Nivea is a German personal care brand that specializes in skin- and body-care, founded in 1882 by pharmacist Paul Carl Beiersdorf . It is owned by the Hamburg-based company Beiersdorf Global AG.* Nivea is known worldwide for it's skincare products that are widely available in drugstore and retail chains. *Source: Wikipedia

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Cleansers -NIVEA -Daily Essentials Sensitive 3-in-1 Micellar Cleansing Water

on 10/15/2018 1:06:00 AM


i love this and i love it's price even more. It doen't have fragrance and acohol, which i love. I give it 4 lippies because i only wear light makeup (cushion, blush, powder) so it works well for me but i dont think this gives the same effects with heavy makeup

Lotions/ Creams -NIVEA -Care Intensive Nourishment

on 10/12/2018 12:27:00 PM


it's alright; i used it on the body, but it did make my legs a little itchy. most creams do that though, so i'm not super surprised. all in all, it's okay and i don't regret my purchase, but i won't be getting another one.

Sunscreen -NIVEA -Sun Protect Water Gel

on 10/11/2018 12:53:00 PM


I was looking forward to trying this but upon reading all reviews, I see one of the 'no-no' toxic ingredients here : methylparaben....a known cancer causing agent. Do your research before purchasing if you are at all concerned about your health.

Lotions/ Creams -NIVEA -Creme

on 10/7/2018 10:28:00 AM


I don't usually use this cream because it is too oily for my skin but I always use it as SOS, and it new let me down. When my skin is very dry because of a new (bad) product or the cold weather, I apply it at night and in the morning my skin is much better.

Some time ago I had a really bad reaction to a new product I tried, my skin was so sensitive and dry that it felt like an iron mask. It was even hard to speak. None of my usual moisturizers was good enough to put my skin back to normal, my skin would only tolerate this Nivea. I used it for a week and little by little my skin went back to normal and I could return to my regular moisturizer. So I always have a small box at hand of this Nivea.

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Lotions/ Creams -NIVEA -Soft Moisturizing Creme

on 10/5/2018 9:23:00 AM


I quite like this because it's cheap, does the job and it's sold literally everywhere. It's a heavy moisturizer for dry skin. Hate the fragrance though, wish it didn't have fragrance!

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