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Recent Molton Brown Reviews

Lotions/ Creams -Molton Brown -invigorating suma ginseng body lotion

Loved this! The smell was lovely and my skin felt nice and soft after using it. It's pretty expensive though which is a shame, so I only use it for special occasions and not for everyday use.

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Skincare - Body -Molton Brown -Molton Brown Eucalyptus Shower Gel


So refreshing! Love this scent! Can be used on male or female.

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Fragrances -Molton Brown -Singosari

Well it took me a while to realise you have to turn the lid to the left to get the perfume out! Thought I had got a faulty one. I was really disappointed in this after reading reviews about it being a powerhouse of a fragrance similar to Opium. Its nothing like Opium!. Very watery and mild to my nose. Yes I can catch a faint whiff of spices if I put my nose to my wrist but thats it really. Glad I only paid £ 15.00 for it via ebay. Shame as Ive always loved their handwash etc and was expecting more frankly.

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Gels/Soaps -Molton Brown -Fine Liquid Hand Wash

These soaps are very moisturizing and well cleaning, but unfortunately they have overpowering smell that doesn't go away for hours.
I wasn't looking for perfume for my hands that will overpower my fragrance. Won't repurchase.

Gels/Soaps -Molton Brown -Orange & Bergamot Body Wash

on 1/14/2017 4:43:00 PM


This is OK if you like earthy orange scents, as opposed to sharper, citrus ones. I personally prefer my orange scents on the sharper side and actually found this to be quite masculine in nature, which on me I wasn't keen on.

In terms of how it performs as a shower gel, it foams well and is quite moisturising. My skin always felt very soft after using this and I never felt like it dried my skin out at all.

The bottle was a bit fiddly to use, with a screw top lid instead of a push down one, but as I only had the travel-sized version this may be unique to this particular size.

The downside to this shower gel - along with the majority of Molton Brown products to be honest - is the price. This is £20.00 for the full-sized 300ml version which I just can't justify spending, no matter how much I might like the product.

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