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Recent NYX Reviews

Eye Primer -NYX - Eyeshadow Base in Skin Tone


Works fine as an even-colored surface, but not effective at preventing creases.

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Primer/ Corrector -NYX - Makeup Setting Spray - Dewy Finish

on 3/22/2017 3:40:00 PM


Another MEH product. I love the idea of this, dewy setting spray but I don't love the actual product. I like so many others that aren't thrilled with this product suffer from desert dry skin. The last thing I want is for my face to look like a dried out raisin, which is what happens with this product. It goes on dewy but once dried my face is completely dried out and I even have dry skin flakes in some areas. I am guessing due to the high alcohol content. Yes my makeup does stay so much longer with this but the flakey dry out that comes along is not the intended look. If I can find another "dewy" setting spray I will def give it a try. Sad because I wanted this to be HG material and it just isn't.

Primer/ Corrector -NYX - Makeup Setting Spray - Matte Finish


This spray works okay as a setting spray. But it doesn't give a matte look for me. I can look matte once I've fininished my makeup, then spray this on and it will make me look less matte and then look less matte as time goes on. I will not rebuy this one.

Lipstick -NYX - Lip Lingerie

on 3/22/2017 1:59:00 AM


I have like 4 of these. Exotic is my favorite. Anyway. I've tried really expensive liquid lipsticks and I never liked any of them until I tried this brand. While other brands felt thick, sticky, and heavy, this one felt lightweight, natural, and comfortable. You might have to reapply after eating greasy food, but it's better than being a dried up crackly mess. The trick is in the application; this is very important.

First off, you have to stir the lipstick before you put it on. The ingredients separate. You have to put them back together.

Then you have to go in with a plan. Don't just go in applying lipstick all willy nilly expecting to put 2-3 layers on and have it look good because it won't. This stuff only looks/feels good with one layer.

What I do is apply it to the center of my lips and then smack them together, then carefully line into the corners, then fill in the rest. Don't smack again, let it dry. I get a perfect coat every time.

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Eye Primer -NYX - HD High Definition Eyeshadow Base

on 3/21/2017 3:31:00 PM


This didn't work on my oily lids. I think I got around three hours of uninterrupted shadow time.
By noon, which is approximately after 6 hours of wear, my eye shadow had pretty much melted away.
If your skin isn't too oily (mine is very oily) this might be the product for you, but for people with oily lids, pass on this.

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