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Natasha Denona is an internationally renowned makeup artist and trendsetter. Natasha launched her career in makeup in 1996, forming her own modern style and innovative approach. These soon gained her many followers and enthusiasts worldwide, as well as two Israeli Fashion Oscar awards (2002, 2006) for best makeup artist of the year. In 2002 she established the Natasha Denona Makeup Academy in Tel Aviv, where she teaches her groundbreaking concepts and methods to the next generation of professional makeup artists. (source: artist website)

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Palettes -Natasha Denona -Camel Eyeshadow Palette

on 1/10/2019 1:52:00 PM


This is a five-pan eyeshadow palette. It's not Natasha Denona's most exciting palette, but it's probably the most wearable. It's appropriate for a day at the office, formal or casual settings, and natural looks.

Arrosto, a very dark brown, is great for the crease and outer V. It does not have an orange or reddish undertone, so it's quite neutral and I constantly reach for it even when I've started with another palette. Arrosto always blends beautifully for me. I like to use the Morphe M507 eye brush or Sonia G.'s Crease One brush to deepen my crease with Arrosto. Dune is ivory with a subtle shimmery finish, almost a satin. It's an excellent highlight shade to use under the arch of the brow or the inner corner of the eye. Safari is a cool-toned, almost olive camel beige. There is one metallic bronze shadow called Copper Stone. It can be slightly flaky when blending with a dry brush but if I wet my brush with MAC Fix + or use eye primer, it is lovely. It's not as intense as some of the metallic shades in her larger palettes, so Copper Stone requires a bit of building up. Lastly there is Zand, another camel beige. In the pan it looks like a dupe of Safari but Zand is noticeably warmer. Zand is one of my favorite transition shades. If I ever finish these shadows, I'm sure Zand will be the first.

The pans are Natasha Denona's standard size (not her mini size) and would fit into her Sunset, Gold, and Lila palettes if you wanted to depot and rearrange them. Sephora lists the size as 0.08 oz/ 2.26 g per shadow, and the price listed at the time of this review, January 10, 2019, is $48. If you already own a lot of neutral palettes like Tom Ford's Cocoa Mirage or Too Faced Chocolate Bar, you might not need another one, but this is a great size to throw in an overnight bag for short trips. This doesn't offer the same pizzazz as Natasha Denona's Gold palette, but I love the Camel palette and I probably would buy a replacement if I lost it.

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Palettes -Natasha Denona -Safari All Matte Eyeshadow Palette

on 12/19/2018 6:18:00 AM


I fell in love with the colors of this palette from the first time I saw a beauty guru use it on youtube. The colors are so different from anything else, and they are all matte. Being 57 years old, glitter and shine are out for me. Anyway, I ordered the palette from Sephora and waited impatiently for it to arrive. It was worth the wait, I can't get enough of it. The colors are even more beautiful in person. They can be a bit powdery and sometimes I tap off the brush but that's the only "negative" I can think of. The colors blend beautifully, the payoff is excellent. One thing I do to make any eyeshadow blend easily is use primer, setting powder and a layer of one of the light colors all over the lid. Then goes the darker colors and they blend easily with this technique. I highly recommend this palette for your eyeshadow collection.

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Eye Shadow -Natasha Denona -Mini Star Eyeshadow Palette

on 12/5/2018 12:37:00 AM


Its cheaper than her other quints for a reason - the quality isn't up to her usual and the shades don't match the original Star palette (some have been changed). Orion the green/brown duochrome shimmer has a really weak green flash so its mostly just a weak brown shimmer. Mac Club or even that Wet'n'Wild one has better duochrome effect. Cosmo, the gold shimmer has lots of fallout, needs a glitter glue, and is not nearly as creamy as the other ND sparkle shades. The mattes are ok, but a bit firmer pressed and not as creamy. The Lila palette is better quality.

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Palettes -Natasha Denona -Mini Lila Eyeshadow Palette

on 12/1/2018 2:44:00 PM

I was actually surprised at how much I like this palette. I have purchased two other smaller palettes by her and did not like them. Giving her a third time I ordered this off of Beautylish and find myself using it all the time. I have brown eyes and I find I can do a neutral look with this using the browns or amp it up a bit with the colors. I find the texture and pigmentation of these very spot on - even to my more mature eyes - and the size of this is perfect for travel and frankly the price of this is manageable. It makes me want to spend the money for the full palette...hmmmmm.... Overall, I recommend this to anyone wanting to experiment with Denona for an affordable price but you have to like the colors.

Palettes -Natasha Denona -Gold Palette

on 11/15/2018 11:04:00 PM


I’m amazed I’m writing this review and I’m amazed it’s positive. I’m really enjoying this palette. I originally passed on it because too many shades look the same. And I still think that. But in a moment of weakness I took the plunge. I have yet to love a Natasha Denona product. I returned super glow and Safari and I haven’t been inspired by any of the other big palettes. But something got me about this one.
The mattes perform well for me (Safari did not). They are thick and opaque but thinner than the Safari shadows and less creamy so they blend better. And they build nicely. You do get full opacity with one swipe so I still have to apply lightly. But there is not patchiness or skipping. A couple seem fairly similar, like the two on the bottom row. But they actually are a little different and are all very wearable tones and depth of color for me. The teal is nice, blends well and hasn’t been patchy. The dark brown can get a little grey and soft looking-it could be richer and darker.
The glitters are not too fall out prone-I use my finger and am very careful. Brushes do cause a lot of fall out. I get more fall out removing shadows at the end of the night then applying them. Many shades are very interesting and dimensional.
The metallics are lovely. They are smooth and buttery. Zero fall out and you can apply with a brush.
These have lasted all day and stayed vibrant. I use them over wet n wild primer or the Too Faced norm this way concealer.
What keeps this from getting 5 stars is several of the shades do look identical on the eye. They really needed to switch out two or three golds for something else, maybe an olive green or more rose gold or pewter. And most of the shades are dupeable. There are a couple stunning unique shades, but the rest are the same or easily duped.
Is this palette worth the money-no. Value is what we give things so if you buy this expecting it to be a one and forever palette, you will be disappointed. If you have the money to spend on something fun and pretty and this speaks to you, go for it. I love teal and the mattes and several of the golds. I won’t get much use out of about 4 shades but decided I enjoy it anyway (and this shocks me, I’m usually far more pragmatic). But it is fairly dupable and it’s not perfect. Don’t feel like you are missing out and have to shell out the money. But I am enjoying it and it’s actually making excited to see future releases. I’m hoping for a more cool toned palette next year, maybe a silver or mixed metal theme. Crossing my fingers!

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