NYX is a cosmetics company founded in 1999 in Los Angeles by Toni Ko. Named after a Greek goddess, the company's first products were jumbo eye pencils sold to beauty professionals only. The cosmetics were marketed as "high-end quality meets drugstore prices".They expanded quickly and in 2014 Ko sold the company to L'Oreal. Brick and mortar NYX stores were introduced in 2016. NYX cosmetics are available worldwide, and they remain headquarted in Los Angeles, CA. (Source: Wikipedia)

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Recent NYX Reviews

Eye Primer -NYX -Glitter Primer

on 3/21/2018 4:31:00 AM


Let's cut it short, I'd already repurchased this and then another one is on it's way. I freaking love this thing. This product made me able to wear eyeshadows without fall out or fading, finally. I have very oily, heavily hooded monolids, the skin on my lid folds over and rub against itself, plus the oil, and my eyes water easily. All that just mean no eyeshadows can stay long on my lids without fading or drop off my lids altogether. I'd found a great eye primer (the WnW PhotoFocus), but I still struggle with the more creamy shimmer or metallic eyeshadows. The center of my lids is the oiliest mess and that's the first thing to go. Some days I have two empty patches of skin where my shadows had been. I use this a bit of this glue on the center of my lids, after I've applied the matte shades for transition and outer V etc.; wait a few seconds for it to dry, then I put the shimmer shadow on with my finger - they stay there, all day, no matter the heat or humidity. I usually apply my lid shade with a finger anyway, so I don't mind the extra step of putting the glue on. I got this in the Glitter Goals set that NYX put out last Christmas, so it's only a mini 5ml - half the amount in the fullsize, the whole tube is about the size of my thumb, just easier to travel with if you ask me - but a little bit goes a long way. I've been using it consistently for nearly 2 months and I've barely made a dent. I got the set intending to experiment with glitter, and after the glue worked out so well doing what it's intended for, I went ahead and tried it with eyeshadows to great results. I ended up getting the other 2 Glitter Goal sets as well, it's great value and convenience, I get two more extra tubes of a product that I LOVE, plus a compact stack of 3 awesome glitters with each set.
The product comes in a tube with a very small applicator, so it's really easy to get out exact amount of glue I need each time. The glue comes out looking a bit pearly, but once spread out it dries completely clear. I use this to "cut" my non-existent crease, it intensifies the colour payoff of the shadow just as good if not better than using a concealer or a white base. The only problem is you gotta work fast, once the glue dries, the shadow or glitter won't stick to it as well. I find that using glitter glue is better for the duochrome shadows or "topper" shades that are a bit sheer, they look much better when the colour beneath them is visible. The sticker wrapped around the tube of glue is really cool too, it's lenticular/holographic and it flashes rainbows when I roll it between my fingers. The price is totally affordable, and the product lasts. Everything about this product makes me happy. I hope NYX never stop offering this product.

Eyes -NYX -Wonder Pencil


Perfect for small cover jobs. I bought medium and it blends perfectly. Doesn't budge, can be used under or over foundation.

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Primer/ Corrector -NYX -Makeup Setting Spray - Matte Finish

on 3/20/2018 5:08:00 PM


I don’t usually write reviews but have to say that I am now in love with this setting spray. I tried using the spray before and after the makeup (also use the powder before foundation technique) and my face will still be very oily after 3-4 hours - I would need to touch up throughout the day

Recently I have been spraying my beauty blenders with the nyx setting spray when applying makeup then once my makeup is complete spray a mist on my face and this has worked wonders - It takes longer for me to get shiny and only need to touch up once throughout the day so giving this a rating of 4.

Eyeliner -NYX -Epic Ink Liner

on 3/19/2018 10:29:00 AM


I love the Kat Von D eyeliner. I have been looking for a cost-effective dupe and have heard this would be the droid I was looking for. Unfortunately, it was not. The NYX Epic liner certainly is epic, an epic fail... I used the NYX Epic Ink Liner only once and will never use it again.

the GOOD: The brush tip applicator is very nice. I also noticed that the formulation, like others, have mentioned, did not irritate the eye. I have watery eyes that are easily irritated and this did not irritate them at all. Once dry, the eyeliner was pretty long wearing from what I could tell from a hand swatch.

the BAD/ the UGLY: The formula of the NYX Epic Ink Liner is VERY thin. Upon application, I immediately noticed that I was probably going to have to go back to the places where applied because it was not dark enough for my liking. While trying to decide whether this would still work, I noticed the eyeliner was starting to spread. To my horror, I found out that not only was the formulation thin but I had small barely visible cracked looking wrinkles in my eyelids. I have never seen an eyeliner do this before... I literally didn't even know these fine lines were there. Thanks eyeliner for being a waste of money and pointing out more reasons I should be insecure about my aging eyelids. If you're over 30, be afraid!

The bottom line, I will never purchase anything except the Kat Von D due to the mental trauma this has caused. LOL...cry.

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Primer/ Corrector -NYX -Pore Filler

on 3/19/2018 6:37:00 AM


Ive been using this product for some time now, it definately fill large pores,my pores are not really huge but definitely open around my nose area and using this has definately help it is affordable and a little goes a long way .am trying something else that i definately LOVE a bit more expensive but great.

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