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Treatments -Nailtiques -Formula 2 PLUS Nail Protein


4 bottles used (almost 5!) and I've seen no improvement in my nails, only worsening of my nails while using this. A year ago I decided to stop doing my nail dip at home cause it just consumes too much time so I removed it and let my nails grow out on their own all the while using Nailtiques religiously but seeing no results at all but still choosing to stick with it, hoping for a miracle. Then this spring came and I stopped doing anything with my nails, even Nailtiques cause I saw no improvements in my nails at all and I got lazy and stopped focusing on nails and nail polish.
Then in July my nails started growing in so long, beautiful and healthy without any help from Nailtiques, just religiously oiling my nails and cuticles as I've always done so I started back on the polish bandwagon again with polishing my nails. And then sadly cold weather came and my nails started up again with snapping, cracking and breaking so I started using Nailtiques again. Big mistake because this stuff has stunted my nail growth pretty bad, my nails used to grow quickly and now they are barely growing and I noticed an increase in cracks. Today I have a new crack on my left thumbnail where I never get a crack at. I know my nails very well so I know the area where this new crack is isn't normal for my nails. I'm right handed yet my middle and ring fingernails have cracked and snapped off right where the skin is attached to the nail. Ouch.
I will be going back to my nail dip which I hate to do but I have many, many bottles of polish and I'm tired of sitting around waiting for my nails to hopefully get healthy with this overpriced stuff, it's like trying to watch a tree grow.
Also, for this tiny itsy bitty bottle it sure is expensive! 1/3 of the way down on a new bottle and it's already so very thick. Trying to apply it to your nail once the polish gets down to almost gone is impossible because you're able to do half a nail then you shake the bottle to coat the brush, get some polish on the brush, go back to apply to the rest of the nail and the brush picks up what you just put onto your nail! I don't have the patience for that! Also, this stuff takes forever to dry but also dries quick so like I mentioned above, you try to go over the rest of the nail you end up picking up what you just applied to the nail. This stuff chips off my nails quickly which renders this "treatment" useless if it's chipping off the nails so bad. And to make it worse, this stuff peels off my nails too taking off the top layer of my nail. My nails never peel. They just crack at the sidewalls on certain nails yet they cracked on nails I never get cracks at.
I should have known better considering my hair hates protein so of course my nails would hate protein also.
Never again will I try to make this overpriced, overhyped stuff work. If it works for you then lucky you.
Also, how would this stuff work once the nails you treated are already grown out? Makes no sense that it would actually help the nail once the treated nails have grown out.
This is MY experience with this product. Don't get mad that I'm knocking it down to the lowest possible rating just because it worked for you and didn't work for me. I gave this stuff a fair shot. Consider yourself lucky that it actually DID in fact work for you.
Also, I did contact Nailtiques about which formula I should use, they suggested I use the 2+ Formula so I know I didn't use the wrong one and perhaps that's why I didn't have positive results from Nailtiques.

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Treatments -Nailtiques -Formula 2 - Nail Protein

on 10/11/2018 1:51:00 PM


If you have peeling, weak, soft & bendy nails, this product is for you. I started with Nailtiques Formula 2 Plus when I had peely nubbies and my nails grew out with no peeling or breaking. I switched over to this formula because it's slightly less expensive. It's been working well to keep my nails peel free. If you've tried other nail strengtheners in the past (OPI, Malava, Sally Hansen, Duri Rejuvacote etc) and it hasn't worked for you, give this one a try. It bonds to your nails and protects them from coming off in sheets like mine did.

Also, a fair warning to those prone to peelies, DON'T buff your nails. I did a round of nailtiques a while back and once my nails grew out healthy I started buffing them. BIG mistake - I got peelies again. Buffing actually weakens your nails. So just keep that buffer away people!

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Treatments -Nailtiques -Oil Therapy

on 5/12/2018 3:00:00 AM


I have been using this oil therapy for years. It is the only product that heals my cuticles and keeps them healthy.
I was a nail biter and this product softens my cuticles so well that my desire to pick at them is nonexistent!
My hands look lovely instantly with little work.

I figured it was not being made anymore. I do find it is difficult to find in stores. Nail Tech is something that I see more often and it is an inferior product.

Please continue to make this product Nailtiques!!!
Love all your treatment polishes as well.

I try other products in a pinch and end up never using them. I always finish my bottles of Nailtique products.
Nailtiques fan for 15 years at least!

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Treatments -Nailtiques -Cuticle and Skin Gel

This is my at-work cuticle and hand saver! I work with a lot of papers and that dries out my cuticles horribly. Add central heating and air conditioning with low humidity year round in the office and my poor fingers were screaming for help!

This product is nicely scented, not too thick and you only need a tiny amount to moisturize your cuticles and hands. It's not too greasy, which means I can put a little on, take a break for a couple moments and come right back and handle papers without getting oil all over them. You also get quite a bit of product for your money.

Good stuff!

Treatments -Nailtiques -Formula 1 Nail Protein

on 6/1/2015 5:43:00 PM

This stuff rocks! I tried OPI nail Envy and wasn't that impressed so I figured I'd try this one. I haven't broken a nail in weeks and now have to file them down. True, it's expensive ($20 at CVS) but whenever I get a 30% off coupon this is what I buy. Join their beauty club, you get $5 coupon for every $50 in beauty items so that's like getting another 10% discount. That takes it down to about $13. Officially declaring this my HG base coat. I paint my nails 2-3 times a week and only use this as a base coat.
Editing to add - after a month still in love. My husband asked me when I got artificial nails on - nope, those nice long nails are all mine! I've had several of those ugh that had to break my nail moments but to my pleasant surprise no break! Still in love.
Editing to add - still using almost 1.5 years since original review and still in love.

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