NARS Cosmetics is a French cosmetics and skin care company founded by make-up artist and photographer François Nars. The cosmetics line began with twelve lipsticks sold at Barneys New York. Since then, NARS has created various multi-use beauty products and now is a subsidiary of Shiseido. (

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Blush -NARS -Mata Hari


I used NARS blush in Dolce Vita for a long time. Then I began dying my hair a cool pearly blonde and it didn't quite work with my coloring anymore. I typically go for a natural makeup look, so Mata Hari freaked me out a bit because it looks so vibrant in the pan. However, when applied it translates to a very natural-looking flush: healthy and pink without being Barbie-ish.

What others have said about how intensely pigmented is true. A *very* light hand is needed. This is a drawback in some ways for me, because I find even after lightly touching my blush brush to the product and sweeping it on, attempting to blend it out with the same brush actually seems to strengthen the intensity of the blush on my cheeks. I'd prefer something I could blend a bit better without worrying about somehow applying more.

NARS blushes also have crazy staying power. The first time I used a NARS blush after using MAC Cubic for years, I was amazed when I got home after being out all day and the color had barely faded. The same is true of Mata Hari.

As for the price, yes it's expensive. However in my experience, it will take a very long time before you hit pan - I'm talking years. There's a lot of product in there, plus because of how intensely pigmented it is, you use very little with each application. I'm more than likely going to get bored and move onto another blush before I actually run out of this one. So NARS blushes aren't great for experimenting, but for a daily blush, it's actually good value. I'm more than happy to go drugstore for a makeup product if I think there isn't a big difference in quality, but imho NARS blushes are actually better than most drugstore blushes.

Liquid -NARS -Sheer Glow Foundation

on 12/16/2017 11:50:00 PM


I've purchased this foundation three times now. I have sensitive, acne prone skin and rosacea so I love that it's fragrance free and doesn't contain chemical sunscreens. It doesn't break me out at all. I wear this in Siberia and it's the best colour match I've ever had. Most other foundations are too dark and/or too pink for my skin. The foundation gives a really natural finish and provides medium coverage.

I found this foundation a little tricky to work with at first so it's worth reading the directions. When I first tried it, I put it straight on like I would any other foundation and it settled in my pores. The directions say to warm it together between your fingers first then press it on, and this works so much better. I have combination skin and the foundation doesn't break down at all in oily areas, even after a long day. It can exaggerate dry patches ever so slightly but as long as I exfoliate first and moisturise properly it glides on fairly smoothly.

Siberia is a little lighter and more olive than MAC NC10 in the Studio Fix Fluid. I tried the Maybelline Fit Me Matte + Poreless in 110 Porcelain which is supposed to be similar but I found that it was initially lighter and pinker than Siberia. However, the Maybelline one oxidised after a while to a similar tone to Siberia, and perhaps even slightly darker. I much preferred the texture of the Nars foundation because it gives a more natural, perfected finish - Maybelline looks a little heavier on the skin.

Tinted Moisturizer -NARS -Pure Radiant Tinted Moisturizer

on 12/16/2017 9:03:00 PM


A very small amount on my cheeks before heading to the gym keeps my exercise induced beetroot redness at bay in the most undetectable, natural of ways. Need I say more?

I do avoid dry patches as unless I’ve very heavily moisturised, it clings. Though I should say in my experience, most do to some degree.

Primer/ Corrector -NARS - Smooth & Protect Primer SPF 50

on 12/15/2017 11:44:00 PM


I'm pretty surprised there isn't already a review for this product... it's new but not THAT new (I bought it eight months ago).

Anyway, I've avoided primers in the past because 1) I was skeptical about how much of a difference they make, 2) I don't like adding an extra layer to my routine and 3) most of them seem to be chock-full of the type of silicones that tend to wreck my skin. But a NARS SA applied this on my face when I asked for something to help smooth out my uneven skin texture, and the effect was so nice I bought it on the spot, half expecting to go home and find the product doesn't work the same under my own inexpert ministrations.

But it works. I always had a trouble with foundations catching on flakes, no matter how well and assiduously I moisturized, but this dramatically reduces how much dry patches stand out, and how much foundation they collect. It's also allowed me to actually use undereye concealer: my under-eye issue is less discoloration and more bagginess that often casts shadows depending on the light, so using any kind of concealer makes the skin in the area seem rougher and draws attention to the bagginess. But with this primer layered underneath, the finish of concealer is more unobtrusive, so I can finally do something about discoloration too.

It also seems to help the makeup last, which was never the case with any other primer I've tried (however, I've not tried primers exhaustively, so no need to chuck out the one you have if it's working for you). And best and most importantly of all, it doesn't cause breakouts, or that itchy-and-tight feeling I often get with most primers that portends a breakout if I DON'T. WASH THIS OFF. NOW. Actually I think it acts as a barrier to help protect my skin from dirt and dust and other bad things in the air, since I find my skin actually feels healthier and less tired when I remove my makeup at the end of the day after using this.

All in all, I find it worth the purchase and now I find myself reaching for it regularly, not just when I have a special occasion.

Concealers -NARS -Radiant Creamy Concealer

on 12/15/2017 3:47:00 AM


I have seen/read many reviews on this. Though some said this is a great concealer, yet there were several others who said that this product is 'over-hyped' due to its high price tag when compare to the actual quality it performs.

However.... to me, this product is TOTALLY worth the hype! The full name of this concealer proves it all; "Radiant" , "Creamy" , "Concealer". It does its job perfectly! It conceals my dark circles and does not crease due to its creamy formula.

I saw some Youtubers said that the "NYX HD concealer" is a dupe to this, and I am strongly disagree. NYX HD had a matte-finish which eventually creased my under eyes, and made it looked patchy. While this NARS one does not.

I'm happy that I made the right decision to purchase it, even though I was skeptical for so long!

BTW, I'm Thai and I wear in the shade "Custard".

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