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NYX is a cosmetics company founded in 1999 in Los Angeles by Toni Ko. Named after a Greek goddess, the company's first products were jumbo eye pencils sold to beauty professionals only. The cosmetics were marketed as "high-end quality meets drugstore prices".They expanded quickly and in 2014 Ko sold the company to L'Oreal. Brick and mortar NYX stores were introduced in 2016. NYX cosmetics are available worldwide, and they remain headquarted in Los Angeles, CA. (Source: Wikipedia)

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Recent NYX Professional Makeup Reviews

Highlighters -NYX Professional Makeup -Professional Makeup Away We Glow Liquid Highlighter

on 12/9/2018 1:04:00 PM


This is my favorite highlighter. I just use it on the bridge of my nose and my cupid's bow, sometimes on my cheekbones. I didn't buy the right color at first (can't remember which one it was) and it looked like I was sparkling in the sun - not in a cute way. Bought it again in Crystal Glare and it was seriously perfect. The color is super subtle and just slightly golden. Doesn't bother my skin.

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Eyeliner -NYX Professional Makeup -Epic Ink Liner

on 12/9/2018 12:57:00 PM


Had high expectations for this one, but it disappoints. Doesn't last all day and definitely migrates. Doesn't get along with my sunscreen.

Lip Gloss -NYX Professional Makeup -Lingerie Gloss, Clear

on 12/7/2018 11:17:00 PM

This may just be perfect! I have used Nyx glosses before, and was very frustrated when I couldn’t find a clear one anymore. I’m using long-last lipsticks, currently the Maybelline Matte Ink, and many formulas dissolve them, making them transfer and disappear. Most successful had been the stick topcoats from Maybelline’s Superstay 24 and Cover Girl’s Outlast, although they didn’t last long. On a different part of the price spectrum, City Lips didn’t work, and MAC’s Lipglass was a pain to use and very tacky. Along comes Nyx Lingerie clear gloss. It’s shiny but not over the top, lasts several hours, doesn’t dissolve what’s underneath it, and is—amazingly!—moisturizing. So happy to have this!

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Primer/ Corrector -NYX Professional Makeup -Angel Veil Skin Perfecting Primer


I was really looking forward to trying this for a long time, but my hopes were unfortunately dashed.
Siicone based primers generally work quite well for me, and i did try it under numerous foubdations with a similar result every time: exaggerated pores i never knew i had, crusty looking texture (my skin is very good), clung to any dry skin around my nose, mouth and chin.
A little summary below:

- squeeze tube is convenient
- readily available
- ok priced
- smooth silicone texture

- clung to any dry skin
- did not mattify
- exaerated pores
- caused blackheads

Such a bummer

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Brows -NYX Professional Makeup -Tame and Frame Brow Pomade in Brunette

on 12/6/2018 10:04:00 AM


Ohh no this product was trash!! I kept seeing it as an ABH dupe but that’s not true, this stuff is barely pigmented and goes on patchy. I’m upset I spent like $8 just to have to throw it out because my brows were looking crazy with this stuff, I ended up having to use other brow products to make it look half decent. The texture is dry and crumbly so when you try to pick up more pigment you actually end up with clumps on your brush. I’m back to my L’Oréal pomade which works much better and is a lot more pigmented.

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