NARS Cosmetics is a French cosmetics and skin care company founded by make-up artist and photographer François Nars. The cosmetics line began with twelve lipsticks sold at Barneys New York. Since then, NARS has created various multi-use beauty products and now is a subsidiary of Shiseido. (

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Foundations -NARS -Natural Radiant Longwear Foundation

on 6/19/2018 11:26:00 AM


This is a truly full coverage foundation which, in spite of endless claims by cosmetics companies, is actually quite rare. It actually looks decent while doing it, too, which is even rarer. So that's where the 4 stars come from.

However. It never sets. Ever. Powder, spray, nope. It will pretend to set--for an hour. Even the Sephora girls were like "No, it never sets." And that's big for them, because they usually think powder solves everything. It also doesn't look better as the day goes on, just greasier--and I have uber-dry skin.

I wish they had tweaked this more--it has potential, and I would continue to fuss with it, but I am allergic. Sigh... FYI, it seems very similar to Clinique Beyond Perfecting in coverage, texture, and (nonexistent) staying power. The finish is better with Nars, though.

Concealers -NARS -Radiant Creamy Concealer

on 6/19/2018 12:05:00 AM


Ok, so I tried this on years ago at a department store and wore it around awhile and was not impressed. They also said my color was the vanilla one and when I wore it just screamed I have on concealer. I decided to give this a go again because I wanted a concealer I could wear alone without foundation and the woman at Ulta recommended it. So, I got the color creme brulee and I love it. I have read a lot of people say it creased on them and that is what it did initially for me but not this time. I can wear this and it blends in nicely with my skin color. It also does brighten my eye area but looks natural and does not scream I have on concealer. I also have to say I wore this to the pool, not intending to swim, but my little guy asked me to on a water slide and I did and it stayed on, even when I was dunked in 12 feet of water and lasted throughout his baseball game after. I didn't have time to shower so don't judge me. Overall, I would buy this again.

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Makeup Brushes -NARS -Ita Brush


This is way more expensive than my other brushes, but I have to admit that I haven't been able to find another brush that is as good. It gives a really nice chiseled look and can be used with my regular bronzer. I like to use it with my Physician's Formula medium bronzer which is just the right shade (not too dark or light). I am able to blend with this brush so there is no harsh line and instead, gives the illusion of nice cheekbones.

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Blush -NARS -Orgasm Blush


Love love love it! It’s not a’s a blush, highlight, shimmer yet subtle. And it lasts the whole day.

Liquid -NARS -Sheer Glow Foundation


It was very hard to blend. I tried sponge, brush, fingers. Nothing helped. It gave me the dreaded white spotted pores. Primer didn’t make a difference. I wouldn’t recommend it unless you already have poreless perfect skin.

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