NYX is a cosmetics company founded in 1999 in Los Angeles by Toni Ko. Named after a Greek goddess, the company's first products were jumbo eye pencils sold to beauty professionals only. The cosmetics were marketed as "high-end quality meets drugstore prices".They expanded quickly and in 2014 Ko sold the company to L'Oreal. Brick and mortar NYX stores were introduced in 2016. NYX cosmetics are available worldwide, and they remain headquarted in Los Angeles, CA. (Source: Wikipedia)

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Recent NYX Reviews

Lipstick -NYX -Lip Lingerie

on 12/10/2017 11:33:00 PM


These lipsticks are very drying and can be flaky, yet they also feel slightly sticky around the inner portion of the lips. However, some people do not care about drying liquid lipsticks. I find that my adding a waxy lip-balm underneath I can make it work. The colour "embellishment" is gorgeous and I'm trying to find a colour dupe, I will only repurchase again if I am incapable of doing so.

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Other -NYX -Pro foundation mixer


I've only tried the white mixer so far. I really do like it- It's great being able to choose a formula and match it to me (within reason, of course) instead of buying a foundation I don't *love* just because it came in my colour. I hasn't affected my foundation performance or staying power at all either, although I'm only about a half a shade to a shade too pale for my teint miracle foundation so I don't have to use too much of the white mixer. I'm not sure if it would be different trying to bring a foundation up/down more than that, though. It can be a little difficult to blend with more dewy foundations, I always have to check that it is *all* mixed in, but it's not anything crazy.

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Primer/ Corrector -NYX -Born to Glow Illuminating Primer


I really do love this primer- I put it on either on top of a hydrating primer or directly on skin if i've run out. Gives a really nice 'glow' to your skin and it makes foundation look fabulous. It's absolutely great to find something SO kind to my dry skin too- It really don't add any texture at all from what I can see. The glow isn't obnoxious, glittery or comparable to a highlighter though, it's a very subtle 'radiant' sort of look.
I don't suffer from acne so I can't comment in that regard, but I do have quite sensitive skin and I had no problem using it even on bare, slightly irriated skin which is a huge plus. The smell is very... generic cosmetic smell, I suppose I could say? It doesn't smell perfumed.

All in all it's fantastic for the price.

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Lipstick -NYX -Soft Matte Lip Cream in Rome


I seem to be one of the few people who really don't like this product- I absolutely adored the colour of this particular one but that was really where the love ended. Application was a little patchy so it took a little longer than most lip products I use, but the finish started out really nice. Not two hours later though, it looked SO dry. Really didn't stand up to food at all, and I found patching the colour up not at all easy without it looking caked on.
I'm not a stranger to dried out lips, mine are quite bad in general but I use lip scrub and a balm then usually i'm golden even for liquid matt lipsticks. Not so much this one, though.

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Eyeliner -NYX -Epic Ink Liner

on 12/10/2017 10:30:00 AM

The NYX Epic eyeliner is the best! It glides on easily, no smudges, has great color saturation, doesn't clump up, lasts all day. Best of all, it doesn't smudge! I have many allergies, my eyes water easily, but this liner stays put! At the end of the day it comes off easily with an eye makeup remover pad (Neutrogena). This is a dupe for Kat Von D and Mac. $7.99 is a remarkable price!

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