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Polishes -Nailene -Sensationail Color Gel Polish

on 11/9/2017 3:43:00 PM


The best easily accessible gel on the market.

- glossy shiny nails for as long as it stays (on me it lasted 10 days);
- LED light instead of regular UV for a cure (won't give you cancer);
- if you take time to properly soak it off it doesn't damage the nails.

- it chips! and start to separate from my most used nails on day 7;
- it takes almost an hour to apply it carefully and properly. The brush of the gel color is too long for its bottle. It stays bent and it's also really thin which makes an application a nightmare;
- pink chiffon color supposed to be opaque but it is very sheer after two layers and stays sheer after three;
- it takes a while to remove it. I've spent nearly an hour soaking it hand by hand, the poor skin on my fingers is very unhappy, it's extremely dry and cuticles are cracking in a couple of places;
- while I have not seen a direct damage, because of the time my fingers and toes spent in Acetone, my nails became extremely weak and started breaking a week after I took this off.

I will stick to long-lasting polishes, I hate the removal part.

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Nails -Nailene -So Natural Flex For Comfort

on 10/22/2017 5:59:00 AM


I started out using the Nailene Salon nails, glue on nails after my nails became extremely weak from one application of CND Shellac from a nail salon (they filed my nail beds down way too much!).
I found because I’ve got flat nail beds that I needed to by the thinner more flexible range of Nailene Nails - the Ultra Flex. Unfortunately these come in only one colour and two lengths, medium and short. As a Remedial Massage Therapist I need to keep my nails relatively short else I pinch or scratch clients. I found using the Nailene Ultra Quick Glue helped my nails last up to 10 days, usually just needed to re-glue my thumb nails once or twice due to my flat nail beds. I got lots of compliments on my nails with most people thinking I’d had acrylic done. I wouldn’t bother using the adhesive stickers that come in the kit for anything but one day wear if you want a quick glamour look for a night out, they certainly don’t stay on when I’m contact with massage oil!

Polishes -Nailene -Sensationail Polish to Gel Transformer


I am loving this gel transformer kit! I've been using a lot of no-lamp "gel" polishes lately, and they have not been holding up to my current routine. I was tired of doing my nails every couple of days. I'd been eyeing the Nailene sensationail coloured polish sets for a while, but didn't want to lose the great shade range regular polishes I have. The transformer kit was on sale for $38, so I took a rare blind leap and bought it.

The kit has a black bottle of clear gel polish, a tiny bottle of alcohol, a primer, an orange wood stick, a tiny led lamp that plugs in, and a lint free wipe (which my kit was missing, boo). You can buy refills of everything, although I'll be buying just regular rubbing alcohol.

I haven't tried the sandwiching method yet, I've only done the mixing method, one with cnd vinylux and one with my old favorite rimmel lasting finish (that was getting goopy, it was a last hurrah). Both have lasted well over a week, with the tiniest chip only on my thumb. Very minor tip wear, still shiny and beautiful. A couple of nails have micro cracks from my nail bending, but it's only noticeable when I get up close. My nails have grown out and are getting too long for my taste. I have done a ton of cleaning, hand washing dishes, laundry, swimming, and playing Lego with my daughter (prying the tiny pieces apart is usually death on my manis). This is incredible. My picture is of the second mani I did using the Rimmel polish (orangey red), grown out and still basically perfect after 9 days.

Clean up cuticles, file nails, wipe off with alcohol, and apply primer. While that dries, mix 6 drops of regular polish, 6 of the clear transformer. Apply a thin coat of the polish mix, cure for 60 seconds, apply another thin coat, cure for 60 sec., and then do a coat of just the clear, and I cure for 60 sec. Then clean the stickiness off with rubbing alcohol on a piece of paper towel. Rock solid and keeps my nails from breaking. I'm really pleased with my new new nail routine, highly recommend and happy I don't have to reinvest in new gel polishes. 100% will buy (the refill) again!

Treatments -Nailene -Super Glue Nail Glue

on 10/26/2016 7:16:00 AM

Inexpensive nail glue for use with artificial tip sets. Must be soaked off in pure acetone. Be careful and don't use too much nor too little or bubbles can form.

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Nails -Nailene -Nailene Nail Salon

on 4/10/2016 7:52:00 PM


I love Nailene Nail Glue it's the strongest nail glue I've tried also their press on glued on fake DS nails are very nice, I wore them nearly 2 weeks w/ only having a couple pop off (just relocate find & reattach the rogue nail!). Now my Kroger got rid of Nailene in favor of Sensationail (sp?) which I think is made by same company not sure but I've tried the glue which is fine but Nailene was the best! I wish I had stocked up on Nailene products at Kroger but I'm a Kiss nail girl anyways. The nails looked terrific & were cheaper than Kiss. If u want a good price on nails go to the most ghetto dollar general u can find & in the MU section u will find a treasure trove of nails mostly Kiss & Broadway (not sold w glue) for <$3 ea. pack lotsa designs & lengths. I never saw Nailene except in French. I love square tip French & Nailene is slightly oval more oval than I prefer. The Nailene looks so perfect too perfect not to be fake but just as good as a $25 full set. Over all I'd repurchase but I'm kind of liking my ghetto nails. My dad buys me 4-5 boxes at a time, the clerks checking him at the register probably thought he was crazy. :-)

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