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Cleansers -Muji -Sensitive Skin Cleansing Oil

on 7/28/2018 9:51:00 PM


My favourite cleansing oil is Fancyl, but last year when I ran out I looked for a cheaper alternative that I could buy locally, and found the Muji cleansing oils. I have since used two of them: the sensitive one (first ingredient olive oil and the one shown in the picture above) and another one (first ingredient hydrogenated polyisobutene) - I'm not sure if it's the 'mild' or the 'normal' one. This review is for anyone curious/confused about the differences between them, because they are significant:

Muji sensitive (olive-oil based): slighter darker colour and thicker than the other oil so a bit harder to spread around your face, it emulsifies well but isn't as effective at removing really stubborn waterproof makeup. The upside is that it's very gentle and non-drying, and my skin is hydrated and happy with it. I've been through a whole bottle with no problems whatsoever.

Muji non-sensitive (hydrogenated polyisobutene one): lighter, more fluid, as effective as Fancyl at removing stubborn waterproof makeup, but (unlike Fancyl) this stuff is drying and sensitises my skin over time. Last winter, after using this for several weeks (it was OK at first) my skin became so sensitive that it reacted to everything I put on it, including (in the end) water. It was so dry it starting peeling. I do have slightly sensitive skin but it has never reacted like this before. I didn't realise it was the oil and spent a small fortune changing all my other skin care to fix the problem, thinking it was just my age or the dry winter weather - finally I changed to the sensitive oil in desperation and my skin started to recover straight away. A few weeks ago I tried the non-sensitive one again because I had run out of the sensitive one, and again it was fine at first, but this week I noticed my eyes were getting irritated, and my skin has started reddening with products it was previously fine with. It's going in the bin!

Bottom line, Fancyl is my pick for most effective oil without irritation, but the Muji sensitive is great if you don't wear a lot of waterproof makeup and/or have sensitive skin. Avoid the other Muji one!

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Misc Beauty Tools -Muji -face blotting tissue

I've got very oily skin that gets oily within 3 or so hours, even with the help of a heavy duty mattifying primer, so I carry around a blotting tissue everywhere I go. Out of all the blotters I've tried, this isn't bad but it definitely isn't enough for me. It's far too thin to absorb all the oil on my face. A slight press and the sheet is completely soaked through. Each time I use this I need around 2 sheets, sometimes even 3, which really isn't desirable. Like as if the act of blotting your face isn't awkward enough as it is! There are plenty of oil blotters out there (especially in Asian skincare since oily skin is more common amongst Asian skin) that are better. Price isn't too bad, but it's more expensive than other better blotters I've used. I suppose I liked it enough to finish it since it technically did the job it was supposed to with no negative side effects, but I wouldn't repurchase.

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Moisturizers -Muji -Moisturising Milk for Sensitive Skin - Moisture

I have the sensitive high moisture one

Its great. Very light consistency. Watery jelly milky texture. It leaves a bit of a stick, but its not sticky. Very hydrating without having any sort of oily, heavy, or waxy feel. Unscented and doesn't sting or burn. It's a perfect summer lotion for me, but i may need a little more in the winter. Great product.

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Moisturizers -Muji -Moisturising Milk for Sensitive Skin - High Moisture

on 6/29/2018 12:12:00 AM

I am already on my 3rd bottle when I realised I have not reviewed this! What am I thinking?

This is a real life-saver when I have no idea what to use for my dry skin and I still haven't figure out the Canadian brands and to what extend is the "organic-ness". Do note that it is watery (which can be used with the face sheet and make into a sheet mask) but it is still moisturising.

It is affordable with good ingredients like Olive Oil (2nd ingredient). My dry skin drinks this up.

Recently I had a really dry spell with peeling and after using this for a few days, my skin is baby soft!!!!

I wonder if it is enough as a moisturiser for the depths of the winter in Canada. Will have to wait and see.

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Makeup Brushes -Muji -Portable Cheek Brush

The portable(retractable) cheek is soo soft. I have cleaned it a dozen times and it retains its shape and softness. The bristles are very fine and light as air on application and doesn't feel scratchy for a synthetic brush. Love the retractable factor. I use this brush mainly for bronzer so I won't overdo things. You can retract it half way for contouring or precision work. It is on the pricier side.

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