/2018 5:21:00 AM

I was excited when Natasha Denona released the Mini Sunset Eyeshadow Palette for two reasons: five new shades not in the original Sunset Palette, a smaller compact that is easier to travel with, and this was released at the same time the beautiful (yet highly expensive) Tropic Eyeshadow Palette was released allowing me to pick up a new palette without spending over $130. When this is described as "Mini" they aren't lying. I compare the size of this to one of the normal-sized five pan palettes and it is tiny. It would be great to travel with if it contained a lighter brow bone color, but since it doesn't I will need to bring at least one more eye shadow color for that purpose. Most of the colors are beautiful and blendable, the sparkling foil color can be applied with a brush but a finger usually works better. This palette is so-so in my opinion but since the price wasn't too crazy I'll keep it. Still love that Tropic Palette but I'll have to wait for a sale before I pick that one up... My more detailed review and swatches can be seen here:

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Contour -Natasha Denona -Sculpt & Glow Face Highlighting & Contour Glow Palette

on 3/22/2018 2:31:00 PM

I really like the layout of the palette and the packaging is amazing; I like how the cream and powder products are separated by a solid plastic over to avoid contamination. The cream products are easy to blend and pick up well on a brush; you need very little product. I don’t really like the cream glowing base product because it hardly shows up; I know some people like very natural highlights but I literally can’t see it even after using a lot on my cheeks. I also don’t really like the Japanese pressed powder because it doesn’t brighten my undereye since it’s almost the same tone and shade as my natural skin. The cream highlighter blends nicely, but if you are tan, this makes the area look a little ghostly rather than highlighted; you can honestly achieve the same effect with a slightly lighter concealer and get coverage. Since I only like four products out of six, I’m thinking of returning this. It’s true that 6 big pans for $89 sounds like a bargain, but this is still a very hefty price if you only like several products. I would say this is not a necessity

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Palettes -Natasha Denona -Holiday eye shadow palette Aeris

on 2/23/2018 2:11:00 PM


Beautiful packaging and unique arrangement of eyeshadow colors; the problem is that there are duds and there shouldn’t be for the price. The matte shade has nice pigment and picks up so well on a brush but the peach bronze shade is just chunky gold glitter with a lot of fallout. It picks up terribly on a brush and is just glitter when applied with fingers. Nude looks pretty and picks up better with a brush, but again it is glittery. Ice blue is stunning and not as chunky; this should be a single and is in fact the shade that is keeping me on the fence as I’m currently deciding whether to return this palette or not. Red bronze is pretty but again, it is just so dry and glittery.

The overall texture of these shadows is dry and chunky. If you are willing to pay $45 for 4 shades, then this is a match for you. You can use a glitter base, but that is too high maintencene for me; I don’t want to purchase a product to make sure another expensive product works better.

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